44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Playing & Donuts

    • Thanks Stanzebla! He actually put himself in the donut like that!!! I think he thinks there has to be something in that hole, if…he……..can……just………get…….in there….a…bit…more! lol

  1. Now that donut is just too funny. Love it!! How do you see where you are going with that donut though? You two had a good tussle we enjoyed the pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. HELLOOOOOOOO Back! Trying to start the new year on a better foot! Still have some leftover coughing problems but Gracie and Henri and I are back! Your Kirby and Lea play like Gracie and Henri, all rough and tumble! Adorable picture of kirby wearing the donut and the expression on Kirby’s face in the last one is priceless!

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So glad you are back!!!!!!! New Years is the perfect time to start nice and fresh! I will have to check out Henri I don’t think I have seen him yet! Yea Kirby and Poe are quite comical when they play. Happy New Year Gracie, Hneri, and mom!

    • Oh if it was real….well there’s no way I would have been able to take that picture successfully! lol He listens, but it would be a whole other story if there were a real donut on his nose! Thanks for stopping by Blue!

    • Guess what Ruby, I found your blog! As I couldn’t find it before because of these annoying gravatars we all have. I was thinking though, just a suggestion in case you haven’t thought of it because someone actually told me. That you can put your blog link linked up to your gravatar. So when people click on you the can find your page right under your gravatar picture! Any ways Kirby has some words for you:”Thanks Ruby, I really did, my buddy poe always keeps me on my toes, or else I end up…well you saw the donut” – Kirby

  3. MOL Kirby!!! Dat donut piccy iz da best!! You iz such a sweetie….yer fur-end iz pretty cute too…..me wishez me had a cutie like you to lay wif on cold Winter’z nitez… 😉

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