The dog that hates Santa Clause, The cat and the fish!

Well if this is some kind of foreshadowing of what is to come when Kirby finally meets Santa at one of the Santa-pet-photo events taking place at our Petsmart, than I don’t know what is going to happen! πŸ˜›

I guess though, in all logic, it does make perfect sense how a dog such as Kirby would be scared of a foot-tall Santa Clause singing some kind of horrible noise, than suddenly spinning around like the exorcist! Yea, I guess if we look at it in a dog’s perspective, Santa can kind of be one scary man..or tiny man, such as in this case!

Anywho, I also thought it might be a good idea to show you some of Kirby’s other little buddies, that reside in his place of leisure as well. Now, yes some of the aquatic ones, well I’m not even sure he knows they exist, or does and could care-a-less but they are part of his home none the less. Am I big fish lover?Β  Umm no. Do I get guilty watching little creatures swim around in a cup the size of a shotglass, realizing this might be their whole life, if I don’t step in?….Yes, well that’s the case for the red guy anyways. Is this solving the problem by me purchasing them at this particular “evil” location, in which I did?….umm….. no, but I could not leave them there.Β  Anyways, here they are!!!


This guy actually used to be quite the beauty, but getting him as a adult, and having him for almost 2 years I think his age is starting to catch up to him.

This guy actually used to be quite the beauty, but getting him as a adult, and having him for almost 2 years I think his age is starting to catch up to him.

This is him before, so you can see what I mean…


And NO, they do not live together. This guy used to have the red guys tank, until he became more lethargic acting and slower, I figured a smaller, lower tank would be best for him at that point. 😦

Anyways, and here is the other guy. The “mafia cat” otherwise known as Rascal. We actually rescued him as a kitten while on a camping trip, he hung around a trailer park, and a man there was trying to find him a home, as his mother had disappeared. He was really weak, and could barely walk by the time we decided to take him and found him again. So although at the time I wasn’t much of a kitty person, my natural instinct of animal loving kicked in, and I knew we were meant to bring him home.

8 years later, he is the cat, other cats, or animals for that matter don’t wanna mess with. People on the other hand, well I can’t tell you how many times I have seen him following me on a walk, and getting stopped by various people on the street telling me what a “sweet” cat he is, and that he follows them sometimes too. Sweet? I don’t know if a cat who’s hobbies include killing mice on the daily, picking a fight with almost any cat that strides his way, and giving Kirby or Poe a good whack on the head if they even attempt to play with him……..sweet. But okay. The worst part is, he is de-clawed (yes I know, I was a young teenager at the time and didn’t know anything about the controversies/ realities that de-clawing would mean, and be him living in my mother’s house, and at the time constantly attacking my than toddler little brother, my mom had it done),since then I have learned a lot about the horrors that de-clawing can actually cause and would not wish to have it done on any future cat I may have. But that is the scariest part, he can’t even really scratch or attack like I’m pretty sure every other cat on my block can do…..yet he is the one they are all scared of. He is the cat that walks down the sidewalk, and every other cat that sees him in close diameter books it to the other side of the street. I guess, you can take the cat out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the cat, not in this case at least!


Yea horrible picture I know, it was late and we were both tired.

And finally….being Kirby’s blog and all, here is one of him, looking at me wondering why this crazy person is up so late taking pictures of him.


52 thoughts on “The dog that hates Santa Clause, The cat and the fish!

    • Yes, who’d of thought cats could have street cred, well if it exists he certainly has it! Thanks lovely Mollie And Alfie! -Funny I was just off to visit your blog this very minute! -Kirby and Ma! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

  1. Kirby’s reaction to Santa was just too funny!!! I was the same when I was little! Never knew you have a kitty too!!! You should follow our other blog, Cat Chat!!! Love your fishies!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Hey Kirby, Jet here.

    Wow, you have quite the crew at your house… I’ve met a swimming thingie at Mom’s friend’s office… I was intrigued (VBP) for a few minutes… Mom asked me to share that the fins on the second fish are beautiful.

    So nice of Mom to rescue the feline… I agree with you…he definitely has street cred! We love his grey fuzzy fur!

    Kirby, don’t worry if you’re uncomfy with that Santa… the “real” Santa knows how to visit in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping and not frighten you! Just leave some yummy treats!

