38 thoughts on “Kirby and Petsmart- Wordless wednesday (well kinda)

  1. Looks like fun, did you get to buy something? Mom is always surprised because I have no interest in the animals in the cages like ferrets and stuff but I love sniffing over all the great treats!

  2. Shhhhhhh. Our secret. In the food aisle, see the space between the floor and the bottom of the last shelf? Scoop your paw and you’ll sometimes bring out tasty morsels. Let your nose tell you the likely spots. Pet stores are FUN and tasty.

  3. Kirbster dood…you’re looking very stylish today…Ain’t it fun to go to the Doggie Store…I love when we go…There’s always lots of cookies involved…Happy Wordless Wednesday

  4. PetSmart has a nice clothing section – jackets, dresses, costumes – the works! Nice jacket buddy! The only thing I’ve seen to wear in the CAT area though is a bow tie (which of course my Mom bought for me). Shopping is fun isn’t it?!?!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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