Nighty night Kirby

I don’t know how many people come up to me when they see him and say “Aww he’s so calm,I wish my dog was like that”.  To that I respond “ahh haha, no no, trust me he has his moments!”. He often takes his hyper crazy personality out at night.

They say dogs can’t see 2D, and that may be true, but I caught some footage of Kirby taking quite a interest to some busy puppies on the computer, it was really cute like he was watching what was going on. I also got some footage the same night of his “attempt” to interact with the cat Rascal. It’s not just the simple fact that they are a cat and dog, but even so, they have completely opposite personalities, which I think just makes it tougher for Kirby to understand him. I think Rascal understands him very well “get away you pesky mutt!” , yet as you can see in the video Kirby does desperately try to make friends with him. Maybe one day little guy.

I actually am getting quite frustrated though with the fact I am unable to see anyone really out anymore (dog wise) on our walks. I know it is the winter so many people must not be walking their dogs anymore, but its frustrating because although Kirby is 9 months old now he is still a puppy and still needs his socialization time. Since he hasn’t seen any dogs for so long I see him getting more edgier when we finally does see one, even the dog park is empty. I actually even have been going to Petsmart more often in hopes of him meeting a couple more, how crazy is that. And finally as the night draws to a close Kirby sleeps:) Happy Friday everyone.

*P.S- DON’T WORRY GUYS!- In the video it looks like Rascal scratched kirby’s eye, but he is actually de-clawed (many many years ago before I knew about the de-clawing truths!)


Now as I have entered a bloghop I was asked to answer these very questions.

This week’s statements:
1. Every time I see a ____ I oh an ah…
2. I don’t have a ___ bone in my body
3. I like ___ on my burgers
4. If I had one more hour in the day I would _________


1.Every time I see a baby monkey I oh and ah..

2. I don’t have a un-loyal bone in my body

3. I like relish and mustard on my burgers (but hotdogs are my favorite)

4. If I had one more hour in the day I would give more hugs and cuddles to my animals.

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78 thoughts on “Nighty night Kirby

    • Yea Im thinking the puppy classes are a great idea after reading all your comments. I didn’t know because I always figured the classes were just for basic commands, as that was what it was when I took Poe to one several years ago. I guess the best idea is to just call and ask. I am taking him to doggy daycare on sunday. This will be his second time. I would have taken him more but it takes 45 minutes just to get to our closest one,so when we do we usually just stay in the city and go to the mall!:) We have a doggy daycare in our town but it doesn’t take small dogs 😦

  1. I watch the computer and the television and Raffles is tall enough to put his head on the desk and watch the screen so it is hard for The Producer to put on any movies with animals 😀
    In fact, Raffles just joined in watching Kirby.
    Doggy Day Care is a great idea. We get to see loads of dogs or I’d try to persuade The Producer to send Rafi – I don’t think she’d buy it just to give me an hour of peace!

    • Aww yes, in that case I am very glad you have doggy daycare, to get time to know not all dogs are big white bouncy puppies like Raffles is, and you can have some adult conversation of course! :p

  2. Doggy Day Care or even a PetSmart Puppy class would maybe be something Kirby would enjoy…meeting new friends would help him I’m sure. All that energy needs to be put to good use! 😀

    Pam and Sam

  3. Awww…you are such a little cutie! Watch out for the cat, I live with 2 of them, one loves me the other hates me. I will never understand either one of them but I do understand that they have claws, and sharp ones too!

  4. I see many of your other commentes already suggested doggy daycare. Our neighbor takes their dog a couple times a week for the same reason,their dog likes to play and socialize. Out two dogs are loners 🙂
    Love that you have loyal bones, I know too many people who do not!!!
    Oh, and I fell in love with you cutie pie, I would cuddle with that little one more too 🙂
    I dropped by from Feeling Beachie’s fun Friday Hop!! Have a fun weekend!!!

    • Thanks so much Lucy. Yea I have already brought him once about 2 weeks ago, and Iam bringing him again this sunday. I would have brought him more but our closest doggy daycare that takes little dogs is about a halfhour-45 minutes away so we usually make a day out of it if we bring him there, and haveplans to go visit the city mall, so it makes it worth while for us to go all the way. We have a doggy day care in my town but theyonly take big dogs 😦 I can honestly say being loyal is my one trait I know I have and am proud of 🙂 Off to visit you now!

  5. What adorable pics! Phin hates the cold as well. It actually triggers his anxiety for some reason. In Florida, where it’s still warm compared to NYC, his anxiety completely dissipated!

