Monday Mischeif Blog Hop- A driving Dog!

So on the weekend, I decided to take Kirby with me to do a few errands on the way to the dog park. While sitting in the car,waiting,Kirby decided he was finally old enough to take  the wheel XD. Sorry bud, but even in human years your still way too young to take on that task, you know besides the fact that if dogs could drive you wouldn’t even be able to reach the gas pedal. But even  so I think judging by the pictures he was pretty proud to (for once) look like a “big dog” and be in charge of something, his personality I always think best comes out when we’re in the big wide world. Kirby the showoff.

Don’t worry mom! I’m looking both ways!

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62 thoughts on “Monday Mischeif Blog Hop- A driving Dog!

    • “Oh noooos, computer troubles those are the worstest! As for ma, ya I may be small but I don’t think Im too youngz! These human parents just don’t understand, our brains mature much more quickly than any baby I’ve sniffed!”

    • Oh no Kirby may have started something! What if all our dogs want to start driving now, taking the wheel when we least expect it! Ah well I guess there is another purpose now for a child safety lock, LOL. Thanks for the comment chuck and you beautiful beings otherwise known as collies! – Kirby and mom

    • Well, my ma is acksually learnin’ right now! And to tells ya the truth I don’t thinkz she would be as far as she is without my helpful tipz! So yea, I think I would be great at it, if she doesn’t mind holding the gas while i show her how to 😀

    • Thanks Stewey, I can’t tell you how much Kirby blushes when he hears a comment like that! I hope you enjoy it here, and follow if you want! 🙂 Do you have a blog, if so I would like to visit it!

  1. I can just imagine stopping at a red light, looking over and seeing Kirby (the second photo) behind the wheel BOL! I would laugh for hours…Has he taken his defensive driving course yet? Gizmo keeps asking me about it but I tell him he’s too young too.

    • Yea I could imagine it too, which unfortunetly makes my nightmare all the more real! XD Yes it seems the little ones these days are always testing their oats! Kirby in respect to movember I’m sure (not,I’m just too lazy this past week) has grown out a nice long beardie and mustache,and although it does seem to be able to fool some people,his puppy ways give him away. Anywho! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know Kirby isn’t the only one seeking out this goal! 🙂

  2. You look so cute and grown up sitting at the wheel. Me and Nellie do not like going in cars. We get car sick and for some reason our family are not fond of cleaning up doggy vomit our of the boot. Love Nellie and Jasper.

    • Hey Nelly and Jasper,
      Kirby is the same way about some other little quirks he has, but thankfully no puppy vomit inthe car yet, him somehow finding some animal droppings everytime I turn my back, and continuing to chew on it like its some delicious doggy treat as I am trying to force it out out of his mouth (ew!) that’s another story!

  3. Hi Kirby you look so cute behind the wheel and are obviously getting big. Newfs Lexie and Mica love to go with me in the car. Lexie watches out the front and Mica out the back to make sure I am going the right way, but they let me drive. BTW as big as they are they can’t reach the brake either 🙂

    • Haha, yea Kirby does the same thing, looking out the window,although I think at this stage it is just because he is wondering why everything is flying by him so fast! LOL. Your Newfs are beautiful, I always see one at my local dog park I go to and he is just such a beautiful big fluffy thing,they always remind me of a huge teddy bear,its hard to resist the urge of treating them as one!

      • My Mica (all black) is really a huge Teddy Bear! She loves to be scratched and petted doesn’t ever want you to stop. I can give her big hugs. She leans on me all the time for me to pet her. Lexie loves to be loved for short periods, but doesn’t stay still long.

      • That is one thing I truly miss about having a big dog, if they have that disposition they can truly enjoy being your temporary pillow or cuddle-bear. Is your Lexi a pure Newf, as I have never seen one another colour other than black so am just curious. I love her colour-combo though!

      • Yes Lexie is a pure Newf, the black and white are called Landseers. They are a little more active than the blacks but the same breed. Newfs actually come in black, brown, grey and Landseer (Blk & Wht). Thank you, I love the black and white together:-)

      • WoW a Landseer eh?- (canadian) I will definelty haveto check them out ongoogle they are beautiful, it just shows me as much as I think I know all the dog breeds out there, I really don’t! 🙂

    • AWW, Im sure Kirby would be blushing at his comparison to a stuffed animal…if he could read that is! And yes, sad to say I fear he is also probably right on par with my driving skills 😦

  4. Those are cute pictures! I only managed to get into the driver’s seat once. It was while they were getting petrol, they changed the guard in the back after that!

    • “It ees a dreams of mine to be behinds the wheel of a car ones day!”- Kirby
      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment LoneLifeCats&Dogs! For the driving- he does look very focused doesn’t he, lookinlike areal pro!

  5. Wow, Kirby!! You and I are the same age! How cool is that?! 😀 Only I’m afraid of the car and never want to be in the driver’s seat. You look cool and collected. I’m in love!

    The Popster

    • “Nice to meet yous too Popster! I wasn’t always like this, I used to hate the car, Imma still not totally comfortable with it, but my ma took me on lots of car rides which I think helped”- Kirby

  6. Hi Kirby!! So nice to meet you!! I am following you now! i was paired with you in the gift exchange for blogging! (Not real presents, just sharing bloggies!!) So nice to meet you! Now get crackin’ and do more blog posts BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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