Wordless Wednesday- This is what happens to our stuffed animals


33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- This is what happens to our stuffed animals

  1. They only last me 5 mins..I’mz so distructive wiff floppy toys. Hay Kirby..Humoms got you in line..If not this week next, she’s got to do something cute, for such a cutie..Right ? Have a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, wez in the UK gotta wait till Chriztmaz for our Turkey 😦 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • We are in the same boat with you, as in Canada we celebrate thanksgiving in October. As long as he looks cute I’ll be happy, Im sure he would be more happy if he looked like a big strong dog, but once he embraces his cuteness factor he will grow to like it too. Cheerio! xox from kirby

  2. Trompie says: My one girlfriend loves to take out all the stuffing. She can’t stand these stuffed things. I have a horse and I looked after it pretty well for nearly 2 years, suddenly I got the urge and pulled out the inner stuff – just like my friend Molly! I kind of enjoyed it having this white stuff all around me on the floor. Ha ha!

  3. Hi there. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Kirby seems to be a cutie too. Love the photo in the autumn leaves. We only have Pippa for a few more days as we are only dog sitting while her mum is in hospital. I visited her on Tuesday and mum is missing Pippa dreadfully. So the sooner they can be reunited the better. I have to say if I was to consider taking on another dog permanently then Pippa would be the perfect role model. Once again, thanks for stopping by. Bob.

    • Luckily I found out early enough the stuffies that are best for them are the “unstuffed” ones. But in return they have squeakers in the tail and the head.. it’s just a mental sacrifice I have to make for their enjoyment I guess!XD

    • Aww that is amazing! As I’m sure you know we love our hockey here, if you lived here just because of your grandfather you’d be a instant celebrity! My guy friends would certainly want to talk to you! lol

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