  6. Awwww, Kirby gets to sleep with you? He looks very comfy! I guess I’m lucky, Gracie and Henri are little terrorist throughout the day but by evening they are conked out in their own space upstairs. After we take out last walk of the night they run to the bedroom and hop in their crate and go to sleep.
    It’s a shame you don’t get to see more people out and about, socialization is an important part of raising a good pup. Henri goes to behavior classes at Petsmart and the lady even recommended bringing the dog there for socializing and practicing walking on a loose leash and lots of the other commands we learned because all the distractions are there. I can teach them “watch me” at home and they’ll do it every time but where the distractions are it takes a little longer. But they will really learn their commands if they can do it with other dogs and people distracting them.

    • I was looking into our petsmart classes, but i would be in a class with like one other dog right now, i guess a lot of people aren’t signing up for winter, but I am going to check the other petsmart, and other places to see where a good place would be.As he is pretty well trained, I learned basic dog training in a course for school from a professional trainer so its kind of fun for me, but maybe if they help train with behavior and socializing, do they do that?I always thought they just focused on learning basic commands and early puppy stuff, but wasn’t sure. That is cool you taught them “watch me”

      • Watch me is the easiest thing to learn! Show Kirby you have a treat, stand up straight and hold the treat at your forehead and tell him to watch you. If he does it for a few seconds click the clicker and give him the treat. Have him watch you for longer periods of time till he gets the hang of it. Then start holding the treat out to the side but tell him to watch you. if he stares at you and not the treat, click and give him the treat. Continue that way. It was the easiest to learn. Right now we are working with rollover. Our last class is Tuesday night, he’s a little awkward with it right now but Henri should have it down pat by then.

        They do teach some of the basic stuff but throw in a few fun things. But really, I taught Gracie from a book called 101 dog tricks. Next we are going to learn to dance!

      • Aww that sounds soo fun, you’ll have to post a video of them dancing when he learns. Thanks for the tip on how to teach him to “watch me”I am going to start doing that soon!So glad you guys are back!:)

    • Yea, hotdogs are delicious, but I watched a show recently on how SOME of them are made, and lets just say they don’t have the same appeal they once had! lol. Thanks for stopping by, off to visit you now:)

  7. Thanks for joining the Follow-Up Friday Blog hop!! We’re glad to have you on board.

    What a cutie!! I understand your winter frustration. Mine frustration comes in the fact that no-one walks their dogs in the winter, but in the spring we can barely step on our trails without being accosted. I want to say, where were you three months ago? LOL

  8. People say about Rudi and the others as well, that they are calm, but that’s only if we’re not at home. They seem to show manners only to the public at home they behave completely crazy… but still adorable.

  9. Dogs don’t do tv? News to us. Kaci is personally involved with any dog show on tv. I do cooking shows. He once had a cat who was an ice hockey fanatic and tried to bat the puck and join the game.

    • haha that is cute! Yea I read and heard that from a few people, but it still baffles me, I don’tsee how they couldn’t get into tv just like us, its moving stuff, what dogs don’t like that?!

  10. Dogs don’t necessarily need other dogs. They just need some challenging activity. I personally would much rather play a game with the Mom Person or the kids at school than play with another dog. That’s just me tho. But you might think about enrolling you and Kirby in some kind of training class. That way Kirby gets time with you and other dogs and gets to use his brain at the same time! I love training classes! All kinds!

  11. Kirbster it’s a shame you don’t live closer…I know you & I would be great play pals & I never get tired of playing…Have your mom check out for doggie play groups near you…That’s where mom found my Doggie Social Group *manlysnoogles*

    • Oh yes if/when I have a baby they would definitely be some extra crazy cuddles. Kirby gets lots of cuddles from his my three adorable nieces, I try to get a hug too, but with Kirby there, it’s hard to compete with a puppy:)

  12. Oh my, Kirby you really are so clever and cute. I think your Mummy is doing a good job taking the video where you are watching the screen! Lots of doggy kisses. Trompie

  13. Kirby looks all cuddly. 🙂 We try to find a basic obedience class at a local dog club to do winter socialization. The added bonus is that you get to work on obedience. 🙂 We rarely see people walking in our neighborhood in the winter either.

  14. Oh, I agree with Gizmo…if only you lived down here then we could all meet and play somewhere. I know we have many types of doggie meetup groups here in FL so you should check it out to see if there are any up by you! Socialization is very important and I agree with the others about joining ANY class just to get some in during the winter months.

    • Yes that is actually a very good idea. I am in the process right now of trying to find one that deals more with the socialization side then the learning how to “sit,stay”and basic puppy rules as he is good at that! Thanks for stopping by Oz,of to see you now!

