Winners of Ancient dog- Who’s breed get’s exposed

First of all thank you to everyone who entered. And since this first edition  has ended the second one will begin next Thursday and so forth (as long as I keep getting entries that is) SO IF TODAY IS NOT YOUR BREED PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW AND WRITE @ AND THEN YOUR BREED OF DOG/CAT! . I used and had a amazing 19 entries.








Clowie’s Great Pyrenees 

A quiet moment - we're exhausted!





First off let me just say that the Great Pyrenees is one I was very excited to do as I think they are so gorgeous and who wouldn’t love a big white teddy bear? So how did this huge white fluff ball start out? Well everyone take a seat (including you Clowie!) grab some popcorn and read away!

$(KGrHqIOKiIE5cLjSW6rBO(jLOjLMQ~~_12The great Pyrenees like his bud the Maltese, is considered a very old breed. It is believed that ancestors of these large white livestock guardians migrated with shepherds from Asia about 5000 years ago. Though some of the first true representations of the breed were found as early as 1407! Though if you think that is crazy it is thought the breed actually first originated between 1800-1000 B.C! Their name came from where they were first known to being founded from which is from people who inhabited the Pyrenees Mountains, of southern France and Northern Spain. His/her first use to the human mind and hands was to be a herding dog. This breed was a undercover spy of sorts, because of it’s fluffy white coat it often blended in with the herd, meaning it got a good catch on bears and wolves that got to close to the herd thinking Clowie’s ancestor was just another sheep! The great Pyrenees became a extremely valuable right hand man to Shepard’s, and were just as much a companion as a working dog for them, Here is a video of them in the past:

$(KGrHqFHJB8F!h3liKG,BQeWqU6BHg~~60_35In the 1600’s the Great Pyrenees actually became a dog of royalty as it is seen, and was dubbed the royal dog of France by Dauphin Louis in the 17th century.By the early 19th century there was a high demand for the dog in mountain towns, and thus began their travels to other parts of the world. During World war 1, they were used often to smuggle contraband over the french/Spanish border through routes inaccessible to men.The Great Pyrenees gained widespread prominence after it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1933.$(KGrHqEOKooE4t4Q6O1ZBO(joeJvzw~~_3livestock guarding dog puppy


-It is widely thought through expedition that the Great Pyrenees was descended from mastiff-type dogs.Dogs the Pyrenees is said to be associated with or maybe a tad bit related to is the Maremma sheepdog, Kuvasz, and akbash dog! It is even noted that they may be somewhat related as well to the St.Bernard.

1934The great Pyrenees temperament in the past was one of what would seem like a motherly role. They were often naturally nocturnal and aggressive to anything that would harm it’s flock. Yet was trusted with small, young and helpless animals due to its guardian instinct (or I like to say it’s compassionate instinct) showing just how kind this gentle giant really is! In now a day terms that temperament has transferred to the domestic Pyrenees, as they are known for being very gentle, affectionate and kind to children. Though its instincts still kick in with loyalty to its family as it is a fearless breed and will protect its family when necessary. Though for the most part the breed is pretty calm and demure.



-And here are the results


paw_15px.jpg Thanks to everyone who voted and if your guys didn’t get picked remember to nominate him/her BELOW for next week’s edition!

P.S- Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


53 thoughts on “Winners of Ancient dog- Who’s breed get’s exposed

  1. Hmmm. When people used to ask Mommy what breed I was, she would say VPM. When I asked her what that meant, she said Very Pretty Mongrel. BOL.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Love, Whisky

  2. Great job on researching the Great Pyrenees. You have a lot of excellent information about beginnings, what they were bred for, etc. they are a very loyal, protective and loving breed. Enjoyed the info very much 🙂

    I could enter the Newfoundland Dogs!

  3. Very interesting! After reading this I’m beginning to think a guy a few blocks over has one. It’s big and white and looks like these dogs here. I never asked him what breed it was, I was more judgmental (I know I shouldn’t judge) about the fact he lives in a small condo and only takes the dog out to do his business! I feel such a big dog needs a place to run or at least get lots of walks. But I don’t know his circumstances so I guess I shouldn’t judge.
    Great Job! I thought I had nominated Gracie and Henri after you told me I didn’t have to do any homework. LOLOLOL I still laugh about that. You can add them to next week nominations!

    • Ok they are added! But wait just so I know for sure what breeds would you like me to mark them down for! And yea I agree with you on the apartment and big dogs, some people can make it work but rarely. That is why I got a small dog to begin with, as I know my first place is probably going to be a apartment 🙂

  4. Hey Kirby do you want a drink of my red bull…bahahahhaha..remember on my invite to you i put the word PRESENTS…….maggie……

    Mom wanted me to tell you that her sister does a great py. rescue in Oklahoma she really loved that breed.
    stella rose…

  5. Thank you for a super history of Clowie’s family Kirbster…Momz & I really liked watching the video together…Hope that cousin Jasper comes up soon so we can see the rest of the clan…I’m entering as a Border Terrier..

  6. Stella the Great Newfenees here, via my scribe…
    This was really interesting. I noticed Clowie had recommended it and had to check it out. I’m 3/4 Gt. Pyr; maybe some of those old pictures were of one of my ancestors!
    I have a Newfoundland grandparent, too. I think they’re another old breed. You should be able to find a Viking story to go with them, too! (Doesn’t everyone enjoy a good Viking story?)
    Thank you Kirby! Great meeting you!

  7. I find it pretty interesting how they were hidden as sheep in their herd. Thanks for the information! Clowie is definitely a cutie, and enjoyed learning more about her breed. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Oh, that was a great post!!! What a beautiful breed!! Butts, I thinks Clowie is cuter than most of the pics…just sayin’!! BOL
    Okays, Ma doesn’t know how to add my FABulous breed to the contest, so if you could be a dear Kirby and tell your Moms that I would like to put my name in the mix? Thanks Bunches!!

    • I agree with you on Clowie, I guess they get better looking as the years go by! You just have to add the breed to the comments so I know for sure whatbreed to put you down for. But obviously I know your a airedale Ruby so you are entered!

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  10. GREAT BIG Doggie!!! Me Mum sayz dey are bery docile n sweet az she haz met sum in her travelz.
    Me wuud like to know can you bark abit about da English Foxhound (Mum had one long time ago) n da Scottish Terrier (Mum waz furendz wif a Scotty many yearz ago too..)
    Fankz Kirby.
    Nose kissez n lub Nylablue.

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