He’s at it again…

Kirby is a goofball. He is the energizer bunny literally. First he is running around, jumping and playing, as a puppy does non-stop I should say, the next I find him curled up fast asleep. One thing I have learned with having him, is it is possible to literally just be happy, not everything in life has to be perfect, but as long as he has love, and a full stomach (ok a few other things don’t hurt) but for the most part that is really all he needs to be a permanent ray of sunshine.

IMG-20130126-00098 copy

He wanted to show me his collection of socks he has been hoarding since this morning, which are scattered around him.

On the other hand as he has started to grow he has learned about all the ways to explore and have fun while he is in the house. One of those ways is taking after his best buddy Poe and self-employed watchdogĀ  in watching out the door. Now normally this would not be a problem and often times he will just silently watch, but Poe as his elder, well when he barks, Kirby barks. Poe has a slow deep bark, and usually if we tell him to be quiet he will listen,but Kirby, once he hears that fire alarm from Poe he is off and there is no stopping him. Just like he has continuous energy to play and play without even a breath in between he takes the same principle in his bark. I have been teaching him the “shhh” which works actually quite well with other things, but in this regard it simply does not do! XD Below are pictures of the two of them in action. As you can see the stairs really does give them the best view.

IMG-20130126-00094IMG-20130126-00100 copyIMG-20130126-00102 copy

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Also, finally, I was having quite a nostalgic moment one day thinking of all the beloved canine movies and their canine actors that me and/or my family had grown up on, and realizing most of them must not be around anymore. So I decided to make a quick video in their honor. Let me know which ones bring back memories to you!:)

Kirby shows off

Not a long post today as I am still pretty sick. Though I did do a video! I decided although nothing special,clearly! Lol, it was time to show off Kirby’s tricks! As you can see form the last part of the video he was always Mr.co-operative! I would roll my eyes, but am still sick so even that takes work! XD.

(It should be 2 minutes, if it gets caught off try clicking the youtube button on the video:))

P.s- Am I the only one who wants to go here simply because of the sign?


Can you see him?

I like thee twinkling lights

I like thee twinkling lights

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New domain +awards+ kirby’s favorite spot

A lot of really fun things have happened so far this week. I got a domain name (yay), and some lovely awards. In which I get to answer some fun questions to go along with it all! I have been very sick all this week so Kirby doesn’t know what to do with me lying in bed the whole day, safe to say he is very bored. But yet, even with me being so he still only strays a few yards away from me each time.



I have been so lucky and blessed to have two great bloggers who blessed me with this award.



And the wonderful bloggy pals who gave it to me are Remy, from onebluedog,

and Milo from Milo’s mad life!

Now they created questions for me to answer so I intend to do just that. Starting with Remy (who is

A.K.A Blue to me šŸ™‚

1. How did you know your pup/bunny/person was the right one for you?

I knew I guess right when I saw him. I was waiting in the foyer for him, then all of a sudden here comes this cute little white ball of fluff (literally). He was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever set eyes on. His sweet personality ( his crazy side hadn’t come out yet XD), and his innocent little demeanor just literally melted my heart. He was the first dog ever to be truly mine. I had saved up money for him throughout the last couple years, had researched all about puppies so I knew what I was getting into, so too finally realize I had my dog, was an amazing feeling.

2. What is your most favorite of all treats you have ever tasted?

Kirby’s favorite treats are greenies, or any chicken pieces I use for training.

3. Does anyone actually enjoy a bath? I mean reallyā€¦

Kirby: Ummm….next question

No kirby does NOT like baths.

4. What is the most exciting adventure you ever had?

Well for Kirby and I we went to a annual festival my town had. There was so many people and other dogs, it was the first time Kirby had had so much interaction with so many things at once. He was petted by little girls, sniffed bums with other dogs, and saw a horse even….which he proceeded to bark at. It was quite the day for sure.

5. What kind of music do you like the most? You can say a radio program instead if you like it better

Kirby: “what is it with this music? My mom listens to Lana Del Rey and The Script all the time, telling me how great they are, but to me its just jumbled up noise. I mean I already have enough problems trying to understand this ‘english’ these humans speak,now your throwing in music?!

Now on to Milo’s questions:

Where is the one place you would love to visit?

The one place I would like to visit is Hawaii! It would be even awesome-er if there was some kind of hotel that allowed pets and had a doggy daycare so I could bring my little buddy along!- Yes I realize this is something a crazy dog lady says, don’t get me wrong though with or without that doggy extra I am still packing my bags!

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are…..blogging (duh), learning more and more about dogs (-told ya crazy dog lady here), cooking (kinda,maybe), PINTEREST! (is that considered a hobby?), and of course having fun times with family and friends

Have you got anyĀ bizarre talents?

