A thankyou Comic book style!

Yes, I am perfectly aware this isn’t Thankful Thursday! Actually,  I don’t think I even ever did a Thankful Thursday (wow, great person I am) but realizing 2012 is coming to a close, it makes me a bit sentimental, and maybe a bit crazy. I wanted to thank those most who have been so kind and gone the extra mile in getting to know me and Kirby, and who I have not yet got the pleasure of thanking. Kirby often reminds me of yes a cartoon character. Which one? Not a clue, maybe like the mix that he is, he is also a mix in cartoons as well. Sometimes I see Bugs bunny as he confidently and  nonchalantly goes about to tear the garbage out of the can, sometimes its tweety, as he sits there on his sofa perch so innocently antagonizing the cat still, somehow, in a subtle way I can only bring down to animal language. And yes he definitely is a road runner, when I catch him doing something naughty, instead of “beep beep” it’s “ruff ruff” and off he goes as fast as his little paws will take him from the scene of the crime!

So in inspiration of Kirby I thought why not say a thank you in a silly way we know how…comic book style! As each of these guys are like the superheros that have helped Kirby’s dawg blog come to life! There are many many other friends I have met along the way but for this I am doing it for the guys who have found me and been there since the beginning or has really done something to touch our hearts! I put a little tag on them in case you want to add it to your awards section or something…not that this is really a award, but whatever!

First up is….Jetty! >Do you guys even have a bad bone in your body? Well I sure know your ma doesn’t!

070A12BA-BDB9-4A2D-8CCA-23FBA08D2C64 copy

Next up is….Trompie! > You were my very first follower and we still keep in touch every week!

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Next up is……Mollie and Alfie

>Do you know I think you guys have commented on every post I ever put up!!! Holy Moley!


Next up is……Poppy!

>”Me’s thinks if we ever met up we really would be best friends! I mean we already have the same fashion sense!”

AB83B6F1-FE2C-4CB8-AF88-91FFEC4EFC46 copy

Next is…..Misaki

>Your just soooo cool!

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Next is…..Emma

>Fun yet classy Emma, future model in the making!

538E0C8A-5B1F-4BEC-AFBD-1B414DC5CE23 copy

Next is….Millie and Oceana

>You two are a perfect pair!

81F3EE42-7738-4A34-9A88-073C320BA21A copy

Next is…… Gizzy!

>”We are on this blog journey together my friend, and I hope it never ends!”- Kirby

C2C851EC-CD6A-4C1F-A3E5-B38CA8389C7E copy

–Now for the last four I have only met quite recently but they have been so kind and have wonderful blogs, on top of that they have given so much of their time already to read mine!


A87A5711-226F-4F47-A5EC-51E530FCFE27 copy

                 Petals & Blossom

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—————————————————————————————Love you all from—————————————————–



Comic book style Kirby & his ma!

That toooook soooooo long, lol, but it was worth it!

And finally to top it all off here is the little Kirby in the snow! And his famous little “love you” lick!


Kirby literally will only go a few feet in front of us than look back to make sure we are still there, then proceeds to run back to us, where he starts the process all over again, as you can see in the video. Poor thing. XD

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Happy New Years Everyone!

Photos were cartooned here: http://cartoon.pho.to/

Kirby’s Chirsmtas Haul

Hey everyone, so I decided to make a quick video to show everyone what Kirby got for Christmas, so you could see him in action with it. Most of the stuff he got is from Petsmart, but I recently have found that there is some really good quality/pricing dog toys at Winners (Canadian store), so I got a couple things from there as well.

Here is some pictures of them as well.

005 006



Oh yes the monkey you see on the top left that is the toy that only made it a few hours 🙂

The flexi leash is actually for Poe, but I was a bit apprehensive getting it, as these leashes are always pulling, and I have heard are not good for when you are teaching a dog to walk by your side, as the reward when he does walk by your side is a loose leash. Though I like the idea of the flexi leash for letting them explore a bit more, and as Kirby is good on leash I might use that for him.


And  finally for Savannah’sPawTracks, I wanted to post  her a picture of our other very aloof but interesting rescuee, 9 year old Rascal.


Drinking some water there Buddy?

In stealth mode, which is normal mode for him

In stealth mode, which is normal mode for him


Oh yea, tell me guys if you like the videos, I just find it easier to do sometimes then posting pictures and describing the toys. If you think its a good idea I might do some more…sometime 🙂

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Kirby’s Christmas! Christmas leftovers

I figured I’m going to do a little haul post of all the stuff Kirby got from his family over Christmas (us). But first I thought I would leave you with a video of Kirby and bff Poe playing with their new toys they just opened. As well as a nice picture of our tree and prezzies the night before!