    • “Its okay cupcake don’t you worrys about me, even if Rascal wanted to scratch me he couldn’t he don’t have claws, and ma is teaching me to be very careful with him! Thanks for caring though Cuppycake!” – Kirby

  15. Hey Kirby, Jet here.

    We kind of have the opposite issue… lots of K9s stay inside in the summer because it’s beastly here. Now, all the K9s like to head outside!

    Great idea to go to the pet stores.

    Rascal swats you just like Puffy swatted JJ and Koko, *OTRB* Puffy and I reached an “agreement” when I joined the family! Your video is so cute, we could reach into the computer and… give you lovies!

  16. We know a lady who takes her dog ‘Jack’ to doggy daycare everyday b4 work..maybe once or twice a week would be good for a young dog to socialize, at least until it’s nice out and people are more out and about.

  17. Well isn’t that Kirby a doll!! He sure does look like my Scruffy! We have cats too. Two of them. Scruffy loves to chase Shaggy the cat and Scooby the cat hides all the time.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  18. That Kirby is such a doll! Poor baby, the ornery kitty with the needles in her paws and got him right on the nose! 😦
    (Thanks for signing up today!)

  19. Unfortunately, we don’t like other dogs, it takes us all our time to get along with each other, BOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot

  20. Oh, you are a lucky pups Kirby! Your Moms is very smart. You should gets socialized befores it’s too late…like me. Too late. I was sick as a pups, and couldn’t be arounds other doggies til’ I was like a year old. Then, I would just bark, and bark. Ma tried a personal doggie trainer, butts after ALOT of green papers, the trainer said that was it..What??? I don’t barks at people likes I used to, butts Ma is still tryin’ to find a trainer that works with dogs who aren’t socialized…no luck. Pfft! is what Ma says! (well, that and alot of HBO words I don’t understand…)
    Anyhu, It sure looks like you love lookin’ at the pups on the computer! They sure are cute!
    Have a snuggly, warm Saturday Kirby!


    • Aww thanks Ruby! Yes,I definitely will have to do the training. He can be such a good little one, but I think I’ve been spoiling him too much too, got to get him back in routine. it doesn’t help that our family dog Poe who has taken to him so well has decided to teach him how to bark at the fence when any people walk by. *rolls eyes* lol. I would have never guessed Ruby had that barky side to her, I’m sure once you find the right trainer it will help curve her anxiety. I’m so sorry she was sick as a pup I didn’t know that, that perfectly makes sense why she’s had a bit of a nervousness, but me and Kirby’s are glad she is healthy and happy now, that is most important!

  21. Yow yow Kirby…who sayz we 4 leggedz can’t see 2D?? me watchez Tellybishun wif da Mum all da time!!!! Me can see all sortz of fingz on da screen…..
    Me wishez you lived close by ’cause if you did you cuud bizit n we cuud play together n nap n snuggle n talk…..*sigh*… missez me doggie fur-endz Chloe n Sadie Mae alot!!!
    Mme did see Tony Soprano da doggie last nite but he iz so old, n almost blind n pretty deaf n he cuud not see me…..
    Yer Mum Lea will find somehwere to take you fer fun n socializin….she iz a guud Mum….now as fer Rascal…..dere iz no hope, MOL!!!! He iz just dere….at least he doez not claw you! 😉
    Play on little pup, play on!!! Lub from Nylablue.

    • Heha, thanks so much Nyla, I am so glad I met a kitteh like you and you explained to me of the cat ways, or else I may have thought all you kittehs would be like that to me, as besides Rascal never met another kitteh before! I think if you guys ever met each other it would be like the good girl who tries to help change the rebellious bad boy (rascal) from his ways, and when she succeeds they fall hopelessly in love- see there I watch t.v, as I am clearly watching too much soap operas! My ma loves your dog buddy’s name Tony Soprano! Teehee. And yea my ma told me thats what she heard that us guys can’t see 2D, that is absurd though, I told my ma she has to recheck her information there! Anyways paw pats and nose tickles from me to you Nyla!” – Kirby

      • Yow Kirby! We Katz are bery odd….sum lub doggiez n hate kittehz; sume lub other kittehz n hate dogz; sum hate eberybody n sum lub eberybody…
        Maybe in time da Rascal will like you n be yer buddy; it cuud happen….
        Oh Kirby you IZ a hopless romantic (VBP) az me hatez most kittehz, specshelly boyz az me waz made to have many kitz wif da boyz when me waz younger…..
        me waz in a Puppy Mill n it waz pawfull!!!
        De only kittehz me toleratez iz kiiz frum a far; dat iz why me likez doggiez so much!! Yer kind are so nice n sweet n fun to be wif!!!
        Da dog named Tony iz a Pekineze mix n he haz a lower jaw dat stickz out a bit so he lookz like a wee bulldoggie…..Mum called him Tony Soprano da first time she met him n de old boy wagged his tail & woofed to her about many fingzMum sayz he iz a ‘Mafia dog’??? No clue what dat iz but da Hu’manz all laugh???
        Mum lubz to give 4 leggedz nicknamez n we all lub dem!!!
        Nose bonkz frum me to you! Nylablue. xo

