The dreaded Christmas sweater, turned cute?!

Ever since I was little, I remember the whole facade about families getting together for their holiday picture, or going over to gramma’s house and having to wear that “horrible” Christmas knit sweater. It’s been played up in so many movies such as Deck the Halls, or a more extravagant version such as a Christmas story (can’t wait to watch that this year!). So either because I really never like them, or it has been engraved in me as a child, I have never liked those crazy knit sweaters depicting a tree full of lights, or some reindeer and a snowman, they just never did it for me. (I know swat me now, everyone who is wearing one and reading this).

But like all things in fashion, everywhere I look it seems these sweaters are back, and not just as tradition, but now as a fashion trend. And though I tried to steer clear of the sweaters that once frightened every fashionable bone in my body, I ended up trying one on, and….. it wasn’t that bad! Dare I say, cute! Though with all fashion trends this one is no exception, and until I can find one at a more reasonable price, I think I’ll just stay with my regular clothes. That didn’t stop me though from stopping at one very well known department store, and shelling out some dough for a sweater that was not only to die for (of cuteness!) but part of their thirty percent off sale, herein Canada. So anyways, here it is:

010 011 014 012

……Ooops, did I forget to mention its for Kirby?! XD

Snoopy’s Monday Blog Hop


Further since we are all in the holiday spirit, I’d really appreciate it if you’d spare a minute to look at these two blog pal’s. One is a great person Dog I have gotten to know through the christmas exchange, and I’m sure most of you follow her blog already, as its just that dog good! The other is a relatively new member who has some amazing blog entries, but I think just needs the push  into getting them out there.

Dakota’s Den

Milo the Small

47 thoughts on “The dreaded Christmas sweater, turned cute?!

  1. you will laugh but I am Jewish and when I was married to my first husband who was Catholic, I always wore Christmas sweaters! Just call me hokey! lol

    I think this Reindeer one is tooooooooooo cute!! Kirby is such a precious baby!!!! Adorable!!

    • Heehee, that is funny, though I remember when I was little, my best friend at the time was Jewish and she would tell me about how she didn’t have just one day of getting presents she had 8 days of getting them! So needless to say for that whole season, I tried to convince my mom, how we should just celebrate hanukkeh this year instead. Probably would have worked too,asmy mom is very open to all religions if it weren’t for my very catholic grandparents XD.

  2. OMD Kirby you look so apawrable in that sweater…I don’t like wearing sweaters much myself but when a guy looks that good who can complain *snoogles*

    • Kirby definetly appreciates your wording of cool instead of “cute”, ever since his little dog complex took affect, he triesto ignore the fact he is a cute dog,on the other hand I love him being called it, so thanks!:)

    • Although Im sure Kirby would rather be called a gorgeous beauty like you guys are, instead of what he truly is (cute),I’m getting him to see the positiveof being a cutie, and that its not all bad just because he is a little guy, and would preferr to be a big guy. XD Thanksfor stopping by!

  3. Hey Kirby, Jet here.

    Since we do not celebrate Christmas, Mom never had the sweater issue, however has heard about it many a time! Can we just say Kirby looks pawesome!

    We’re pals with Dakota, however, will visit Milo, as he is new to us.

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  5. Kirby really knows how to rock a reindeer sweater.

    So nice of you to share a shout out to Dakota’s Dog Den and Milo the Small. I’ve known Caren and Dakota for a while but Milo the Small is new to me. I’m so glad you’re sharing the love with other bloggers in the spirit of the season.

    • Aww thanks so much Pamela! Well it’s funny because I know little thing like this can brighten up people’s day, and Dakota herself has been twittering my blog around and leaving such nice comments, only think it is fair!:)

    • haha lol, maybe she is just not used to it yet, when kirby was a pup he didn’t really like sweaters,he would squirm and such, but I knew he needed them for colder months so kept trying, now he just acts as if its his second skin.

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