The Doggy Sweater

I am really hoping Kirby is enjoying his days of green grass and sunshine while they last. As a dog,it’s funny to think he really has no inclination that for the first time in his little life everything is about to change drastically- well weather wise. I have never owned this small of a dog before and the thought of him jumping into the snow and ultimately disappearing, makes me want to laugh, but it also makes wonder more about this winter situation. As he is a Yorkie/Maltese mix he has “hair” as opposed to “fur” or so I am told. Unlike my other dog Poe, who takes after the Pomeranian in the fact he was two coats of fur himself, I haven ever run into this problem. By comparison Kirbys “hair” does seem very different than fur, as it is fine, and limp,and is very easy to see his skin through it, all in all it looks a lot more like the hair on top of my head. I have never been one to dress up my dogs, but it would seem this time there is actually a necessity and a legitimate need for my Canadian-born  Kirby. And although we might both look a little ridiculous walking around with him in a little sweater or woolly jumper type of thing, I really do not care if I get looks or asked why in the world have I become one of those people who dress up their dogs.  . I have learned there are two types of dressing up, the type where you you put a little frilly dress on them because it “looks soooo  cute”,  and the type where the dog actually does appreciate the extra warmth it provides. Well that’s all my thinking on this topic, everyone have a nice Sunday!!!



20 thoughts on “The Doggy Sweater

  1. We agree with you. When we had little tiny dogs that got cold easily we always put sweaters on them to take them out in cold weather. Our fur babies don’t like to get cold any more than we do. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I’ve only had Gracie since February but she was so fluffy with fur and the weather was not so bad that I didn’t put one on her. That might change but my last dog, Stella, did wear a sweater in the winter. She was always stylin’!

    • Yea, there is so many differences in dogs these days, even their fur or “hair”has to be considered individually when it comes to facing the winter wrath I suppose.

    • Haha I can see your problem. We shall see how he braves the cold, but although I try my hardest not to make him one he really is the biggest drama queen. Off to checkout your blog…:)

  3. My peoples don’t dress me up, but they put a shirt on our other dog, Meadow, during the winter because she has no undercoat and is always shivering. Believe me, she doesn’t care what she looks like, so long as she is warm. My peoples also shovel out an area for us to potty in when the snow is bad, since my older sister has “the old” (but she runs through the snow anyway). I bet your pup is going to love winter!

  4. We know what you are going through. Angel here is a Pomeranian too so she doesn’t really need to dress up in the cold (only Mamoy G thinks she gets cold when she’s all shaved). But being a chihuahua who doesn’t really do good in the cold, Mommy usually puts a shirt on me when it starts to get cold. when she doesn’t I just, I could always use the throw on the couch to keep me warm 🙂

  5. I love jackets on pups. I’m sure Kirby will look marvelous in some winter wear. Even though CB and Kona don’t have double coated fur we do have little jackets for really wet snow or really cold days as we still go for walks at -20 Celsius.

      • Awwe well how could you resist not putting a little jacket on something as cute as a little pom 😀 And -20 WOW! I live in Canada but the southern Ontario so the most we get is -1 to -2. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and stopping by. I think I am going to enjoy reading your guys little adventures:)

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