Ancient Dog and Valentine fundraiser sandwhich for one!

Hello all, and Happy Monday! So Kirby and I have a thought! And well Poe to yes he was also thinking on this process…



On to to other news I have decided to do something a bit different today, that is to start a fun little activity so we can all get to know each other’s dogs  better and pay tribute to the breed!

  • It will be every  held every Saturday . When the first “Ancient Beginnings” posts start and from then on you can enter your dog in the comments for the next one
  • How it works is you will leave a comment below the first ancient beginning’s post once it is set up, and add the symbol (@) and then the name and breed of your dog (if he is a mixed pick the breed you would like to know about).
  • a commenter out of the comments below will be picked by by Thursday night to get a whole post dedicated to their  dog/cat/hamster/mixed breeds in learning their ” ancient beginnings!”
  • The best part is the blogger who gets picked can make their own post instead if they wish about their breeds ancient beginning’s and I will simply do a quick recap of what they had to say and include links for the readers to go check out the story on the picked blogger’s post.
  • Though who knows, I might be the only geeky animal-lover in here who is fascinated to find out about the origins of our breeds. So I decided to create a poll, a straight forward yay or neigh to see if this is a good idea. SO PLEASE VOTE BELOW.
  • I will let the poll run for a week as the first one will be next Saturday, so even though we don’t know if this is happening for sure start entering you animal if you want to be picked.
  • entries will be cut off at the end of friday, so I can find out the winner for Saturday’s post


Anyways like it or not the rest of this post will be My kirby’s ancient beginnings. Since he is a Maltese and Yorkie, I had to pick one and I picked the one I think he most resembles in looks and character and that is the Maltese.

  • Though it can only be estimated the earliest recorded suggestion that the breed Maltese were apart of our earth was roughly 500 B.C on the island of Malta.
  • where they migrated over during that time to Egypt and Greece, which we know through subtle drawings and artifacts.
  • Ancient dogs related to the  Maltese were said to be Lhasa Apso,  Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan spaniel and the pekingese
  • Their name Maltese was taken from Malta and said to mean “white fluffy cloud”Sun_in_white_cloud
  • Malta served  as a center of trade for a time and even then the Maltese was looked on as a highly valuable animal simply based on its small size, adorable traits, and novelty.
  • Maltese were very popular with wealthy Roman women who carried them as lap dogs and companions.
  • After the breed survived the fall of Rome due to its popularity, a pair was given to Chinese Emperor Kou Tzu around 620 A.D and it is there that the Maltese breed began to make its way around the world.
  • Said to be Queen Victoria's Maltese 1839

    Said to be Queen Victoria’s Maltese 1839

  • By the 13th century the Maltese had become a breed now known in European countries,often being bartered for other goods.
  • by 1558, the breed was well established in Britain so much so that Queen Victoria owned one..
  • Maltese continued to be popular with the ladies for their beauty, companionship, and sometimes as living flea traps for the wealthy.
  • At this stage the more smaller the breed the more appealing they were, some not bigger then common ferrets, sometimes described as the size of squirrels even.1074
  • In the Renaissance area Maltese were believed to  possess healing powers, some methods included placing the dog o
    early 1800's painting

    early 1800’s painting

    n the sick person’s pillow ,or could relieve indigestion if placed on the stomach. This is when the got the nickname comforter dogs.

  • The Maltese continued to be popular  even during the Victorian era , where it was common for them to have long silky coats ,hair tied in satin ribbons, and were even dyed to match the colour of their lady’s attire.
  • IN 1888 Maltese were accepted into the AKC.
Maltese 1904

Maltese 1904

  • Maltese came in a variety of colours till the early 1900’s

As one can maybe get the hint, up until their early days of life and evolution they were lucky enough to be respected and adorned similar to how they all are to this day. Not much has changed in this pampered pooche’s life, perhaps which is in fact what makes it so domesticated and pleasant in this day and age.

Me and Kirby just wanted to finally thank Anne Paws who generously making us this absolutely POSITIVELY adorable little picture of Kirby. Right now Pawsitively pets has a charity fundraiser going on where if you donate $1 (or more!) you will be not only helping a animal based charity but Ann will personally make you a fun Valentine’s greeting card, which I am going to be showing loud and proud on the right hand side, so if you click the button there you will be redirected to her fundraiser campaign. Also she will randomly select out of everyone who has donated with a charity in mind, which charity will be picked!


