And fall begins!

I had a nice little adventure today at our local apple festival. It is great as dogs are allowed and I love Kirby getting out there being exposed to lots of new sights, dogs, and people. The hallmark moment was when two little ones came up wanting to pet Kirby. The mom had been telling me the little girl had been wanting a Maltese for so long. She seemed very gentle and conscientious of him, it reminded me of myself when I was her age. I appreciate so much when people ask if their kids can pet him rather then just running up and doing it as it gives me a second to get Kirby in a calm, comforting state where he even enjoys it:) He saw the horses again, and unlike last year when he went on a barking-spree behind the fence seeing these massive creatures, he just watched them this time. He also made a little friend with another little dog. With the big dogs we just walked by as normal and he didn’t make a peep. So looking good.

Anyways here is some pictures of the day. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!



Got to love homemade apple fritters!



Had to get a picture of him by this beautiful garden!

IMAG2445 PicsArt_1415164445198

Laziest bloggers ever…sorry

Hey guys. So Kirby and I were just laying here and I thought I’d take some time and chat with you all. We have been busy being lazy, but also taking evening strolls, in which I have been enjoying. As we have recently discovered a little path that takes us into aΒ  pretty tranquil forest.

I have been continually trying to work on Kirby’s interaction with other dogs. The thing I am trying to continually tame is the fact that if they are big and I guess “scary” looking to him – he will continually bark his head off at them if I try to urge him to say hello. He might even give a little fake jab if they keep avoiding his territory. Though if they are small he is sweet as a lamb usually. I have been researching various methods on how to help him with this, and it might appear I am exposing him too much, and by me trying to stop and make him say hello that is putting extra pressure and stress on him. So for now we have been just calmly walking by these bigger dogs, in which case he then doesn’t give them a second thought.

Anyways here is the little trouble maker in his Kermit the frog outfit. Yes, he likes to sleep with all his toys πŸ™‚



At the shelter, I am happy to say. Although a few weeks ago there was 5-6 dogs up for adoption, there now is only one. He’s a older JRT, who has some sight issues and joint issues. When he first came there, every couple steps he was falling down. Though just last week he is now running around the play area I let him out in and seems to be doing a lot better. Which I am happy to report. Edit- Since writing this I am happy to say the little guy is now adopted! yayyy:)

IMAG1718 (1)

One more thing for all you WordPress bloggers, has anyone been getting an obscene amount of spam comments lately. The last few months I seem to get at least one or two every day even when I’m not posting. It’s quite annoying

We are back!

Hello everyone!!!!

Sorry to be gone for over two months! It seems like a eternity in blog years πŸ™‚ WELL Kirby and I have been enjoying the summer, getting out there as much as we can πŸ™‚ I have been continually been trying to work on his separation anxiety/ barking problems when he first meets strangers. As soon we are about to be in a apartment and these bad habits and that will not go together ….:/

Apart from that though he has been getting out and having lots of fun with his buddy Poe and his others. Sorry this post won’t be very long, as it is very late and not our usual posting day, but I wanted to let you all know we are back and not gone for good πŸ™‚

Until next Wednesday when we are back onΒ  schedule here are some pictures of the little nugget and his adventures in the last couple months πŸ™‚ Sorry I had to take them from my instagram as I seemed to delete the originals.






New budgie!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing summer so far! I thought I would show you guys some more details on the little guy we adopted, and what better way then for me to show you in a under three minute video. Theres some clips of when we first brought him home, and just showing him off really πŸ™‚



I have slowly and surely become more busy and it will only get more busier after this month. So I am not sure how much I will be popping up on the blog. If you any of you happen to have instagram you can follow me there @leakatt where I have daily picture updates etc of all the animals as I honestly don’t know how long this writing break will be. I will also be continuing to post on youtube. Anyways I hope I will be back soon, and enjoy the video!

And here he is

So in case you guys didn’t catch on I put up this picture with hints and clues scattered through out it of the new addition my mom brought home.


And here is what was in the picture….


This little guy! My mom has named him Opie. She has wanted a bird for a while, and when I found a ad where someone was trying to find a new home for him, I told her right away. He is shy and a bit timid but with a little work I think he’ll be very happy. Here is some more pictures




Is he gorgeous?! He’s a fancy budgie apparently. Anyways hope you guys find him as cute as I do. I will be posting the progress and maybe even a video or two if you guys are curious. If you look hard enough there are lots of do different types of animals needing a new home. Anyways I’ll leave you with Kirby, have a good week you guys!



Wordless wednesday – new adoption and addition

I’m sick this week so I’m going to stick to the rules of wordless Wednesday. You guys know I’ve been recently volunteering, and this time I helped my mom adopt. Heres the hint down below. Do you know what we got? Next Wednesday you’ll hear all about him.


And don’t worry I’ll be good as new next week, but until then I think I have pretty good company…..


More adoptions & big and smalls -WW


I hope you are all enjoying your summer. whether that be jumping into lots of lakes and playing in the nice green grass, or for the two legged enjoying the sunshine and being with your furry best friend.

I have been continuing enjoying my time working at the shelter, and just wanted to share a few more happy adoption pictures! This little guy although may look like a full grown Shih-tzu still had his baby teeth coming in so he is definitely a mix of something a little larger. Lhasa Apso perhaps? What do you guys think? Either way I had the privilege of getting to know him on a few walks and play times till he was happily adopted into a loving forever home, I even got to say goodbye to the little one first hand.

Not only that but in accordance to adopt a cat month, I am happy to say more then a few kittens have been adopted this week too!

IMAG0921 copy IMAG0920 copy IMAG0916 copy

Today my friend came over with her adorable American Bulldog Savior, and I quickly got a few snaps with him and the boys, before he proceeded to gallop on about his merry little way. Kirby was a little nervous when Savior got too close (but him being still a rambunctious pup) I was still proud of the progression he has made with dealing with the bigger guys as he handled it all pretty good πŸ™‚

IMAG0970 copy

I couldn’t get over in this picture how so very small Kirby looked compared to Savior! Aren’t they just the cutest pair!

IMAG0973 copy

No, that is not a small garden decoration in the background.

IMAG0957 copy

Sorry not much of a post today, as this week for some reason I feel a little at a loss for words, but I wanted to get this up in usual time:) Hope you guys all continue to have a amazing week!