And the winner of the next Ancient Beginings is……

.It is that time again! Time to name the next Ancient beginnings winner! I had a lot of entries this time, so if yours was not the one randomly chosen, please just comment that you wish to be entered again, and say the name of the breed you want to enter. It’s all the luck in the draw eventually your number will come up. If you want to be entered you MUST tell me you WANT TO BE ENTERED and the BREED of the dog you are entering! Remember you can also enter a cat breed or mixed breed (you just have to tell me which one to enter)!

Anyways, without further ado

















That’s right the lovely Airedale Terrier submitted by Ruby the Airedale on behalf of the Ruby…..the Airedale!
Ruby is a lovely dog, who is always up for anything and everything. She gives the Airedale’s a very good and positive
name. If you would like to visit her please visit her link above or click on one of the pictures below of Ruby herself!


To you I award this badge/award……


2013-02-13_090253_zpse5d709c3It is well received that the first Airedale was born into none other than the
valley known at Airedale in the UK. They were created into what they are
today, by being related to the Otterhoud and none other than the  Welsh terrier, and a breed called the Bull and terrier. In the nineteenth century (1800’s) regular sporting event’s took place along the Aire river, where the main catch was large river rats. Terriers, of course were known for being fearless and going wherever their prey goes. Unlike other sporting dogs, and hounds who used their noses, or excellent “stalk and chasing abilities” terriers were great for running into a burrow or hideout- because
they were small and fearless- at getting the desired prey out. Though the
Airedale in particular, did not excel at this being a little larger, they were amazing in
the way that they weremore hardy than a regular terrier because of their larger size, andnickairedale because of their hound heritage were great scent dogs…and water dogs, perfect for catching these rats.
The terrier became even more popular when all their multi-purpose abilities were realized. Not only could they hunt well but they could retrieve, protect and guard, making them a valued edition to many farmers.
They were officially recognized by the AKC in 1886, as their present name, though they were known to also being called the Waterside terrier and the Bingley terrier before. The first Airedale to come to America was named Bruce in 1881.
airedale_batalionszThey also had a prestigious place in World war 1, known for carrying messages behind enemy lines to soldiers, the red cross also used them in finding injured soldiers. A Airedale Jack lived up to his courageous and determined name as he ran through half a mile of enemy fire. He arrived at headquarters with a broken jaw and badly splintered leg, and died
but only a minute after he made it to his destination. In 1906, again in the UK, the Airedale’s became police dogs because of their intelligence, scent, and low-maintenance appeal. Though the UK and USA, were not the only countries that recognized these dogs great abilities. Russia in 1904, trained a handful of these dogs to take the wounded away from the battlefield.redline_old
After the World War 1, the popularity of the Airedale increased as they gained notoriety from it as being fearless and courageous.
Now for some interesting facts. Did you know that two Airedale’s were lost aboard the Titanic, each belonging to very prestigious men, Colonel John Jacob Astor , and a man named Mr.Carter, who is one of the few families known to survive.



UntitledREMEMBER, submit your entry on this post in the comments section!

Vote for Rumpy and accepting a award

Vote for Rumpy! Rumpy is a pal of mine who is really trying to win. Here is Rumpy’s statement : Rumpy willingly shares me with a full-time job, another dog and a fussy cat! Rumpy is a blogger. At he addresses the issues of responsible care for companion animals and animal welfare.  It is really simple to vote guys especially if you have facebook, as you can vote using your Facebook sign in. Right now Rumpy is in 9th place and the competition is stiff, so Let’s vote guys! Click here


-AlsoI wanted to thank Tia A.K.A Wolves and Barbie for picking little ol’ Kirby and me I suppose for the very pretty and prestigious Liebster award! Thanks Tia, it means a lot to be thought about!. Now I must answer some very fun questions and pass it along to a few other. So lets get on with the questions.


Do you still live in the same place you were born?


Have you reached any goals you have set for yourself?

Not even close.

Was there ever a time where you thought that life couldn’t get any worse?

Yes, have had a couple of those.

What’s something that you have failed at but kept trying at and eventually succeeded in?

being more outgoing and social lol. As a kid I was kind of a recluse

A moment in your life that made you feel proud of yourself?

When I won in grade 7 at a school speech competition

Have you helped anyone in need?

Yes many times. I frequently donate clothes of mine and clothes of others to charities  and friends in need.

Plans for your birthday?

Well considering it just passed, no 😀

Something that you love to death?

hmm, I wonderif anyone can guess? ………Kirby!

What’s the most important part of your day?

between 9:30-11 as that is when everyone is home at my house, and I like it like that 🙂

Is there something that you do besides eat that you do every single day?

well I would like to think I brush my teeth every day….so there ya go!

Anything you’re looking forward too in the future?

Nothining particular, I guess except getting my own place, that will be exciting!


I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose

I am double jointed in my legs and arms!

I have corrected scoliosis, so you can’t really tell but its there

I have gone to three types of high schools in my past (catholic, private, and public)

I like to think I have a unique sense of style

I don’t normally dress like it but my favorite type of style is rocker-like

If you were to ask me two years ago if I would have a puppy now already, i would say heck no!

I like to write poetry, and stories

I am the opposite to my brother, he is very mathematical and I am very creative minded but give me a math question and I will be sitting there all day

ALMOST as much as I love dogs I love birds

I probably know more types of dog breeds then any one here in a km radius at least…maybe

I pass this onto :

Misadventures of Misaki

bichon pawz



Krstine (rescued insanity)

Ruby the Airedale

Angels Whisper


Hailey and Phod

Three little pugs

Molly the wally

Now your questions:

1. How old is your dog/dogs/cat/bunny?

2. What is your favorite thing to do with them?

3. Do you think of your pet as your child/or another member of the family?

4. If you were wanting a breed of dog in the future what would it be and why?

5. Are you more artistic or mathematical minded?

6. What is your biggest pet peeve about dog owners/cat owners bunny owners?

7. If you could either win a free trip with a loved one to anywhere in the world , or stay in your state but get to bring you and your pet to a deluxe pet vaca which would you choose?

8. Is your dog a barker? Is your cat a loud meower? Is your bunny load in their cage a lot?

9. What is your favorite movie right now?

10. What is a dog/cat/rabbit treat/toy you would recommend?

11. Does your dog/cat/rabbit sleep in bed with you?

Ancient Beginnings……and the winner is…..

First of all thanks everyone who joined in. If you didn’t get it this time you might as well try again if your here, as I try to make it as fair as possible by using the randomizer. PLEASE READ: To enter you must tell me that you at least WANT TO ENTER and the BREED of your dog, or else I can not include ya, as I have already ran into problems because I didn’t know the breed of dog of someone who wanted to enter. EDIT-Even if you have a mix, enter, just pick a breed you know they are mixed with! You can even enter your breed of cat too:) I also made what I think is a pretty cool badge, for the winners of Ancient Beginnings, for anyone who collects the awards/badges. So without further ado…..



































Whooooo. The winner is 2 Brown Dawgs Blog with their beautiful Chesapeake Retriever’s Storm, Thunder, and Freighter. Just click any of the beautiful pictures below to learn more about these Chesapeake Bay Retrievers!


Now snuggle up and read on about how exactly this fantastic breed came to be…Now I know 2browndawgs, your very knowledgeable on your breed, so hopefully this post does okay in your books! 🙂

The Chesapeake bay retriever is relatively new in comparison to the previous  winner Clowie. Though to us humans, and even in comparison to many of the “newer” dog breeds out there the Chesapeake definitely has ancient beginnings, which are quite detailed at that.

pollyIt has been first recorded that some of the first Chesapeake Bay Retrievers started off with two young pups thought to be St. John water dogs in 1807, aboard a floundering ship, that were rescued by a George Law, a sailor on another ship. The male was named Sailor and the female canton. As there were no cameras the only proof is in the man’s writings which depict a dog in personality and likeness to the Chesapeake. The man found them aboard a wrecked ship it is said with intoxicated sailors, and that is where he rescued them and bought them off the captain for a guinea a piece. Though because he was set to sail off for sea again, he gave them away to a man named John Mercer and a doctor while still being docked at Norfolk in Virginia. (This is starting to sound like a great movie to me!)

As John Mercer and the doctor were both avid hunters, it is then that both men discovered these dogs in the hunting fields were exceptional. This is what led to these dogs being sought after by local duck hunters.  It is thought Sailor is the dog that started the offspring we know today, as he was exchanged for a ram to a governor in Maryland. Though both Sailor and Canton were bred with local dogs, which is thought to be the real start of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Dogs from both Chesapeake Bay shores were recognized as one of three types of Chesapeake Bay Ducking Dog in 1877.

Other names given to the Chesapeake bay Retriever’s at one point were the Chesapeake bay duck dog, the brown Winchester, the otter dog, the Newfoundland duck dog, and the Red Chester Ducking dog.220px-Chesapeake_Bay_Retriever_circa_1915

In 1887 a definite permanent evolution of the dog was now prominent,, which was its dark brown/reddish brown colouring.

At one point there were They were fully recognized by the AKC in 1878, and became the official dog of Maryland in 1964.


Dr. John Lundy the President of the American Chesapeake Club from 1957-1959

At one point in the 1930’s to 1950 Chesapeake’s fell on the back-burner a bit when there began a big decline in waterfowl (What the Chesapeake’s were known for) and were often overlooked to be field trial dogs due to them being labelled as too “pretty”. It was this misjudgment that made many retriever fancier’s turn away thinking they would be no good at it. It is noted that with the help of the American Chesapeake club that CBR’s began to get their popularity back, and true sporting nature known.

The Chesapeake’s are said to be related to the St. John’s water dog (known as being retriever’s ancestors), Newfoundland dog. They are also said to have hounds and spaniels in them as well, though it seems unclear as to any more detail of which breeds1920s-Newf specifically.

Lastly, just for fun some famous people known for having the Chesapeake’s include Theodore Rosevelt, and actor Paul Walker (fast & the furious) and of course Thunder Storm and Freighter of the wonderful blog who inspired this all 2browndawgs.


Now for the badge I award 2browndawgs with this! 🙂 Aswell as CLOWIE if your reading this.


And here is the randomizer results…


If I forgot you it wasn’t on purpose we swear! It’s just hard to tell if you don’t tell me your entering and the breed you are picking, as some people just like to comment but not enter so you must tell me. Comment below this post to enter next Thursday’s Ancient dogs. This is usually my last post for the week, so its up for a good 4 days, but it’s deadline is next Tuesday we will say. Everyone have a great Thursday!

Westminster Dog show- what’s in a name…

So I know this happened over a week ago, but we up here in the great white North didn’t seem to get access to the show till this weekend. Or maybe I just missed it o.O. I have never really watched a show before, honestly, I guess because I never really caught it. Though there was something that struck me odd about the show, the crowd’s favorite seemed to be the Affenpinscher- who won, and the Old English Sheepdog- who came in 2nd.

Every time they were shown the crowd went wild.Now I realize in that crowd there is a  lot of dog experts, but I also know there is mostly just dog lovers. It also seemed clear that they were cheered because, a) the Affenpinscher is so fricken cute, and unique looking and b) the OESD looked like the cutest fluffiest teddy bear. So when the final judge declared the winner’s and they just so happened to be the crowd’s favorite, it made me think, what do they even judge on… Now I am not saying they aren’t deserving of course (I couldn’t help a inside cheer for these two cuties as well) but it was just a thought.. Has anyone else seen it? Anyways the main thing I wanted to focus on was their names!

Now, it is always fun to watch every breed get introduced, but since I can’t put 100+ pictures on here, well I could I guess….. But I decided to focus on the group winners.

Hound group: Day 1: Pandora’s Box (American foxhound)


Toy group Day 1: Banana Joe (Affenpinscher)….pretty darn cute


Herding Day one: Bugaboo Picture Perfect– Reserve winner! (!)(Old English Sheepdog)


Non sporting group Day 1: Honour to Pillowtalk (Bichon Frises)


Sporting group Day 2: Rip snorter silver charm (wow…) (German whitehaired)


Working group day 2: Claircreek Impression de Matisse (Portugese waterdog)


Terrier Day 2 : Slyfox’s sneek a peak (Fox terrier)- My personal favortie if you can see why

gch ch slyfox sneaks a peek2

Now obviously, for most of them anyways this is not their “domestic name” ,The fox terrier for example was often called simply “Adam” in the show. But my question is…. if your dog was somehow in the Westminster kennel club (even if he is a mix!) what would his official name be?!

Signing off from Lea and Kirby…or should I say Lea and Monsieur du PDA (pretty darn cute) XD


Oh man! I almost forgot to mention about the wonderful award Clowie at Clowie’s corner gave me! It is quite impressive! And I am so honoured, thanks Clowie, it will appear on my right-side of beautiful award badges!


I pass this award to Dogdaz,

Jasper’s Doggy world


meowmeowmans A.KA. Animal shelter volunteer

One blue dog

Thanks for the blog hop Snoopy!


Winners of Ancient dog- Who’s breed get’s exposed

First of all thank you to everyone who entered. And since this first edition  has ended the second one will begin next Thursday and so forth (as long as I keep getting entries that is) SO IF TODAY IS NOT YOUR BREED PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW AND WRITE @ AND THEN YOUR BREED OF DOG/CAT! . I used and had a amazing 19 entries.








Clowie’s Great Pyrenees 

A quiet moment - we're exhausted!





First off let me just say that the Great Pyrenees is one I was very excited to do as I think they are so gorgeous and who wouldn’t love a big white teddy bear? So how did this huge white fluff ball start out? Well everyone take a seat (including you Clowie!) grab some popcorn and read away!

$(KGrHqIOKiIE5cLjSW6rBO(jLOjLMQ~~_12The great Pyrenees like his bud the Maltese, is considered a very old breed. It is believed that ancestors of these large white livestock guardians migrated with shepherds from Asia about 5000 years ago. Though some of the first true representations of the breed were found as early as 1407! Though if you think that is crazy it is thought the breed actually first originated between 1800-1000 B.C! Their name came from where they were first known to being founded from which is from people who inhabited the Pyrenees Mountains, of southern France and Northern Spain. His/her first use to the human mind and hands was to be a herding dog. This breed was a undercover spy of sorts, because of it’s fluffy white coat it often blended in with the herd, meaning it got a good catch on bears and wolves that got to close to the herd thinking Clowie’s ancestor was just another sheep! The great Pyrenees became a extremely valuable right hand man to Shepard’s, and were just as much a companion as a working dog for them, Here is a video of them in the past:

$(KGrHqFHJB8F!h3liKG,BQeWqU6BHg~~60_35In the 1600’s the Great Pyrenees actually became a dog of royalty as it is seen, and was dubbed the royal dog of France by Dauphin Louis in the 17th century.By the early 19th century there was a high demand for the dog in mountain towns, and thus began their travels to other parts of the world. During World war 1, they were used often to smuggle contraband over the french/Spanish border through routes inaccessible to men.The Great Pyrenees gained widespread prominence after it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1933.$(KGrHqEOKooE4t4Q6O1ZBO(joeJvzw~~_3livestock guarding dog puppy


-It is widely thought through expedition that the Great Pyrenees was descended from mastiff-type dogs.Dogs the Pyrenees is said to be associated with or maybe a tad bit related to is the Maremma sheepdog, Kuvasz, and akbash dog! It is even noted that they may be somewhat related as well to the St.Bernard.

1934The great Pyrenees temperament in the past was one of what would seem like a motherly role. They were often naturally nocturnal and aggressive to anything that would harm it’s flock. Yet was trusted with small, young and helpless animals due to its guardian instinct (or I like to say it’s compassionate instinct) showing just how kind this gentle giant really is! In now a day terms that temperament has transferred to the domestic Pyrenees, as they are known for being very gentle, affectionate and kind to children. Though its instincts still kick in with loyalty to its family as it is a fearless breed and will protect its family when necessary. Though for the most part the breed is pretty calm and demure.



-And here are the results


paw_15px.jpg Thanks to everyone who voted and if your guys didn’t get picked remember to nominate him/her BELOW for next week’s edition!

P.S- Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Wordless Wednesday- Valentine’s and leftovers

IMG-20130207-00174 copy

This is the picture used in Mollie and Alfie’s valentine’s ball contest, but she spruced it up a bit to include our pals

you can vote for me and pal’s Maggie and Ryder in the valentine’s day contest here: Mollie and Alfie’s – Who will be King and queen

The trail brought to you by Poe, LUCKILY the snow is now only about 4 inches today

The trail brought to you by Poe, LUCKILY the snow is now only about 4 inches today

Kirby following Poe through the trail

Kirby following Poe through the trail


Thanks Blogpaws for another wordless wednesday

Kirby is always THERE! and spoiled?

So I have now happily and yes sometimes exhaustingly, have had my little Kirby for over 10 months now. What I have learned about this little guy in particular is his breed/breeds even with all the socialization, attention, and self-confidence☮ in the world he is still a clinger, just is. I read before Maltese can have a tendency to bond ESPECIALLY to one owner, although still love everyone else in the household. That is exactly what Kirby has done. I fold clothes from the dryer, look behind me, THERE. I am in the bathroom about to take a shower, but turn around, THERE! I walk outside to help my mom bring in the groceries (forgetting to close the front door) turn around, THERE! And finally I wake up slowly, facing the ceiling when THERE! Right in my face.  You get the point.

Now to be fair, there is times when I would like maybe a little privacy, just a tad in certain situations, and I can definitely understand people now who couldn’t stand such a co-dependent☮ dog. But for the most part, for myself he is perfect and it is perfect, even if he is THERE at the most UN-opportune☮ moment, sometimes. This I believe whether it be my fault or just the fate of his breed he is shall I say a bit spoiled in personality….Oh he’s friendly and loves everyone once he gets to know you, but he also thinks everything of Poe should be his. Now Poe (bless his heart!) is very patient and understanding for a dog his age (8 next month) who’s used to being a only dog, for quite a while. We all try to let Poe know he is still the number one dog, in the house, and he still comes first being the eldest, and I think Poe gets the memo but Kirby on the other hand …not so much. Poe has a toy, Kirby has a toy = Poe having a toy, Kirby dropping his toy and proceeding to stare or bark at Poe to give him the toy. Does this ever work? No. Does he keep doing it?! Yes! XD. I compiled a video below to show you exactly what I mean on this subject.

Now I know after watching this there is going to be a lot of , “poor Poe!” BUT I assure you  Poe and Kirby for the rest of the time are really the best of buds. They play together (as you have seen in previous posts) eat together, patrol the backyard together. When one of them goes for a walk without the other, it jumping and tail wags when they finally return. Poe, compared to Kirby is not the most sociable dog, as he has always been wary of people, and other dogs, so it makes me happy to see he has a friend (though who can be quite the pest) also let’s him know the good side of life 🙂


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