    • (for some reason couldn’t reply on your last reply on here)”Oh nooos!You was from a puppy mill! That is so sad, I have never seen one, but my ma told me all about them, and that must not be a nice place to have grown up in. So glad you found a nice momma like Sherri-Ellen to take cares of you and be spoiled like me!:) I would like to meet TonySoprano he seems quite fun!” -Kirby

      • Eeoww Kirby pup…me haz bin havin truuble postin here too!!! Mum got so upset she turned da puter off yesterday so me cuud not answer you or anyone!
        Me waz in a puppy/kitty mill til me waz 4 yearz old den thrown out on da street….if you want to read me full story just go to Savannah’s Interviews n look me up frum last month (Dec.) Da whole story iz dere.
        Old Tony Soprano iz 15 yearz old which iz alot in Hu’Man yearz….he iz a trooper tho’. When he ‘seez’/smellz me Mum he barkz n wagz dat curly tail n poundz over to see her….he still triez to play like a pup!!! We lub him alot here!!!
        Nylablue -^..^=

  22. Oh Kirby,

    You’re just TOO cute buddy!! Loved your video – you so look like you need a play mate, I wish I lived by you cos I’d love to play with you – I go to Petsmart too, and I love it there, I often see other Dogs, Cats waiting for their forever home, humans to pet me and the checkout lady ALWAYS gives me a treat, I know where she keeps them now, so I just remind her in case she might forget – Tee Hee

    Big wags my friend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Oh wowey wow wow, your experience seems a lot more fun then mine does I’m still a little nervous when I go, but my ma is trying to get me used to everything there, but maybe if my petsmart had a nice check out lady to give me tweats I would love it a little more too. My ma is actually posting a video about me at doggy daycare today, when I join your Monday Mischeif of course!

  23. He will probably make friends with the cat when he calms down. When my two were Kirby’s age they were taking Obedience classes. They got to socialize and play a little with all breeds and sizes of dogs. Of course training, they loved it and we really enjoyed, the bonding, teaching, seeing new breeds, etc. since they are mature I miss it. Believe it or not Mica goes to Petsmart 1 or 2 times a month to see dogs and get attention from all the people. xx

  24. ummmm…Kirby, just wonderin’…was Rascal declawed when you rescued him? Hope he doesn’t go outside like ever never…and yes you are very very cute…but I am a cat…I worry about Rascal being declawed…so hard for us kittehs to have our claws taken away forever

    • Yes, yes Rascal was not declawed by my ma, he was however declawed by hers. My ma was barely a teenager when it happened and did not know the horrors of what declawing really does, till she went to school and worked with and was taught by a very smart/ anti-declaw Vet tech, now she knows, though there is nothing unfortunately that can be done now as it was done more than several years ago and by her real owner (my ma’s ma) when she was just a little girl. He unfortunetly because of where he grew up is wild as he can be, my ma did try to keep him in as she knows it can be dangerous, but he was getting very very depressed, and wasn’tthe same catanymore, and after learning from our vet, cats can get clinically depressedand from what we understand and learned it is actually cruel to keep a cat who was raised as a outside cat inside, he does get out at times. Strange asit is, and this is the truth, thereis maybe one or two other cats in our neighbourhood and they are the ones scared whitless by Rascal, he is known by the neighbourhood for beating up a cat if it crosses his path. My ma now knows and would never ever declaw a cat that she owned, but as she was a girl when it happened and didn’t know what she knew now there wasn’t much she could do about it. I understand your worry Savannah, and I would feel the same way, but I assure you with how things have played out in the past, ma only has Rascal’s best intentions at heart, and educating her mom on the real things that go behind declawing a kitteh!

      • hey Kirby, thank for giving me the history. And we know cats can get depressed if they have had outdoor access for a long time. We also know that a formerly feral cat, like the one Mom rescued at about age 2, can be successfully brought inside forever to keep him safe. We just made sure we played lots with him and gave him extra attention. And we had 2 other indoor cats and one played with him as well. Rascal might do just fine if he had a very large cage that he could spend time in when placed outside. I know several blogger, Nylablue for one, who do that, just a suggestion. I am sure you have Rascal’s best interests at heart. No problems from me. paw pats, have a great weekend, Savannah

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