Monday Mischeif Blog Hop- A driving Dog!

So on the weekend, I decided to take Kirby with me to do a few errands on the way to the dog park. While sitting in the car,waiting,Kirby decided he was finally old enough to take  the wheel XD. Sorry bud, but even in human years your still way too young to take on that task, you know besides the fact that if dogs could drive you wouldn’t even be able to reach the gas pedal. But even  so I think judging by the pictures he was pretty proud to (for once) look like a “big dog” and be in charge of something, his personality I always think best comes out when we’re in the big wide world. Kirby the showoff.

Don’t worry mom! I’m looking both ways!

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BATH TIME! (or should I say Kirby’s-worst-nightmare-time)

So I usually bath Kirby in the sink, as he is small enough to fit in there still, but even though he is bathed at least every week and he is now in his 8th month, he still acts like a terrified little mouse when it comes time for one. He does though always seem to look up to his big brother Poe, to take cues on how to be (trust me this can be a bad thing!) But because Poe is so calm and good at taking baths I was hoping that energy could be transmitted to Kirby, and it did seem to help- a bit. Luckily he has gotten over the constant whining and crying to get out, but instead he patiently ponders his next opening to make a jump out of the tub,lol. Anyways I love giving him his bath, even though he doesn’t, I’m using this oatmeal shampoo for puppies, and he smells like a basket full of clean laundry when I’m done. Unfortunately unlike a basket of clean clothes he is a lot harder to keep from getting dirtier again! ;)He also tends to go crazy HYPER when it is all over, even if he is dry, now I know how the owner of the energizer bunny feels….

Mischeif Monday- Show me your name tag!

Well like most Monday’s there hasn’t been too much mischief today, so I thought I’d try something a little different. So,  I was just in a passing conversation with Bellyrubplease about our cute little dog tags. I am sure you have all seen it but there is this great little machine at petsmart that does your own little custom tag for you. It can get a bit expensive, but all the tags have different prices and I just couldn’t help myself. It says Kirby’s name in the front (you can pick your font even) and on the back is all his information and so forth. Here is Bellyrubplease’s Suki’s tag, just click her picture and you will go right to her blog post on this subject. I thought it would be a cute idea for whoever wants to, to put up a picture of their dogs blinged out or un-blinged out tags, as this is their personal name tag, and plain, sparkly, or rhinestones each one is different just like our poochies! 🙂 -If you put up a picture drop me  the link and I’ll add the picture, as well as the link to your post on this post!:)

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Park + Leaves = The amazing disappearing dog

Well….maybe not quite, but I tell ya if that leaf pile was just a little higher it would definitely be true. After he had been neutered, we had to have a week of rest -if they mean by rest trying my darnedest to contain a pent up wiry jumpy little thing from trying just about everything against doctor’s orders to get all his excess energy out XD, then it kind of failed. Then, if luck was already not on his side,  right when he was fully healed was when the treacherous Hurricane Sandy came into our midst. Though it was a much milder, tropical storm than what it had been the previous days in the U.S.  Kirby would once again have to stay in, that is unless he wanted to see if he could fly involuntarily that is. So first time back, a bit chilly, but he met up with some other dogs and their loyal owners who decided to brave the cold for their dogs benefit. He had a lot of fun in the leaves, and kept running back to the piles that were swept up in the corner of the enclosed space. Taken with the my camera phone so excuse the quality.

“what is all this fun, brown, crunchy paper doing here!?”

Kirby’s first leaf pile experience