Thanks again Snoopy for the blog hop, click the button below to start a hoppin!


P.S.- IS anybody else’s wordpress reader so slow that it is just continually loading?I noticed they changed the layout for the new reader could this be the problem?


73 thoughts on “Ancient Dog and Valentine fundraiser sandwhich for one!

  1. Oh you little Love Bug 🙂 that sounds like a fun idea, I have haven’t a clue where I came from BOL xx00xx

    You look stunning Mindy after your day at the spa 🙂 Love that new toy 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I love this idea! History is one of my loves, and tracing back dog breed roots to see how the breed evolved has always been so interesting. I’ve been thinking about checking into Daisy’s background for a while, so I’m definitely on board with this. Great idea! 🙂

      • @Clowie – Pyrenean Mountain Dog (or Great Pyrenees).

        I’ve also been having trouble loading the Reader in WordPress – also the Notifications and stats!

  3. @ There’s me, a Scottish Terrier and Kaci. Kaci is a rescue and we think a Chihuahua – West Highland White Terrier mix. Who knew that after we incorporated Kaci into our pack that there is a designer dog (like Cockapoo) called a Chestie.

  4. HMMM, I think you have it wrong. I think Kirby and Poe are thinking, “I’m staying in bed today!” LOLOLOL
    This is a cool idea but it sounds like homework to me! LOLOLOL

  5. @ Ollie and he’s a Frug. Because he’s mixed French Bulldog x Pug I’m going to choose French Bulldog.
    You come up with some good stuff woman. I really like this idea.
    I hope I did this right lol.

  6. Kirbster dood, who knew you had such an interesting past…and a “living flea trap”? BOL! what will those hoomins think of next *highpaws* pal @GizmoGeodog Border Terrier/Schnauzer (?)

  7. We had no idea the Maltese had such an illustrious past! Or that they were around for so long. Thanks for the fun educational facts. We only have kitties here. One is a Siamese mix (Mica Minnie Moo), two are Persian mixes (Julie & Carl) and the other is a tabby cat (Oui Oui). If we get picked, you can take your pick!

  8. That was some research you did. Sounds like there were a few Paris Hiltons running around during the Roman period LOL. And to be used as living flea traps! What evil mind conceived that idea! I love this but I have to say, just coming out of a 30 day challenge, I’m ready to chill a bit. The origins of my pigdog might just have to remain mysterious for a while. I will read though! Fascinating stuff 😀

  9. I really like your idea–although my breeds (American Pit Bull Terrier and Catahoula Leopard Dog) aren’t ancient breeds. Ancient Beginnings, however, sounds much more dramatic and interesting than, say, Colonial Beginnings. So here are my canine entries: @Grimm, Zella, Rufus: American Pit Bull Terriers and @Charley: Catahoula Leopard Dog (Mix)

    Your pups look very cute, as always (and very comfortable). Apparently, comfort runs in Kirby’s genetics!

  10. Hey cutie kirby,

    That’s a cool idea buddy and it was fun to learn all about your heritage, sounds like your breed has been pampered forever, you’ve got it all worked out! 🙂

    I’d like to join in @snoopy – I’m a Bearded Collie

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  11. I think it is a fun idea! I am such a nerd when it comes to dog breeds and one of my favourite things to do is guess the breeds of the other dogs at the park. Half the time I am way off but it’s a blast for me either way.

    We don’t know what Shiva’s breed is but I secretly think she is part Catahoula so that is my submission! @Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

  12. That sounds fun, and we will be excited to read about the ancient beginnings of all the different breeds! We are domestic short hair cats here, so we don’t really have a breed. But we love learning stuff, so we’ll be reading along with everyone!

  13. Hey Kirby, so nice to meet you. I sure think you are a cutie, My Vickie says she loves your little face to death. WE are gonna go sign up to follow you now.

  14. Wow I just learned alot about your breed Kirby!! There is a black Maltese dog in my building who is a rescue. She is not friendly at all but loves her Human. I think she has issues because you are so much more outgoing & happy than Molly is!!!
    xo Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

      • I know Molly was a rescue from an abusive situation. I don’t push myself on her. She does let me pat her know but I can’t speak loudly or she runs to her Human.
        Sorry I am so far behind visiting also! 3 weeks worth of blogs to read still 😉
        We aren’t ignoring you!!!
        ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.

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