Meet Dakota’s Den!- Mischeif Monday

I would like to dedicate this post to a wonderful dog and his owner/ mom Caren. It started when after jumping from blog to blog, I came across the Christmas exchange opportunity. I thought, why not give it a shot, not really giving much of a second thought of it to be honest. Though when I received the E-mail that I was matched with someone, and was given their blog, I was excited to check it out. That’s when I realized it was Dakota’s Den! I had already found this blog a few weeks ago, loved it and had been following him already. I was excited to see that every single new post I did, Dakota was right there usually the first to comment. I was soo touched by their kindness which I learned as I got to know Dakota and his mom. I can’t explain how pleasant it has been to meet him and HER! I can say honestly it was Caren’s Dakota’s natural and honest and genuine kindness and sincerity, that really was my first greeting that the holiday season was upon me! Anyways, I don’t want to ramble too much before I loose any readers before they get to know this person I am even rambling on about! Lol.

Dakota’s Den is an all-around feel good blog, that features book reviews, product reviews, funny videos/ pictures, and of course her own dog Dakota! As I learned in her About Us section, I learned she worked in newspaper, and was a writer, which easily explained to me how she was so good at writing her blog entries, and making them interesting and attention-grabbing every time.

Below are some of my favorite posts she has written about that has touched me or informed me in one way or another. (Some of the captions for the link I used below are different than the actual title of the blog entry, I just named the link about things the post pertained too, so you can pick the one that interests you:)) I can’t wait to get to know Dakota and Caren even more, and I thank the Christmas Exchange (button on right side) for giving me the opportunity! I think it is very hard these days to sometimes find the kindred spirit in people, and I am so happy I met one among Dakota’s Den 🙂 Hugs and Kisses to wonderful Dakota and his ever-loving mommy Caren! xoxoxo – Kirby and Lea


Dakota’s Den- Puppy Mill Story

Make Homeless Animal’s Dreams come True

Dakota’s Photo shoot!

The Perks of owning a Pet, and Recession

Also, Kirby decided to also help out in showing our appreciation for Dakota’s Blog, and created a little picture about him and Dakota.

The original background was found on google,and comes from site:

Thanks Snoopy for hosting this Blog hop!



29 thoughts on “Meet Dakota’s Den!- Mischeif Monday

  1. OMG….you just COMPLETELY BLEW ME AWAY!!! I’m not worthy!!!! ((((hugs))))) I have tears in my eyes. This is the most beautiful, touching and flattering post. OMG! I just shared it on Facebook (are you there? I looked for a page for Kirby and didn’t see one). You soooo flatter me……I WISH I were as good as YOU SAID!
    I am deeply touched and honored……..thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture you made was darling too! THANK YOU!!!! Love, Dakota and Mom

    • Awww!!!! 😀 Now you are going to make me cry with that kind of response!!! I really honestly don’t think I am giving any more credit than credit is due,honestly!You have been so kind,and wonderful to get to know, and that is besides you having a wonderful blog- and that goes for Dakota too of course! I don’t have a kirby fb yet,but am thinking I should start one soon. And well we will just have to do a computer hug! So *((((((((HUG!))))))))))* LOL!:)

  2. Gizmo and i are both fans of Dakota’s blog…and you’ve described it perfectly. We find each post entertaining &/or informative and try to get by Dakota’s place every day. And Dakota and Caren have been kind enough to leave fun comments on Gizmo’s blog . Kirby you look adorable in that picture & very welcoming

    • Aren’t they just the greatest! I’m so glad your already friends with her, so I know your not missing out on all the wonderfulness. And Kirby thanks you, he really tried picking his bestest picture for it!

    • “Thanks buddy! My ma says I made myself a bit larger than the real scale of what I actually am! Is she nutz! I just didn’t want to make Dakota feel bad by showing my true size compared to him, which would take over the whole picture!”

    • Kirby thinks its quite impressive to, actually I think he’s in the phase where everything he does is quite impressive even if it is taking a “liquid break” on the Christmas tree.:P. Glad your friends with them Jet, but can’t say I amtoo surprised, great minds think alike, or in this case, like each other’s blog!

    • “Tanks for noticing my first work! I had to put my all in for Dakota and his mum! My ma said I was lucky it was just “computer painting” and not “real painting” or she says, her walls might be decorated with smudgy pawprints now….I don’t know what she means?”-Kirby
      They really are quite amazing. So glad they seem to have such caring and awesome bloggy friends who appreciate them as well! 🙂

  3. Great job of describing Dakota’s blog!! It is always fantastic and they, Dakota and Mom, are both really sweet. They write about happy events and always make you feel good. They are always ready with positive comments for Lexie and Mica. We love to read it. Great job with your picture Kirby 🙂

    • “Tanks soz much for realizing I ams the artist behind these master piece!!!”- Kirby
      Me- Caren and Dakota are genuinely some of the nicest person and paws I have come across…but I can’t really say that since coming on the blog community,because I’ve met sooo many 🙂 But yesserie! It is a great blog, awesome personalities, just put the cherry on top!

    • Thanks Clowie! It is one of those blogs that you just want to sit back,relax, and enjoy eh? As for the card, can’t take credit,it was all Kirby’s idea,well I told him he should probably shrink down his own size a little of his own image. As it wasn’t very, shall we say, realistic…

  4. We love Dakota and his Mommy, Caren is a wonderful person, she has always been there for us, since we started blogging 6 months ago. 🙂 Blogging has changed our life, we have meet such wonderful geniuin people. That was a super duper lovely post 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Thanks you guys! It has changed mine too, isn’t it funny how something that started so little on more of a whim than anything, can end up being a very positive bigger thing in your life….yes, I’m in a very zen mood,lol

    • aww,THANKS Misaki! We tried to do her justice after the amazing post she did regarding Kirby and I! Kirby did the picture so I can’t take credit. But he seems to have the eye for the arts doesn’t he, lol., such a young age like a prodigy!?

    • “They are the bestest, I see you also have a fine taste for art, in liking my winter wonderland painting, I creates with my very own paws!”- Kirby
      They really are great, thanks for stopping by and sending your love to them. I will have to go check out your blog!:)

  5. Hi Kirby,

    You sure were lucky to get paired up with Dakota and Caren, we’ve known them for a good while now and we love them both!! Such genuine and awesome peeps (term covers humans and animals in my book!!) 🙂

    So happy you’re all friends too, we love hanging out on their blog too 🙂

    Big wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  6. Sorry I didn’t stop by sooner to thank you for joining the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. You wrote such a nice piece about Dakota (and Caren). If I didn’t know them already, I would be thoroughly convinced of their awesomeness!

    BTW, the picture of Kirby on his back looking up at you in a later post is possibly the cutest picture I have ever seen!

    • Awww thanks Pamela! That is such a nice message to read!!! They really are great, and am very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them. And thank you for putting this all together! I think it was a big success!

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