Kirby A.K.A – The satellite dish

Poor little guy. We took him in to get any hint of manhood left in his bitty body, to get *ahem, removed. I wish I had my camera there to show you but you could not have gotten him out of that vet’s fast enough. It only took a few minutes later though while we were safely in the car, for his pain medication to once again set in and subdue him for the rest of the ride home.

They told us, they did not put a e-collar on him as they only do if a dog is excessively licking his incision while he is in their care.  It only took about 5 minutes in the car though to realize we would need to be stopping at Petsmart to get the little guy one, as he was began to go at it like it was some buried treasure!

It has now been a week since he has had to have this horrible abomanation on his head,that his evil owner decided to put on him for no reason he can figure out. I decided although a week was to be when he should be healed, to leave it on a few days as there is a bit of scabbing. Due to his operation and strict orders on “NO EXCESSIVE EXERCISE” I have not taken him out for a walk for about a week now.  As I took him out today I don’t know if it was because of his recent operation or lack of socialization for the past week but he was barked at everyone and everything, at least for the first 10 minutes, then  a little half growl/ half bark seemed sufficient enough. Hopefully once we get back to his normal routine, this little beahvior will cease. Has anyone else had a similar experience, with the barking?

For blog of change- Hope for paws/Eldad75

While surfing the wonderful blogs of WordPress I have come across “BLOG FOR CHANGE”  (badge on right side) where you can write about a animal charitable organization of your choice. I have been following the Youtube user “eldad75” who went out of his way to create a charitable organization along with his wife and crew to rescue the many, almost epidemic number of stray dogs that have been abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles. He uses the  donated money to rescue, bring to the vet and receive the much needed medical care that is usually needed at this point for the dog,and then hopefully to find their forever home. This video in particular is heartbreaking but has a VERY HAPPY ENDING, and is very moving, as he takes you through the whole journey into the story of rescuing one of these dogs. You can support them on Facebook through hopeforpaws, ( you can vote for them so they have a change to win 250,000 that will go directly to the cause) or click the image link below to visit their site. I believe Eldad’s videos can speak for itself way more than any words I could say would,  so with that I leave you with the video below:


6 word saturday: You and I,best friends forever


So up until recently, Kirby was doing SOOOO good at his potty routine.I was truly convinced at one point he had it down pat, and there would be no more accidents, I can’t tell you how happy I was! Especially upon learning that apparently little dogs are usually much more challenging to train then the bigger guys.

Unfortunately though, I got sick and through that sorry to say got pretty lazy with his routine, and feeling bad that he didn’t have me to play with him, as I was pretty much bedridden gave him a little bit too much trust and let him roam the house unsupervised. Which has  inevitably led to the frequent “surprises” I have been finding around the house the last few days,sigh (I know, its my fault!). Though today being the first day I officially feel cured of my awful cold, I can get back on track with him and re-route him on the correct potty path. Wish me luck guys. Oh yea I taught him to sit pretty recently. Yes, it might be a girl thing,but he don’t mind 😉