Kirby shows off

Not a long post today as I am still pretty sick. Though I did do a video! I decided although nothing special,clearly! Lol, it was time to show off Kirby’s tricks! As you can see form the last part of the video he was always! I would roll my eyes, but am still sick so even that takes work! XD.

(It should be 2 minutes, if it gets caught off try clicking the youtube button on the video:))

P.s- Am I the only one who wants to go here simply because of the sign?


Can you see him?

I like thee twinkling lights

I like thee twinkling lights

Anyways thanks again Snoopy for Monday Mischief! Click button below to go directly to Snoopy’s blog and join the hop!


44 thoughts on “Kirby shows off

  1. I could never sit with a treat just right there. Gone in a flash and begging for more. If that’s an all you can eat buffet, I’ll be right over.

  2. what a good and SMART boy he is!! I love when you got really far away and said “:stay” and he was soooo good watching you! Do you know I never learned how to show Dakota “lie down” He can sit, stay, wait…but he can’t lie down! come and teach him πŸ™‚

    • Hee hee, well I guess Dakota is just not a lie down kind of guy! Actually Kirby lies down until I bend to give him his food, then he usually kind of shoots right back up into “gimme gimme mode” lol, so he’s a little far away from being the perfect lyer-down doggie too! Thanks for visiting Dakota and mom!

  3. Yeah, that “staying” impressed me as well. Mine never stay, they always follow me, after all the food must be somewhere in my pockets. Kirby can hide very good. I bet he’s some kind of special agent or ninja-dog.

    • lol, at least you know they’re smart enough to follow their noses!He very well could have be a ninja, sometimes he just disapears in the house, and I never know quite what he’s up to!

  4. Wowza Kirby is so smart!! It’s good that he cooperates!! When i was a pup i didn’t want to cooperate with my mummy so teaching me tricks took ages (it took 3 days to learn lie down!!!). But now i listen really well and can do so many tricks including speak and high five!!!!
    Hope you get well soon Kirby mummy<3
    Love Milo πŸ™‚

  5. Hiya Kirbster…nice work buddy…you’ve got her totally trained…you sit down and she gives you a treat…you sit still, she has to do the walking, and you still get the treat…WTG dawg! Lea, Hope you get to feeling better soon

  6. Well darn Lea, sorry to hear you’re under the weather 😦 feel better soon. Just want to say I think you’ve done an amazing job with Kirby and laughed at the out take at the end. Good for you! A well mannered dog is a joy for everyone, especially it’s family.

  7. Oh, Kirby you had my Ma laughin’!! Somthin’ about you bein’ just as bossy as ME! What??? Yeah, I don’t know what she’s talkin’ about…
    Anyhu, those tricks are my favorite, too!! I ‘get’ them, I have trouble with the ‘roll over’ though..

  8. Very Cute video! Gracie and Henri started barking when Kirby was barking! LOLOLOL
    Hope you feel better soon, I know how you feel, the flu has been very very bad this year.

  9. Hi Kirbster:
    It ‘s Moose your Valentine Dance buddy…just wanted to say I am really excited about going to the party with your and ryder, Our table will be the most funniest of all!!!!
    Maggie Moose

  10. Me Mum n me just swooned all over da laptop watchin yer movez out dere Kirby!!! Me finkz me shuud get Mum a doggie just like you!! You iz pawsumly cute!!!
    N when you ran to da fence to check out dat HUGE Husky type we swooned again!!!
    Dat waz a hunk a hunk of puppy fer shure!!!!
    Pleeze tell yer Mum Lea we hopez she feelz better soon!!!! We send warm thoughts of health n lubz to her.
    Nylablue n Sherrri-Ellen.

  11. Hey there Kirby (and Mom) πŸ™‚
    Thank you for visiting our blog! It’s always nice to make new friends.
    I smiled from ear to ear while watching your sweet video of Kirby doing his tricks. What a cutIe-pie – he reminded me so much of our dear Angel-Toffee. He looks like a doggie with a great spirit and zest for life.
    I hope your Mommy feels better soon. I am sure you will give her lots of cuddles in this process.
    Sending lots of love

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