I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue! Oh and I can do the cherry knot thing (if you give me about a hour….)

Favorite foods?

Well lets see: pizza, fries, chocolate, and asparagus (yes I know,odd choice)

If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be?

I used to want to be a dog. Because man, do they have the life lying around, getting food handed to them, playing, sleeping….but then I thought about the dogs who had no choice and no way out and landed with a not-so-nice owner, which in that life is not so good. So instead I pick a bird, preferably a flamingo , who wouldn’t want to be a gigantic pink thing that could fly?

How would you describe yourself in one word?


Whats your favorite movie, tv show and book?

My favorite T.V show right now is Survivor, or yes I know I know, but its the real housewives….

Do you have any goals in life that you want to achieve?

I would like to be happy in life.

What do you love most about blogging?

Connecting with people who love and enjoy the same things as me, who otherwise I would have never met:)

Whats your fears and phobias?

This is morbid but being buried alive


Being stranded/lost in some very foreign country without anything but the clothes on my back (I watched a movie, and now I have this fear)

MostĀ embarrassingĀ thing that has happened to you?

I slipped very ungracefully and fell very ungracefully on my bum, infront of half the school and crush.Everyone laughed šŸ˜¦

Okay so here are the rules: (my nominees must follow these rules too!)

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Share fiveĀ things about yourself
3. Answer five questions presented by KIRBYSDAWGBLOG (below)
4. Ask five new questions to your nominated bloggers
5. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
6. Copy and paste the award on your blog
7. Hope that the people youā€™ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!


1.Firstly, I have to add Gizmo,

2.NylaBlue and mom

3. Chancy and mumsy

4. Zena

5. Gracie and Henri

6. Icewolves Of Europa

7. Pibbles


1. What happened theĀ  first day who got your dog/cat?

2. Do you have a goal in mind for your blog this year? what is it?

3. What is the on thing of all others you love about your cat/dog?

4. An embarrassing moment with them, tell it?!

5. What is a common misconception/ pet peever people have about your dog/cat/breed, that you would like to clear up!?

Now I realize some of you cat/dogs are the actual writers of your blog, but maybe you could interview your ma or pa to get the answers!

and finally…..Five things about Kirby

a. He likes to pretend he’s a cat and lay down on the top of the couch instead of the actual couch.

b. He likes to bark at things only he can see.

c. He likes to wake you up by licking up your nose…or trying to (What a charmer)

d. He is a bit standoffish at first but once he is picked up or confronted head on he turns into a sweet little marshmallow

e. For bedtime, he’d rather sleep on top of my head in bed-laying down, than beside me or in his doggy bed.

And finally the evidence of letter A.

006 copy

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Kirby’s Pet Pak and Plaque Blast review

So, when I first got Kirby, back in the summer, during our first vet visit we were given a “pet pak”. Now I’m sure it may not look like much of a revelation for most of you dog owner’s out there, but for a unorgainzed-but-trying-very-hard-to-be-orgaized person like me I am now so glad I had something like this. I know this is a blog but if your not wanting to read you can watch this quick video where I go through everything that is in Kirby’s puppy pack.

It came with a comb, a toy, a toothbrush, and some general puppy information. When I first got it I was so pleased with all the things that came inside, but was sure the pack would end up not being used (knowing my usually unorganized self) in the back of my closet.


Though, refreshingly enough it has come in quite handy with storing and organizing all Kirby’s little medications, vet information or hygiene things. This pack is just one things placed in his “puppy drawer” which is full of his coats, sweaters, brushes, hair clipper etc. I know for a fact now, without this handy little pack more then half the things I keep in here would have disappeared into the great abyss of my home by now. I think this pack idea or anything similar just makes my life as a dog owner so much more easier, as I now know where anything little or important thing can be now conveniently found.


In here holds his medication /flea medication at the top. A brush, nail clippers, and his dental care in the middle. His vet information at the bottom, and some coupons on the back

021I have been using this plaque blast on Poe actually for the last month. I was extremely skeptical it did any of what it said, as the T.V commercials were pretty much telling you a spray of this $15 dollar bottle did what youĀ  sometimes end up paying hundreds of dollars for your vet to do and that it is, remove all the plaque. But I’m a sucker for these things and decided to give it a shot on Poe. As I was not sure if it was harmless to use on puppies, and Poe was the one with the oral health issues. When we first got him 8 years ago, I’ll admit I never really knew how important it was to brush a dog’s teeth, to me it was the same thing as putting your dog into a very uncomfortable frilly pink dress simply because it was “your baby”. Well since than I have learned the extreme importance of it, which is why I have a whole little toothbrush kit as you can see above for both Kirby and Poe. Anyways- He still has a bitĀ  of plaque stuck between his back molars, and although the blast has helped itĀ  (IT REALLY HAS!) I am pretty sure that that plaque would need professional help.Ā  Though all in all it really did do a decent job. His teeth are quite nice and white, and for being a mature small dog (as they are more prone to teeth issues) that has had his teeth neglected for the first few years they are looking pretty great since this process. All in all it did better then expected, but I still think the toothbrush and toothpaste work the best, but if your tired or have no time, this is fast and convenient for in a pinch. So I do think if you want to try it out, it is worth the shot. I picked it up at Petsmart.