Where’s Waldo Kirby? Whoever finds him first second and third gets a, uuh….cookie.


Well they liked their presents!

As for being thankful, I am definitely thankful for all my family and friends, and my great blogging community for being so kind and fun to hand out with!!!! Also thank you to Gizmo, for thanking me! Lol, We should just keep going back and forth!

Christmas Critters Blog Hop

Kirby finally got to see his first bit of snow! It seems down in Ontario we will be getting our white Christmas! As you can see he didn’t quite know what to make of it, but his urge to do his business mixed with morning excitement got him quite confident to go explore in the end! He lasted about 5 minutes till he got the chillies and wanted back in, which is when he proceeded to look out the glass door instead and watch all this floating cold stuff fall.

Okay guys, I’m trying out this blog hop, really doubt it will even work, or if you guys are even interested, but I couldn’t find a Sunday blog hop to join, so ATTEMPTING to make my own! :S I know how embarrassing, all you blog hop makers are probably shaking your head…XD

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Oh there is a Sunday blog Hop and I just happen to have a black and white picture! But of what?! Is it a powderpuff? a hat?

Black and white Sunday

Black and white Sunday

Monday Mischeif! – Am I now a Dog Whisperer? -AND- The next big thing Award!

Well no, considering I am now have come to the conclusion that I don’t have a good memory as I had to jot down important key points that stuck out to me in the book Cesar’s Way, instead of just remembering them I figure I am still no where close to being a dog whisperer. Though I will tell you, I did enjoy this book a lot, and no not just because of the fact I like dogs, and I like Cesar Milan. No, unlike some dog training/ dog knowledge books I read that seemed to go on and on or were so boring you couldn’t focus on the sentence you just read, this book although packed with the knowledge plays out much like a story.

I have been watching the dog whisperer for a long time, just liked the show really, and the dogs, but as I begun to watch more and more I did really actually like the instructor, Cesar, as well. When I first got Kirby, I already learned from him prevention easier than correcting. So probably the first couple weeks of having Kirby. With one hand playing with a squeaky with him, making sure he wasn’t going off constantly to find a spot to “do business” I watched his shows, back to back many a time. And I must say some of the tricks have made Kirby have the “good traits” he has today, even if that simply is properly have housebroken him!

caesars-way  Anyways, I picked up the book, read it and while doing so jotted down just some of the things he said    in my own words, that I found quite beneficial. They may not  pertain to you, but the book is like a thick novel, and if you can imagine that many pages of dog advice, then there is probably something everyone can learn from it.

  • One of the most important things he teaches even in his show is calm-assertive energy. This means being in a confident state, enough so to show that you are the boss, but you must be calm about it, meaning no yelling, getting anxious, or even talking while you are teaching will work.
  • One that seems like common sense, yet I didn’t realize I was doing all the time, till I started reading was to not give affection at the wrong time. This can mean when in the process of teaching, or when your dog is showing bad behavior such as barking at the front door etc. On the other hand though when your dog has successfully learned something in training, affection is a great praise tool.
  • When you are trying to correct a dog, it is best to do BEFORE the dog has reached his pinnacle of over-excited or aggressive state. Ex: When a dog goes to bark at another dog, you can correct him by seeing his body language such as ears perking up before he begins to bark.


  • Try not to let the dog go out the door before you, as this is a key factor in a dogs mind to show him who the leader in the pack is.
  • If you are worried your dog will bark and even get aggressive when you see another dog, your worried energy only feeds into that and tells the dog even more that he must protect. – Try once again to show  calm-assertive energy even if that means pretending to take on the persona of someone else who you see as confident.
  • If the dog stops and takes a long pause when he sees another dog, either out of fear or anxiety, do not let him, as you stopping is just justifying his feelings. Instead act calm and assertive and keep on walking.

Now for corrections Cesar often gives a quick assertive touch to use as his correction. As he believes showing  a dog strong leadership and giving him rules is not the same thing as instilling fear or punishing your dog. His energy alone seems to do most of the work  itself in helping  the dogs he works with find a better state of mind.

Anyways, the book is good and I suggest anyone who is either interested in maybe reading a dog training book to read Cesar’s Way.

the-next-big-thingI would also like to dedicate the rest of this post to lovely Lavinia in giving me a nomination award called The Next Big Thing Blogging Award, in which she chose me as one of five blogs that she believes could be the next big thing. And amazingly enough she thought of me for some reason! Anyways because I have received this award/nomination I must also nominate 5 blogs I think are amazing and could be the next BIG thing, in one way or another. (Some of the nominations I already consider successful blogs, but in which I believe will even grow more!) So here goes:

1. Hey…It’s Jet Here This is a dog blog of a wonderful black fluffy beauty called Jet. This blog is full of lots of doggy fun, including the odd recipe or two you might want to try making for your own furry one! But not only that Jet often goes out of his way to give lovingly in-depth and heartfelt sometimes hilarious replies/comments to everyone who comments on his blog or makes a post on their own blog he finds, and I think that good-natured personality alone has and will help Jetty stand out from the many blogs on WordPress.

