Westminster Dog show- what’s in a name…

So I know this happened over a week ago, but we up here in the great white North didn’t seem to get access to the show till this weekend. Or maybe I just missed it o.O. I have never really watched a show before, honestly, I guess because I never really caught it. Though there was something that struck me odd about the show, the crowd’s favorite seemed to be the Affenpinscher- who won, and the Old English Sheepdog- who came in 2nd.

Every time they were shown the crowd went wild.Now I realize in that crowd there is a  lot of dog experts, but I also know there is mostly just dog lovers. It also seemed clear that they were cheered because, a) the Affenpinscher is so fricken cute, and unique looking and b) the OESD looked like the cutest fluffiest teddy bear. So when the final judge declared the winner’s and they just so happened to be the crowd’s favorite, it made me think, what do they even judge on… Now I am not saying they aren’t deserving of course (I couldn’t help a inside cheer for these two cuties as well) but it was just a thought.. Has anyone else seen it? Anyways the main thing I wanted to focus on was their names!

Now, it is always fun to watch every breed get introduced, but since I can’t put 100+ pictures on here, well I could I guess….. But I decided to focus on the group winners.

Hound group: Day 1: Pandora’s Box (American foxhound)


Toy group Day 1: Banana Joe (Affenpinscher)….pretty darn cute


Herding Day one: Bugaboo Picture Perfect– Reserve winner! (I.need.to.hug.now!)(Old English Sheepdog)


Non sporting group Day 1: Honour to Pillowtalk (Bichon Frises)


Sporting group Day 2: Rip snorter silver charm (wow…) (German whitehaired)


Working group day 2: Claircreek Impression de Matisse (Portugese waterdog)


Terrier Day 2 : Slyfox’s sneek a peak (Fox terrier)- My personal favortie if you can see why

gch ch slyfox sneaks a peek2

Now obviously, for most of them anyways this is not their “domestic name” ,The fox terrier for example was often called simply “Adam” in the show. But my question is…. if your dog was somehow in the Westminster kennel club (even if he is a mix!) what would his official name be?!

Signing off from Lea and Kirby…or should I say Lea and Monsieur du PDA (pretty darn cute) XD


Oh man! I almost forgot to mention about the wonderful award Clowie at Clowie’s corner gave me! It is quite impressive! And I am so honoured, thanks Clowie, it will appear on my right-side of beautiful award badges!


I pass this award to Dogdaz,

Jasper’s Doggy world


meowmeowmans A.KA. Animal shelter volunteer

One blue dog

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53 thoughts on “Westminster Dog show- what’s in a name…

  1. I’m a rescue and a product of a puppy mill in Mexico. I’ve always been just “Kyla” and I have no pretensions about a fancy name. I’ll play along with this and choose “Kyla the well-fed”.

  2. Banana Joe is very cute – I’d never heard of an Affenpinscher till he won. I often wonder how they judge when they get to the stages where they have mixture of dogs – they are so different.

  3. Oh I had to look again, the German Wirehaired Pointer won the Sporting group, (not Herding). GWP are sporting dogs. 🙂

    Our dogs have pretty long names and many times a dog will carry the name of the kennel that bred it. You want a unique name because the AKC will only allow so many dog’s with the same name. They need a way to differentiate dogs. Some people will put parent’s names in the offspring. Our dogs are registered with the AKC so if they ever go to Westminster, they would use their AKC names, (which I have on my blog) and they would get to include their titles. 🙂

    The Old English Sheepdog (Herding Group) was a crowd favorite because it was a class dog (meaning not yet a Champion) which went all the way up to compete in Best of Show at Westminster. That never happens. Mostly because this year they allowed class dogs to compete when normally it is just Champions. Not sure if they will do this in the future or not. I think they were trying it out this year.

    • Ahhhh I see, see I don’t know all the background on it. I think they should if it played out so well this year! And thanks for noticing, I put herding twice for some reason….o.O fixed it though!

      • I really had to think about that GWP…lol. Getting older, I am. And laughing about names, Freighter is “SRR’s Northern Gales Of November”. When we registered him with AKC, there were enough boxes for all of the letters. However, we also registered him with the UKC (United Kennel Club) so he can run those hunt tests. Well they have less boxes and we had no idea. Too late to change the AKC name. So his UKC name is just SRR’s Northern Gales November…lol…silly!

  4. Pure breed names are always so odd and pretentious, but I think they pretty much have to be. My babies would be: Flash in the Pan and Patches on the Elbows and Cheeks. Or something. But they’re mutts, so they’ll just continue to be Flash and Patches. 🙂

  5. We watch the dog show here and there but we are more the boycotting type since my breed is not even there yet…grrr…and my Kuvasz sister’s breed never wins so it is not all that fun. We feel there is lots of “politics” behind it all anyway.

