Transferring to wordpress!

Welcome everyone, to my very first blog entry. This blog is going to focus all around the trials and joys of owning my 5 and a 1/2 month old puppy…soon to be dog Kirby! He is quite possibly the happiest adventurous little dog I’ve owned. I hope this blog turns into a fun community for dog lover’s alike to discuss and relate to one another. I guarantee there will not be one dull moment with Kirby around- being cute also helps:) I have education in the dog/animal world and am hopeful to put it to some use!

Speaking of which, after about 4+ hours finally figuring out the basics of blogger, I think I owe my pets some quality time, as Kirby has resorted to take a mid-day nap due to being completely bored with me as I fiddle away on this computer. By bye for now!


7 thoughts on “Transferring to wordpress!

  1. I am following you and looking forward to hearing and seeing what all Kirby will be up to. Thanks for coming by Chancy’s blog. Hugs and nose kisses for you two from us!

  2. Thanks for liking my blog – reciprocated! Candy is about the same age as Kirby I guess – born on 9th March – and I think they would have a great time if they met! Since the squirrels have been out in force in the parks she’s been more focused on chasing them than seeing her mates – but she’s always happy for a chase around!

    • Haha that is funny as coincidentally Kirbyssaw and focused onhisfirst squirrel ever. Actually the squirrel gotpretty close probably mistaking Kirby as some kind ofweird rabbit! haha. Bytheway I love your blog format and your articles! Very inspiring

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