2. Dakota’s Den Who I have only gotten to know him and his blog recently, but am enjoying greatly. Has great dog related book reviews, product reviews, and tons of great giveaways. It is never a dull moment on his blog!

3. Easy Blog This blog is dedicated to the gorgeous Weimaraner named Easy. I always get the biggest kick out of this guy’s antics, and that of his moms as well. His posts are always sure to be hilarious, as well as his replies, as he truly knows how to turn dog humor into human humor.

4.  Terrier Torrent Oh yes, it is another dog blog! This one all about a little fluff named Gizmo. Though it is about Gizmo the dog, he shares more than one aspect of his doggy life, photography, family outings, and even shows his family’s human recipe’s!

5. RACHELMANKOWITZ A blog I have also recently found depicting the every day lives of her beautiful little dog Cricket, and new rescue addition Butterfly. I simply love the poetic way she writes about her two lovelies, and really opens up about her own life. The story that really stuck with me, though I found just a compelling one right after) was about the rescue of her little dog butterfly. I do not want to give the story away, but it is quite the tear-jerker, and the way she writes it makes it even more breath-taking!

Please CHECK out these guys, if you haven’t already done so, I assure you you will not be disappointed. Now to the 5 of you I pass on “The next big thing” AWARD. And though it is up to you,, I hope if you find the time you will continue this award, and pass it on to 5 blogs you think are “The Next Big Thing”.

And FINALLY  a picture of Kirby, he hasn’t yet not had his face plastered on a post and he doesn’t intend on missing out anytime soon! And yes,your eyes are not deceiving you he is in a ridiculous Christmas outfit again, and unlike his reindeer sweater he hated this and could only stand it for about 2.5 seconds but it was a gift and I had to at least take a quick snap of him in it…within those 2.5 seconds of course!

004 008

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The dog that hates Santa Clause, The cat and the fish!

Well if this is some kind of foreshadowing of what is to come when Kirby finally meets Santa at one of the Santa-pet-photo events taking place at our Petsmart, than I don’t know what is going to happen! 😛

I guess though, in all logic, it does make perfect sense how a dog such as Kirby would be scared of a foot-tall Santa Clause singing some kind of horrible noise, than suddenly spinning around like the exorcist! Yea, I guess if we look at it in a dog’s perspective, Santa can kind of be one scary man..or tiny man, such as in this case!

Anywho, I also thought it might be a good idea to show you some of Kirby’s other little buddies, that reside in his place of leisure as well. Now, yes some of the aquatic ones, well I’m not even sure he knows they exist, or does and could care-a-less but they are part of his home none the less. Am I big fish lover?  Umm no. Do I get guilty watching little creatures swim around in a cup the size of a shotglass, realizing this might be their whole life, if I don’t step in?….Yes, well that’s the case for the red guy anyways. Is this solving the problem by me purchasing them at this particular “evil” location, in which I did?….umm….. no, but I could not leave them there.  Anyways, here they are!!!


This guy actually used to be quite the beauty, but getting him as a adult, and having him for almost 2 years I think his age is starting to catch up to him.

This guy actually used to be quite the beauty, but getting him as a adult, and having him for almost 2 years I think his age is starting to catch up to him.

This is him before, so you can see what I mean…


And NO, they do not live together. This guy used to have the red guys tank, until he became more lethargic acting and slower, I figured a smaller, lower tank would be best for him at that point. 😦

Anyways, and here is the other guy. The “mafia cat” otherwise known as Rascal. We actually rescued him as a kitten while on a camping trip, he hung around a trailer park, and a man there was trying to find him a home, as his mother had disappeared. He was really weak, and could barely walk by the time we decided to take him and found him again. So although at the time I wasn’t much of a kitty person, my natural instinct of animal loving kicked in, and I knew we were meant to bring him home.

