A thankyou Comic book style!

Yes, I am perfectly aware this isn’t Thankful Thursday! Actually,  I don’t think I even ever did a Thankful Thursday (wow, great person I am) but realizing 2012 is coming to a close, it makes me a bit sentimental, and maybe a bit crazy. I wanted to thank those most who have been so kind and gone the extra mile in getting to know me and Kirby, and who I have not yet got the pleasure of thanking. Kirby often reminds me of yes a cartoon character. Which one? Not a clue, maybe like the mix that he is, he is also a mix in cartoons as well. Sometimes I see Bugs bunny as he confidently and  nonchalantly goes about to tear the garbage out of the can, sometimes its tweety, as he sits there on his sofa perch so innocently antagonizing the cat still, somehow, in a subtle way I can only bring down to animal language. And yes he definitely is a road runner, when I catch him doing something naughty, instead of “beep beep” it’s “ruff ruff” and off he goes as fast as his little paws will take him from the scene of the crime!

So in inspiration of Kirby I thought why not say a thank you in a silly way we know how…comic book style! As each of these guys are like the superheros that have helped Kirby’s dawg blog come to life! There are many many other friends I have met along the way but for this I am doing it for the guys who have found me and been there since the beginning or has really done something to touch our hearts! I put a little tag on them in case you want to add it to your awards section or something…not that this is really a award, but whatever!

First up is….Jetty! >Do you guys even have a bad bone in your body? Well I sure know your ma doesn’t!

070A12BA-BDB9-4A2D-8CCA-23FBA08D2C64 copy

Next up is….Trompie! > You were my very first follower and we still keep in touch every week!

4EB3AA33-A9FC-4823-9CD4-7DF77F032C6F copy

Next up is……Mollie and Alfie

>Do you know I think you guys have commented on every post I ever put up!!! Holy Moley!


Next up is……Poppy!

>”Me’s thinks if we ever met up we really would be best friends! I mean we already have the same fashion sense!”

AB83B6F1-FE2C-4CB8-AF88-91FFEC4EFC46 copy

Next is…..Misaki

>Your just soooo cool!

AD5D9734-F061-4F82-8745-0105D48C2310 copy

Next is…..Emma

>Fun yet classy Emma, future model in the making!

538E0C8A-5B1F-4BEC-AFBD-1B414DC5CE23 copy

Next is….Millie and Oceana

>You two are a perfect pair!

81F3EE42-7738-4A34-9A88-073C320BA21A copy

Next is…… Gizzy!

>”We are on this blog journey together my friend, and I hope it never ends!”- Kirby

C2C851EC-CD6A-4C1F-A3E5-B38CA8389C7E copy

–Now for the last four I have only met quite recently but they have been so kind and have wonderful blogs, on top of that they have given so much of their time already to read mine!


A87A5711-226F-4F47-A5EC-51E530FCFE27 copy

                 Petals & Blossom

447D9758-03FD-499B-8963-35102598F344 copy




E6062101-C563-4584-ABCB-11789AF63B48 copy

—————————————————————————————Love you all from—————————————————–



Comic book style Kirby & his ma!

That toooook soooooo long, lol, but it was worth it!

And finally to top it all off here is the little Kirby in the snow! And his famous little “love you” lick!


Kirby literally will only go a few feet in front of us than look back to make sure we are still there, then proceeds to run back to us, where he starts the process all over again, as you can see in the video. Poor thing. XD

Thanks Snoopy for hosting Monday Mischief, just click the badge and you can join the hop or visit Snoopy’s blog!


Happy New Years Everyone!

Photos were cartooned here: http://cartoon.pho.to/


48 thoughts on “A thankyou Comic book style!

  1. WOW, that’s the most fun thing ever. Look at them little cartoons you’ve made. They’re all just awesome and of course I’m a partial mom to Petals & Blossum. Thank you Lea, that was so darn nice of you to include us. It’s been so fun visiting Kirbys Dawg blog and getting to know you and your pal. Loved the music in your clip too. BTW, I still watch Bugs Bunny and laugh my butt off. I think I know them all off by heart. I even have a bugs golf hat. Happy New Year! I can’t wait to visit all your friends here. 🙂

  2. Wow, Kirbs, you have a very talented Mum! How she made these cartoons is so awesome. Thanks for putting my also on as one of your buddies I appreciate it. LOL – Trompie.
    Thanks Lea for your lovely blog. I enjoy it every time I visit here. Have a lovely 2013

    • “Thanks Wallace and Samuel, as for my ma, Im sure she will be blushing at your compliment, but me myself if I have to see her take up anymore VALUABLE playing time putting all this paint on her face, and putting some hot stick in her hair to apparently “style it”, well, I shall have to have a serious talk with her on the frivolosness of it all, I mean we got balls to chase!” – Kibry
      Happy New year guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Kirby! Wow….what a way cool comic book of friends! I’m very happy to be included….we may have only met recently but I’m SURE we’ll be friends for a long time! HAPPY NEW YEAR LITTLE GUY!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

      • Well Kirby, it’s sometimes tough to get along with a friend of a different species but I think you will rise to the occasion and be a VERY good friend and guide to Rascal…..In fact, I’m SURE of it!