    • “A swimming thingie! Sounds quite interesting! As for theese cat, she may have rescued heem, but I tell ya he acts like he owns the place! And your telling me a thees horrifying thing my ma refers to as Santa is coming into my house! At night!……ah well if he leaves presentz I guess thats okay, just this once!”- Kirby

  3. Your kitty is pretty, would fit in with my two grey and white cats. Mom had her cats declawed until she moved to Germany where it was ilegal to do and now ours have claws and do use their scratching posts, don’t ruin things at all. I like the pic of you trying to get some rest πŸ™‚

    • ” Oh my, is these Rascal that lives here had claws, I doubt I would have any eyes, that is for surez!”.
      I really have noticed Germany is very advanced when it comes to laws for animal protection, and I quite like it! I first knew about it when I heard that even hamsters had to have something like a meter long cage to even be kept as pets. Such a sad way a way from the less than shoe box size cages they sometimes sell here for them.Thanks for stopping by Emma and happy holidays!

    • “That eezthe bestest way I think to get rid of these holiday intruders! I would have…..but you see….ummm….I ran aways only to warn the rest of the house what was in the kitchen! Yea thats it” -Kirby

    • “I eatz zeee kittys for breakfast!……excepts maybe Rascal,no I don’t mess with him….” – Kirby
      Yea, his personality is definitely completely reverse to Kirby’s, I don’t think he’s a good representation that a cat can be quite affectionate, because he sure isn’t, hold him more than 2.5 seconds, than its him pushing and squirming,and giving me the look that I better let him go. So i definitely do! lol. Hope your having a great holiday Cupcake and mom!

    • Well I’m sure if Kirby knew that bigger dogs get scared too, he would just be convinced even more, that he really is a big dog! Lol,thanks for dropping by Doggy’s Style! Hope the holidays are treating you and doggy well!

    • Thanks so much Katie and coco! Yes,I worry now I may have traumatized him against any jolly elder gentlemen with a big long white beard, hmm, oh well luckily I don’t run in to many of them in a average day!hehe:)

    • Oh woooow! I never ever noticed my “about page” tab till you mentioned it! I must fill it in, thanks for giving me the heads up! What do you mean by “no idea how to jump in”, is there something I should be putting in there thats important? lol I have no idea! Usually people just follow me at the top left, and I follow them so I can see the new posts?

      • That’s better. I see you’re in Canada, but what province? I’m in Arizona and there are a LOT of Canadians visiting for the winter. Our next door neighbors are from way North in Minnesota-very close to Ft. Francis and some of Their best friends are from London. Now that I see what you’re “about”, I can jump right in.

      • Oh well i can definitely see why all us Canadians are heading over there to beautifully warm Arizona! What do you guys do for a tree there, if you celebrate Chrsitmas, do you still have a traditional looking one, I think I might be tempted to use a cactus! lol

  4. That mechanical Santa could be a bit scary but Kirby should do just fine when he meets a warm cuddly guy who’ll give him hugs. We also have a beta but I’ve never seen Gizmo give them a second look…always wonder if he can actually see the fish through the glass *snoogles*

    • Yea, I really don’t know but I agree I doubt it. Both betta tanks are in my room and our favorite hangout is my room so you’s think he would have noticed them by now. Thanks for stopping by Gizzy! *hugs!

    • Grr…Sorry about that! I was saying: Oh, my! Poor Kirby is not in a Christmas frame of mind. Santa is kinda creepy in a red suit too much white hair kinda way!!! πŸ™‚ Poppy doesn’t go in for him either. She barks at my plastic out door Santa.

  5. Oh the torture! Oh the torture! Santa will now give me super bad bad dreams.

    Nice bettas. We use to have two but it was sad that we couldn’t keep them in one aquarium.

    Nice meeting you,

    Huggies and Cheese,


    • It is nice meeting you as well πŸ™‚ Yes little Santa might still traumatize him but he was held by a human one today at the Petsmart for the Santa Paws photo even they have going on there at christmas, and he was surprisingly good for that, so maybe just maybe he might get over his Santa fear, or at least for ones that don’t sing and spin around! lol.Love your blog btw!

  6. Hahahaha I’d be pretty scared of that too, especially if I was just a little peanut like Kirby. I’m sure his attitute will change on Christmas morning when he finds treats under the tree.

    • Yea, we actually took him to the Petsmart Santa photo event, where he had to be held by a human Santa! Luckily he was okay with that, aside from a few shivers at the beginning. So maybe he learned Santa isn’t so bad after all…XD

    • Oh Clowie, well you just wait than till wordless wednesday and you will see how odd Kirby really is about Santas,lol. Thanks I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it, funny usually his pictures take some time, yet the spur of the moment one seemed to turn out the best! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by bud:)

    • “I met him! But you will see how it turned out on Wordless Wednesday, I must leave you with the suspense! Thanks for stopping by Speedy! I think you are my very first bunny friend! I’ve tried to make friends with the ones that visit my garden, but they always hop away :(” – Kirby

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