8 years later, he is the cat, other cats, or animals for that matter don’t wanna mess with. People on the other hand, well I can’t tell you how many times I have seen him following me on a walk, and getting stopped by various people on the street telling me what a “sweet” cat he is, and that he follows them sometimes too. Sweet? I don’t know if a cat who’s hobbies include killing mice on the daily, picking a fight with almost any cat that strides his way, and giving Kirby or Poe a good whack on the head if they even attempt to play with him……..sweet. But okay. The worst part is, he is de-clawed (yes I know, I was a young teenager at the time and didn’t know anything about the controversies/ realities that de-clawing would mean, and be him living in my mother’s house, and at the time constantly attacking my than toddler little brother, my mom had it done),since then I have learned a lot about the horrors that de-clawing can actually cause and would not wish to have it done on any future cat I may have. But that is the scariest part, he can’t even really scratch or attack like I’m pretty sure every other cat on my block can do…..yet he is the one they are all scared of. He is the cat that walks down the sidewalk, and every other cat that sees him in close diameter books it to the other side of the street. I guess, you can take the cat out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the cat, not in this case at least!


Yea horrible picture I know, it was late and we were both tired.

And finally….being Kirby’s blog and all, here is one of him, looking at me wondering why this crazy person is up so late taking pictures of him.

Meet Dakota’s Den!- Mischeif Monday

I would like to dedicate this post to a wonderful dog and his owner/ mom Caren. It started when after jumping from blog to blog, I came across the Christmas exchange opportunity. I thought, why not give it a shot, not really giving much of a second thought of it to be honest. Though when I received the E-mail that I was matched with someone, and was given their blog, I was excited to check it out. That’s when I realized it was Dakota’s Den! I had already found this blog a few weeks ago, loved it and had been following him already. I was excited to see that every single new post I did, Dakota was right there usually the first to comment. I was soo touched by their kindness which I learned as I got to know Dakota and his mom. I can’t explain how pleasant it has been to meet him and HER! I can say honestly it was Caren’s Dakota’s natural and honest and genuine kindness and sincerity, that really was my first greeting that the holiday season was upon me! Anyways, I don’t want to ramble too much before I loose any readers before they get to know this person I am even rambling on about! Lol.

Dakota’s Den is an all-around feel good blog, that features book reviews, product reviews, funny videos/ pictures, and of course her own dog Dakota! As I learned in her About Us section, I learned she worked in newspaper, and was a writer, which easily explained to me how she was so good at writing her blog entries, and making them interesting and attention-grabbing every time.

Below are some of my favorite posts she has written about that has touched me or informed me in one way or another. (Some of the captions for the link I used below are different than the actual title of the blog entry, I just named the link about things the post pertained too, so you can pick the one that interests you:)) I can’t wait to get to know Dakota and Caren even more, and I thank the Christmas Exchange (button on right side) for giving me the opportunity! I think it is very hard these days to sometimes find the kindred spirit in people, and I am so happy I met one among Dakota’s Den 🙂 Hugs and Kisses to wonderful Dakota and his ever-loving mommy Caren! xoxoxo – Kirby and Lea


Dakota’s Den- Puppy Mill Story

Make Homeless Animal’s Dreams come True

Dakota’s Photo shoot!

The Perks of owning a Pet, and Recession

Also, Kirby decided to also help out in showing our appreciation for Dakota’s Blog, and created a little picture about him and Dakota.

The original background was found on google,and comes from site:

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The dreaded Christmas sweater, turned cute?!

Ever since I was little, I remember the whole facade about families getting together for their holiday picture, or going over to gramma’s house and having to wear that “horrible” Christmas knit sweater. It’s been played up in so many movies such as Deck the Halls, or a more extravagant version such as a Christmas story (can’t wait to watch that this year!). So either because I really never like them, or it has been engraved in me as a child, I have never liked those crazy knit sweaters depicting a tree full of lights, or some reindeer and a snowman, they just never did it for me. (I know swat me now, everyone who is wearing one and reading this).

But like all things in fashion, everywhere I look it seems these sweaters are back, and not just as tradition, but now as a fashion trend. And though I tried to steer clear of the sweaters that once frightened every fashionable bone in my body, I ended up trying one on, and….. it wasn’t that bad! Dare I say, cute! Though with all fashion trends this one is no exception, and until I can find one at a more reasonable price, I think I’ll just stay with my regular clothes. That didn’t stop me though from stopping at one very well known department store, and shelling out some dough for a sweater that was not only to die for (of cuteness!) but part of their thirty percent off sale, herein Canada. So anyways, here it is:

010 011 014 012

……Ooops, did I forget to mention its for Kirby?! XD

Snoopy’s Monday Blog Hop


Further since we are all in the holiday spirit, I’d really appreciate it if you’d spare a minute to look at these two blog pal’s. One is a great person Dog I have gotten to know through the christmas exchange, and I’m sure most of you follow her blog already, as its just that dog good! The other is a relatively new member who has some amazing blog entries, but I think just needs the push  into getting them out there.

Dakota’s Den

Milo the Small