  6. When I saw Banana Joe’s picture on your Monday Mischief linky, I thought you’d dyed your hair and restyled it! LOL And when I was watching the show and heard ol’ Joe’s name, I thought it sounded kinda like a racehorse name. 😉 I think you’d win for Cutest In Show – they should add that category!

  7. Looks like a great show 🙂 As to what do they judge them on, I should think it’s conformation – how close they are to their breed standard. That said, from my own experience of dog shows it’s unfortunately more often based on who you know. ie if you’re a judge in one class and you know someone in that class will be judging your breed/class later then it’s pretty much a dead cert’ that that person will win regardless of the quality of the dog. Likewise if you happen to know the judge and have a good relationship with him/her there’s every chance you’re dog will be placed 1st or very close. Again regardless of quality of dog. Not very fair but very prevalent at higher ranking shows in particular. Though I’ve seen it occur very obviously at times even at little local family shows.

  8. Those are some pretty fancy pups! If I was a show dog I guess my name might be One Blue Remington Roo, or something like that 🙂

    And thank you oh so much for sharing your award with me!!

  9. I have no idea how they come up with their fancy names for purebreds lol! I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a name for Shiner… Shiner-Kins Lick-a-lot sounds good.

  10. Thank you so much for the honor. We so appreciate it.

    As for being show dogs, we are hybrid multi-breeds and we do not do beauty pageants. Mom says that we are all beautiful in our own way and that perfection is about spirit not flesh (or fur). Dog shows are about making a dog externally perfect based on a set of criteria for a breed. Though we do like to watch the show dogs do their stuff and they do look kind of happy and waggy with their handlers, we think that it is bad public relations for the rest of us. I think you have an interesting take on the crowd part and will think about that. – Lulu Belle and Sofie Bear

    • I totally know what you mean, out of the five dogs my family and I have had only one has been a purebred and she was a rescue. I myself, love what uniqueness blended breeds have to offer, but I also enjoyed learning about about the dogs in the show 🙂

  11. Eeoww Kirby! Az you can guess da Mum lubbed da Foxhound “Pandora’s Box”….she waz cheerin fer her all thru da show 😉
    We lubz yer fancy name!! You iz a winner in our bookz!!!!
    xoxo Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo

  12. I would make a horrible judge because they are all winners to me! Our Millie’s iAKC official name is Mildred Maid of the Mist. I know not very original but my grandparents were Canadian and I loved them both dearly and ” Oh Canada” was already taken! P. S. Please keep Oceana in your thoughts today she is having surgery to remove a 4 cm lipoma. Thank you!

    • Oh no, I most definetly will Seville! I hope Oceana gets through it with out any complications. Though I am happy you guys have found it and know at least how to take care of it! Let me know her update! P.s I love the name Oceana, and I think Mildred maid of the mist is excellent!

  13. Oh, Ma was SOOOOO excited to see the Old English Sheepdog in the finals!!! She use to have one, and apparently she just LOVED that doggie to death (not literally , of course!! bol). Her name was Panda (she had panda markings) Von Pooh Pooh. How’s that for ‘pretentious’!! hehehe
    Anyhu, I’m STILL waiting for an Airedale to make it to the finals….Oh, dare to dream….
    My AKC name is Princess Ruby of Acapulco…don’t ask….

    • OMG, A OES named Panda, can there be anything literally cuter then that, I highly doubt it. Your making me want one so bad now because it is true they are kind of like little pandas! Ruby I saw a Airdale in the running and it immediately made me think of you, maybe next year! And Ruby your names sounds like a princess from a far away land, very mystical! lol

  14. They’re some awesome names!! 🙂 My posh name is “Joe Cool” and I love it! Tee Hee

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  15. Hiya Kirbster (still my very favorite name for you pal)…Love your “posh name” Momz sez I’m just too darn scruffy fur a “posh name” but I think I’d like something like”Scruffy’s Favorite Widget” and then my house name could still be Gizmo

  16. Show dogs and breeding dogs have such crazy names. My parents names were, mum- Justin’s Angel and dad’s was Happy Hollow Traveln’ Trooper and when I was registered they were upset that my name was just one name…Maggie

  17. I don’t show or breed, but I have some friends who do. I wish all show folks would love their dogs like family members. Some seem to only like them because of their looks and use them as a trophy… when they are too old or get sick, they throw them out. 😦

    • Very true, I wouldn’t doubt there are people like that, with these type of things there always seems to be a dark side. Lets just hope these “bad” owners get weeded out more over time with the growth in welfare of animals in all countries 🙂

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