        Hugs, Sammy

  4. I got Comic-ed. Yay! What a fun post! Thanks for including me! Is Kirby wearing 2 snow boots? Why 2? Mom tried the boots with me when I first came here, but even though she’d wrestle all 4 of them onto my feet, one would immediately get stuck in the snow, so I’d be walking around with 3 boots and she’d be digging in the snow for the lost one. That cured her of putting the boots on me!!

    Love and licks,

  5. How fun!!! Thanks for including me in your fun, that really means a lot to me 🙂 I love those cartooned pics, very cool. I wish you and your family a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2013. I look forward to reading your posts in the coming year! Pawhugs, Emma 🙂

  6. Hey Kirby, Jetty here.

    Double Wowee wow wow! We’ve been comic-stylized! OMD! Can you say super duper talented? And… the kind words you said about us… well… golly gosh gosh, we’re so appreciative. You’ve selected a bunch of our pals, too! I’m doing the happy dance with Mom and Little Miss Dance Moves… even with my cone of courage! Thank you.

    We’re proud of all you have accomplished…we know you will continue to rock the pet blogging community! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Abundant New Year. Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs. 🙂

    The video of Kirby in the snow is adorable… Little Dude, are you wearing snowboots?

    • Heehee aww thanks so much Jetty and JJ! I wish I could say it was all us, but there is actually a site where you simply just load the picture on and it comic bookizes it for you! I’ll put the link in the post. And yea we tried the booties, there was just so much snow at some points he would get completely soaked and shaking like a leaf. He started out with four, by the video he had two, by the end of the walk he had none, enough said! XD ANYWAYS HOPE YOU GUYS AND YOUR MOM HAVE THE HAPPIEST nEW yEAR EVER!

      • Thanks for sharing about the site… we still think you’re super talented!!!

        Uh oh… they obviously need to design booties to stay put!

        Thank you, Happy and Healthy New Year to you too!

  7. I can’t thank you enough Kirbster…You’ve made my mom so happy this morning…We love you and your mom and your blog and we’re so glad we’re furriends ❤ ❤ ❤ Your mom has done so much work here so please make sure she knows how much it's appreciated..Wishing you a wonderful, healthy & happy New Year and a long furriendship!

  8. Oh I love how you made some of my favorite blogs into cartoon characters! I came from the MM blog hop and took a look at the first picture and thought….hmmm….that’s Jetty and JJ so I had to read further. The pet blogging community is a wonderful (and very large) place and very warm and welcoming when they find you. 🙂 Welcome and Happy New Year!

  9. Dear Lea & Kirby: I am overwhelmed by your kindness that as I write this tears are streaming down my cheeks. Pleas know that your hard work is very much appreciated and never will be forgotten by us. In a world that seems to have gone ” mad” it is so reassuring to know that goodness as exemplified by you still exists. Love Nancy, Millie, and Oceana! We look forward to 2013 with renewed hope!

  10. Oh Cat!! How pawsome you did that just for ME!! I luvluvluv my comic book picture. And I would really enjoy seeing more of my alter ego…Rascal!! Not that I don’t so luv ya Kirby…but you are a dog…and I am a cat…just sayin’…MOL play bows Kirby, and have a fantabulous New Year and welcome to the paw blog community.

  11. Those are great cartoons. 🙂 The video is so cute. We had a golden who used to walk with us like that. We never had to put him on a lead because he would always stop and wait if he got too far ahead. Chessies are exact opposite…lol.

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Aww that is so cute! I guess thats why they made Chesapeaks especially gorgeous so it makes up for their wandering noses, although clearly thats a good thing about them as well!:) Happy New Year!

  12. Woo, hoo, Kirby!!! You are stylin’ that coat and boot ensemble!!! Don’t ya just hate it though when the two-leggeds take pictures when ya want to walk. Ah, well, it’s all for the blog. THANK YOU to your Ma!!! AWESOME comic book style pictures of all your online buds. Ma is so flattered she’s beaming from ear to ear. AMAZING creativity and a lot of work!!! Thanks bunches!!! Happy New Year!

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  14. that video is very cute! I wish we had snow 😦 Gracie and Henri have not experienced it yet but I know they’ll love it! At least I’ll be able to see Henri better! LOLOLOL

  15. Dear Lea & Kirby: Please keep Millie in your thoughts she has a serious inner infection and has had 2 hematoma’s aspirated from her left ear lobe and is on 2antibiotics and a steroid. She has a long history of ear infections but this is the worse and she has been so brave during the aspirations. She never seems to hold a grudge and the love she gives we could never repay.Thank you so much! Sincerely Nancy

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