Wordless Wednesday, Kirby meets Santa (the big one)…..

kirbywithsanta_0001Wordless Wednesday!



68 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, Kirby meets Santa (the big one)…..

    • “I wuz to nervous to ask, like I told Easy, I was too scared he was going to try to make me apart of his heard and stuff me into it! Turned out though he was a lot nicer then the little one we have at home.”

    • I know, we just made it on the last day. They had been doing it for three weekends and I was even researching it a lot beforehand and I almost forgot! I think a picture by the christmas tree would be just as nice though! πŸ™‚

  1. I hope Kirby was better behaved than my Snickers. When I took him to see Santa, he peed and did poo, too. I was so embarrassed and Santa was very nice about it. LOL

    • BAHAHAHAHA! That is soo funny, Im sure Santa, well that one, was quite used to getting a little present on or near him doing that job.Luckily Kirby was pretty good in that regard, but at first he has a bit of santa phobia, he was shaking like a leaf, so I was worried he might, luckily he kept it in:)

    • “Yea, I really think my muted tone brought out the red in his suite, he was quite scary at first, I mean he could pretty much wear me as a pom pom-pom his hat! But he knew who he would be messin with I think!”

    • Kirby actually was the opposite of very brave at first, but I guess he was in the fact that at least he did not relieve himself! Though if a pretty pup such as Delia thinks he’s brave he will certainly take it! Hopefully if we get twitter, we will have to find you and follow!

    • Well after I realized Santa was a good guy, I asked him if I could get some more toys that squeak when I pounce on them, then I asked to meet a little dog with the same name as me……AND IT HAPPENED! Hey Kirby! XD

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