Park + Leaves = The amazing disappearing dog

Well….maybe not quite, but I tell ya if that leaf pile was just a little higher it would definitely be true. After he had been neutered, we had to have a week of rest -if they mean by rest trying my darnedest to contain a pent up wiry jumpy little thing from trying just about everything against doctor’s orders to get all his excess energy out XD, then it kind of failed. Then, if luck was already not on his side,  right when he was fully healed was when the treacherous Hurricane Sandy came into our midst. Though it was a much milder, tropical storm than what it had been the previous days in the U.S.  Kirby would once again have to stay in, that is unless he wanted to see if he could fly involuntarily that is. So first time back, a bit chilly, but he met up with some other dogs and their loyal owners who decided to brave the cold for their dogs benefit. He had a lot of fun in the leaves, and kept running back to the piles that were swept up in the corner of the enclosed space. Taken with the my camera phone so excuse the quality.

“what is all this fun, brown, crunchy paper doing here!?”

Kirby’s first leaf pile experience


17 thoughts on “Park + Leaves = The amazing disappearing dog

  1. Sweet Kirby we can see you are having a real fun time in that pile of leaves. You are just so cute!! Hugs and nose kisses

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