6 word saturday: You and I,best friends forever


So up until recently, Kirby was doing SOOOO good at his potty routine.I was truly convinced at one point he had it down pat, and there would be no more accidents, I can’t tell you how happy I was! Especially upon learning that apparently little dogs are usually much more challenging to train then the bigger guys.

Unfortunately though, I got sick and through that sorry to say got pretty lazy with his routine, and feeling bad that he didn’t have me to play with him, as I was pretty much bedridden gave him a little bit too much trust and let him roam the house unsupervised. Which has  inevitably led to the frequent “surprises” I have been finding around the house the last few days,sigh (I know, its my fault!). Though today being the first day I officially feel cured of my awful cold, I can get back on track with him and re-route him on the correct potty path. Wish me luck guys. Oh yea I taught him to sit pretty recently. Yes, it might be a girl thing,but he don’t mind 😉


18 thoughts on “Backtracking…

  1. Ohh..the potty routine… I remember when we were trying to train Pluto… I trained him to use toilet since we don’t have a backyard… we tried every method I could read about, heard about, or was told about…but the only thing that worked was me picking him and running to toilet every time I saw him squatting… 😀

  2. Hello Kirby,

    nice to meet you!
    My name is Bella and I´m a 4 month and 3 weeks old Golden Retriever puppy.
    I don´t have a toilet but my humans have 5 times the day a toilet walk with me.
    For less times we use the backyard for toilet .
    Hope you´ll come to visit my new bloggie too 🙂

    • What a lucky puppy to get so many walks a day, he must be sooo loved by his mommy. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it. of course I would love to check out yours as well! I literally can not resist a golden retriever puppy.

    • OOops I missed reading your post,Imustnothave approved it yet by accident. I would for sure love to visit your blog. Although Kirby and I has made lots of doggy friends through his blog, I haven’t really met too many small ones yet!

  3. Hey Kirby, Jet here.

    Don’t worry dude, instead of sitting “pretty”, I sit in a handsome, manly man style… just how you spin it!!

    Glad your human is on the mend. Mom never potty trained because she always adopts older K9s, so, we appreciate your human’s mindfulness. You’ll get it!

    • Thanks so much Jet, and I will be sure to let Kirby in on this clever twist of words. Unfortunately his questioning gender does not only stop there, with people he runs into,who mean well but keep forgetting he is a he, and keep absentmindedly calling him a “she” when they talk about him, and too make matters worse, in about 1 more day he is facing the vets to remove any man hood that’s left if you know what I mean. So maybe this little name change will help him get some dignity back…its hard being a male in a little white fluffy dog body:)

      • Dude, hope the surgery went ok… mine is behind me and I’m still a manly man!

        They call me a “she” sometimes too… uh… all my accessories are royal blue and JJ’s are pink… how obvious can you get? Just because I’m fluffy….

      • Well if it’s any conciliation Kirby and I would have known your a “he” right from the start, We think you just ooze of manliness Jet! 😀 -So weird btw but I thought I would let you know, every time you comment to me it keeps winding up in my spam section (luckily started checking it and noticed you):S Everyone else winds up in my comment section, isn’t that strange?

  4. Ah yes, it wasn’t long ago that we went through the same thing with Daisy. We had large dogs up until now, and we definitely noticed how much harder it was to train a small dog. Daisy backslid for no reason – I wasn’t sick and we kept up with the same routine, yet after a few months of perfect potty behavior, she started having accidents again. It took a lot less time to get her back on track after that, and I’m sure you’ll have the same experience with Kirby. He’ll regain his “potty skills” in no time!

    LOVE that photo – so adorable!! 😀

    • It is such a relief for me to hear you say that! I really am trying my hardest, and he hasn’t had a accident this week so far so fingers crossed. And I’m glad you like the picture, it took about 10 tries to get him in action lol.

  5. She was probably looking for attention. Gracie was doing great when I first got her and I though gee, we’ve got this thing beaten. Then I read that a dog really has no control over their bladder till they are about 5 months. It took lots of runs outside but then she started going to the door when she needed to go out. No problem. Then she would run to the door to go out but when I went to put her leash on it was YAY we’re playing chase! I would eventually get her and we would go outside and she did her business. Now she jumps on me and nips on my hand to go out. She does that when I have company and is upset she is not getting attention and now when we are alone she does it to go out. Their little minds are developing and constantly learning new ways to screw with us! LOLOLOL

    • That is sooo good. Yes thankfully no accidents this week. He gets excited when I say outside, as he knows what it means andwill go to the door,but on his own he won’t let me know he has to by running up to the door, and I still fear if I don’t guesstimate when he has to go he will still decide “ahhh I’ll just go on the carpet here, its not that big of a deal”, O.o

  6. Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment on my first blog entry! 😀 Im so happy! And Kirby is absolutely adorable! What kind of dog is he? And I do hope his potty training goes well from here on out! Potty training Leto is taking some time as well, hes the peeingest puppy ive ever seen!

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