Kirby is always THERE! and spoiled?

So I have now happily and yes sometimes exhaustingly, have had my little Kirby for over 10 months now. What I have learned about this little guy in particular is his breed/breeds even with all the socialization, attention, and self-confidence☮ in the world he is still a clinger, just is. I read before Maltese can have a tendency to bond ESPECIALLY to one owner, although still love everyone else in the household. That is exactly what Kirby has done. I fold clothes from the dryer, look behind me, THERE. I am in the bathroom about to take a shower, but turn around, THERE! I walk outside to help my mom bring in the groceries (forgetting to close the front door) turn around, THERE! And finally I wake up slowly, facing the ceiling when THERE! Right in my face.  You get the point.

Now to be fair, there is times when I would like maybe a little privacy, just a tad in certain situations, and I can definitely understand people now who couldn’t stand such a co-dependent☮ dog. But for the most part, for myself he is perfect and it is perfect, even if he is THERE at the most UN-opportune☮ moment, sometimes. This I believe whether it be my fault or just the fate of his breed he is shall I say a bit spoiled in personality….Oh he’s friendly and loves everyone once he gets to know you, but he also thinks everything of Poe should be his. Now Poe (bless his heart!) is very patient and understanding for a dog his age (8 next month) who’s used to being a only dog, for quite a while. We all try to let Poe know he is still the number one dog, in the house, and he still comes first being the eldest, and I think Poe gets the memo but Kirby on the other hand …not so much. Poe has a toy, Kirby has a toy = Poe having a toy, Kirby dropping his toy and proceeding to stare or bark at Poe to give him the toy. Does this ever work? No. Does he keep doing it?! Yes! XD. I compiled a video below to show you exactly what I mean on this subject.

Now I know after watching this there is going to be a lot of , “poor Poe!” BUT I assure you  Poe and Kirby for the rest of the time are really the best of buds. They play together (as you have seen in previous posts) eat together, patrol the backyard together. When one of them goes for a walk without the other, it jumping and tail wags when they finally return. Poe, compared to Kirby is not the most sociable dog, as he has always been wary of people, and other dogs, so it makes me happy to see he has a friend (though who can be quite the pest) also let’s him know the good side of life 🙂


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55 thoughts on “Kirby is always THERE! and spoiled?

  1. this video was BEYOND ADORABLE!! I loved how Poe was just ignoring kirby’s antics while he was enjoying his treat lol. This was too cute and the music was just precious!!! Loved it! Kirby is a real character 🙂

  2. Maybe that’s a case of “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” but they are friends – and that’s the main thing ;o) And they are cute!!! Must laugh at 1:49 as Kirby snapped the toy and ran upstairs ;o)

  3. Kirby and our little Willa should beet. They could be twins and they would both have so much fun together. WE loved the video and have to agree with the others.. WHAT A CUTIE. My Willa is very clingy too. But in such a sweet way…

    Can’t wait to watch Kirby grow up

    bert and My Vickie

  4. Awww what a cutie! Of course you’re spoiled Kirby! Thanks for joining my Tribe guys. Triberr can be kind of confusing at first. If you want me to *try* and explain everything to you, send me an email or FB message or somethin like that!

  5. Love the way Poe just ignores you, a classic and only lets you have the toy when he’s finished, so funny.. What made us laugh that when you got it, you didn’t want it.. You are totally spoilt..BOL and why not. Just on a note, we spoilt Mollie, never really taught her to share because it’s funny when they are littlebut now she is nearly two, she’s a nightmare..BOL Quick come to see the start of the ball xxx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. It looks like Kirby tries to make Poe jealous of his toy and when that doesn’t work he has a tantrum for Poe’s toy, very funny!!! I seen a doggy that looked alot like Kirby today!! I hads to do a double take! But this doggy looked a little more like a bichon frise.
    Love Milo 🙂

  7. I wouldn’t worry as I am a total mommy’s girl myself. I let her do stuff out of my site at home but I am always so sad when she leaves, I howl sometimes in the front window even though my sister is home with me, I like the 3 of us to be together!

  8. Kirbster you have cornered the market on ‘cute’…Gizmo watched the screen quite intently when he heard Kirby bark…I think he’s wishing ya’all were close enough for a play date…Poe seems quite patient & tolerant with Kirby…Kirbs might be pushy, but I think Poe is enjoying the attention and having a buddy

  9. Poe is adorable! I have kind of the same situation except instead of having a Poe I have a Val (cat) who’s 7 years old or there abouts. If Ollie sees Val doing something he needs to do it too. He’ll go up to Val with a ball in his mouth and bark then throw the ball at him to say “throw the damn ball for me!!”.He gets right up in his face and barks at him but Val gives it right back. Ollie gets smacked across the face a lot lol.

  10. OMD! Kirby is such a character!! I act like that too!! Ma calls me ‘bossy’, because I whine and bark at her to kick my ball so I can chase it….usually works!! BOL
    I don’t thinks we’re spoiled, as much as pampered!

  11. Just to make you feel better, my sister has a male maltipoo named Max. He is totally attached. First to her while she was home with her bad back and then her husband after she went back to work and he was unemployed. When they go on vacation and leave Max with my mother, he cries if she leaves him alone. He even follows her into the potty! It is nice to be loved though…
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

    • Oh yea we had a ton of snow, like over 10 inches, the other day. It’s still snowing but settling down. Poe has to make a path through the snow for kirby so kirby is right behind poe the whole time when they go potty. lol

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