BATH TIME! (or should I say Kirby’s-worst-nightmare-time)

So I usually bath Kirby in the sink, as he is small enough to fit in there still, but even though he is bathed at least every week and he is now in his 8th month, he still acts like a terrified little mouse when it comes time for one. He does though always seem to look up to his big brother Poe, to take cues on how to be (trust me this can be a bad thing!) But because Poe is so calm and good at taking baths I was hoping that energy could be transmitted to Kirby, and it did seem to help- a bit. Luckily he has gotten over the constant whining and crying to get out, but instead he patiently ponders his next opening to make a jump out of the tub,lol. Anyways I love giving him his bath, even though he doesn’t, I’m using this oatmeal shampoo for puppies, and he smells like a basket full of clean laundry when I’m done. Unfortunately unlike a basket of clean clothes he is a lot harder to keep from getting dirtier again! ;)He also tends to go crazy HYPER when it is all over, even if he is dry, now I know how the owner of the energizer bunny feels….


14 thoughts on “BATH TIME! (or should I say Kirby’s-worst-nightmare-time)

  1. Hey Kirby, Jet here. Hi Poe!

    Dude, I know the water part can be a bit scary, however, if you shift your thoughts to Spa Day instead of bath day… somehow, the experience gets better. Also, the fact that Mom gives us treats ONLY used during this occasion doesn’t hurt either!

    Glad you have Poe to mentor you. πŸ™‚

    • That is a great idea, I must say I never thought of that Jet!
      Kirby: “How ezz I supposed to take all these proddings and pokings, first she cuts my nails! Then she putz me in thees disgusting water, I am no Newfoundland water dog!….But I suppose if say a treat were involved, I could tolerate it….maybe.

  2. Aww! Love the pictures! Tiger-dog hates the noise of the water from the taps, so I’ve installed a little sprayer and now she’s happy to have a warm water bath. Of course, she’s happier getting the ‘good bath’ cookie πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, I think this treat idea, is a great, will be trying it next time for sure! Kirby does not like the taps unfortunately equally as much as he loathes the sprayer lol, so he will just have to get do it the hard way and get used to it over time I suppose.

  3. I don’t like baths either and unfortunately am too small for the sink. But mummy has realised that the bit I really don’t like is the rinse off with the shower hose. So instead she now rinses me with a jug. Takes longer but I wriggle less and makes it easier all round:-)

    • Kirby HATES the hairdryer! But he hates baths more, and even more than that he hates those horrible hair clippers, and even MORE than that he hates and I mean HATES his teeth being brushed,..awh well, its a whole lotta hate for this little guy when it comes to personal grooming πŸ˜€

  4. I know just how you feel when it comes to bath time. I will never understand human’s who want to wash out the smelly fish I rolled in during our walk, don’t they understand that it takes time to make us stinky!

    • “Some ‘people’ will just neverz undeystand. What one pup’s “perfume” is another humans odor I suppose.. But in all seriousness who would not want to smell like fish and maybe some nice stinky cheese all day?!”

  5. MOM sez: As much as they hate it they always look & smell so wonderful right after a bath, don’t they?

    GIZMO sez: I feel yur pain Kirby pal…I hate bafs! I have my own method…when i get dumped in tub I stand up facing wall away from mom person with my paws on side of tub…I figger the less i see the better…iz still awful, but at least mom person makes it quick fur me…and then i get excellent rubdown wif my own towel…dat part i like a lot *snoogles*

    • aw yes I love his smell after, its called baby fresh and he smells like a clean pile of laundry. He gets fluffier too.
      Kirby: “aws that is a greats idea! I get angries with my momma too!”

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