Wordless wednesday- Dogzilla!

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47 thoughts on “Wordless wednesday- Dogzilla!

    • Actually a riot was on the way soon after I got there, it was almost turning into a gulliver’s travels type scenario, luckily I whisked him away quick enough, before they could get those little ropes and hooks around him!

    • Well I actually typed in “Kirby takes to the town”, but while I was gone his sneaky little paws must have typed in Dogzilla again….anything that makes him feel bigger than he actually is, is a good thing in his book! lol. Thanks so so so so much for the tweeter! I also put in your link in my last post, so people could check you out, but it seemed most people had already just visited your latest post!XD

    • “Wells i tried, the fluffy coat just gave it away again…hmph” XD – kIRBY
      My friend actually came over the other day (not a little dog person) while I was giving him a bath, and was polite enough to point out to me that when wet KIRBY resembled the character from the scary tv show tales from the crypt, which is pretty much as hideous a creature as you can get, so compared to that statement I considered Godzilla adorable to be compared too! XD LOL

    • Sometimes its tough being a little dog in a big world who suddenly turns into a gigantic dog in a small world, its all so confusing for him…. lol, but your right once again a example of needing size to fit every body form! The disgrace!

    • Yea, I tried telling him the whole godzilla thing wasn’t really ummm “him”, but he wouldn’t take no for a answer, so there lies this picture! lol Im just thankful none of the village folk were eaten.

    • Well, he may not be as scary as a dogzilla but I can assure you his constant licking, would be enough torture for you, and the worse part is it would now cover your whole body as opposed to poking only a few centimeters out!…XD

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