Mischeif Monday-Bath and Thanks!

So, decided to do a video instead of a post for today. You can see Kirby really transforming into a completely different dog/chihuahua/rat? lol, you decide. Also just a quick word to everyone to all my followers and the blog community in general πŸ™‚

Signing off for now Kirby & Leah! Have a good day everyone!

IMG-20130219-00199 copy


43 thoughts on “Mischeif Monday-Bath and Thanks!

  1. So mean to take pictures when we’re at our worst don’t you think? The Help took one of me in the bath looking very sad and bedraggled. I’m waiting till she’s got her hair washed and without make up and see how she likes me to post a picture!!
    Fortunately you and I rock the wet look – way to go Kirby πŸ˜€

  2. How cute! Kirby looks just Scruffy when he’s getting a bath, except he wasn’t trying to escape! What a good boy!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  3. Aw, what a great Mommy you have Kirby! You can tell how much she loves you! Kirby is a cutie-pie! I think Kirby is his own SPECIAL breed of pup…pure cuteness!!! Love your blog!

  4. You were very brave, Kirby. Mom gave you a good oatmeal scrubbing. I always get my picture taken in the bathtub. