Fun and grooming- yes those words do belong together VIDEO VLOG

So today is the much anticipated☮ grooming day!!!!!!! And what does that mean, not much but pulling out the old groomer kit and giving it a whirl☮. I in no way think I am a pro at this, but I intend to make it a continuous learning experience,  lucky for me my customer can’t complain. It is still freezing  winter outside so we decided to turn our family room coffee table into the groomer room, equipped☮ with a table cloth and plastic sheet!If you can spare a minute Please watch the video, as it was quite cute to make and you can see some of Kirby’s true little characteristics come out (running to the sofa as soon as he had the  chance! lol)

The after math


And here are the before and afters!!! >I can’t help but feel this what Kirby having a pup might look like….


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40 thoughts on “Fun and grooming- yes those words do belong together VIDEO VLOG

  1. We LOVED the video! You were SO brave, K.! And your mom is brave, too using that hair cutter thing to trim you up. You look GREAT with that homegrown haircut. Neat and tidy without being fussy. Perfect!

    Love and licks,

  2. Kirby, you have to put up a little more fight. You start protesting and she’ll give you a treat to calm you down. A couple of minutes later, start protesting again. You have to learn the scam.

  3. That’s great that you are doing the grooming by yourself, saves you a lot of money. I do all the grooming and nails here, but none of my dogs coats involve clipping, just brushing. Kirby was so calm in the video, that’s awesome that he doesn’t mind getting groomed. Makes the job that much easier.

  4. I think he looks great! Loved your video! Andis is a great brand of clippers and I would recommend them. And Kirby is so well behaved during his grooming session! He looks a little squirmy at first, but then again he’s a puppy. He’s gonna be so good when he’s older!

  5. You both are so darn cute. “What’s going on back there?” cracked me up. Kirby really looked relaxed when he was getting the tummy shave too. I like the Before picture, Kirby looks like a rock-n-roll dude…HA. Good job Lea, also liked that relaxing music, I felt like I was at the spa.

  6. He looks cute! I am glad we have dogs that don’t need clipping though. We had a golden before the chessies and I used to have to take him for grooming every three months because I could not get his feet clipped correctly no matter how I tried. 🙂

    • yes, having to groom is definetly a downside, but sometimes it can be fun as a bonding experience between us too, it also helps that he is so small. Now people with OES, I have no idea how long that takes!

  7. Kirby, you are a champ!! Unfortunately, Sage has ALWAYS hated to be groomed, no matter what I do. I made her watch your adorable video, but she said she’d still have a fit if I touched her with something like that.

  8. Kirbster Dood! You are so good to your mom…letting her do all that to you and not fussing *highpaws* Lea, I liked Kirby scruffy, but then I like Gizmo scruffy and would be scared to try using those clippers on him…He’d probably end up hairless 🙂 You can come groom Gizmo anytime

    • yea I also like the scruffy look too, but it gets so hard to manage, he’s never going to be one of those maltese’s whose hair is like like a silky sheet onto the floor, I think Gizmo looks adorable scruffy aswell.

  9. Now ya see dda Kirby; now ya don’t!! MOL!! Whether you iz furry er not you iz just da cutuest pup around!!! Guud dog fer letting da Hu’man trim ya!!!
    Nose kissez fum Nylablue & 2 thumbz up frum Sherri-Ellen.

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