So unfortunately, not a lot has been going on with Kirby or I, and I have been busy this week so if this post seems boring to you, it probably is, I just haven’t posted in a week and wanted to get involved somehow! Hopefully this weekend we will be attempting to see if any doggies and their owners are resurfacing since this crazy weather we’ve been having (Oh canada!), if so I will be posting more soon! Until then, time to see what you guys are all up to:)

p.s- sorry I haven’t been on lately! If I haven’t been visiting your bloggy in a while, its just because I have hardly been on wordpress this past week! Will catch up though on everyone!

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Kirby goes to Doggy-Daycare w/ video & thanks

Hey all,

So if you have been reading my posts lately you might have read about the fact that winter has/is taken its toll on Kirby’s socialization a bit! He now does a bit of a warning bark if he sees dogs usually now, and will keep barking unless they just ignore him and go up to him,or I push him to see them anyways, then he is fine. Either way though it is a bit annoying and makes most people not want to bring their dogs to see him if he does it so I am trying to work on it right now. I decided while I am trying to figure out what doggy school is best for him to go to, in regards to help with his socialization, we would go again to Doggy Daycamp. I don’t take him there a lot because it is about a half hour drive from my place, so this was only his second time. We got up early, and Kirby was already ready to go as he jumped on my….uh face, as usual to let me know, as usual he was up so I should be too! He slept most of the ride there. When we got there he was nervous, as you can see with the tail between his legs in the video, but when we picked him up he was all good, just really missed us as you can see, lol.

Here is the video, made just for you guys! I was nervous so I repeated myself and made weird facial expressions….:S I tried to keep it as short as possible for ya guys too,so sorry if its a bit choppy.

I also wanted to thankĀ Zena for nomination for inspirational blogger, you are too cool Raffles and Zena that I had to put you guys back in it! As being nominated you have to continue the process so that is what I did below! šŸ™‚

footprint1_edited-13(sorry it is so small!) which means you guys get this…..


Next I’d love if you guys could check outĀ Grimm’s newly adopted brother’s latest story. Grimm’s ma rescued pretty much just recently this little puppy, and the story is quite amazing. She is quite amazing!

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Nighty night Kirby

I don’t know how many people come up to me when they see him and say “Aww he’s so calm,I wish my dog was like that”.Ā  To that I respond “ahh haha, no no, trust me he has his moments!”. He often takes his hyper crazy personality out at night.

They say dogs can’t see 2D, and that may be true, but I caught some footage of Kirby taking quite a interest to some busy puppies on the computer, it was really cute like he was watching what was going on. I also got some footage the same night of his “attempt” to interact with the cat Rascal. It’s not just the simple fact that they are a cat and dog, but even so, they have completely opposite personalities, which I think just makes it tougher for Kirby to understand him. I think Rascal understands him very well “get away you pesky mutt!” , yet as you can see in the video Kirby does desperately try to make friends with him. Maybe one day little guy.

I actually am getting quite frustrated though with the fact I am unable to see anyone really out anymore (dog wise) on our walks. I know it is the winter so many people must not be walking their dogs anymore, but its frustrating because although Kirby is 9 months old now he is still a puppy and still needs his socialization time. Since he hasn’t seen any dogs for so long I see him getting more edgier when we finally does see one, even the dog park is empty. I actually even have been going to Petsmart more often in hopes of him meeting a couple more, how crazy is that. And finally as the night draws to a close Kirby sleeps:) Happy Friday everyone.

*P.S- DON’T WORRY GUYS!- In the video it looks like Rascal scratched kirby’s eye, but he is actually de-clawed (many many years ago before I knew about the de-clawing truths!)


Now as I have entered a bloghop I was asked to answer these very questions.

This weekā€™s statements:
1. Every time I see a ____ I oh an ahā€¦
2. I donā€™t have a ___ bone in my body
3. I like ___ on my burgers
4. If I had one more hour in the day I would _________


1.Every time I see a baby monkey I oh and ah..

2. I don’t have a un-loyal bone in my body

3. I like relish and mustard on my burgers (but hotdogs are my favorite)

4. If I had one more hour in the day I would give more hugs and cuddles to my animals.

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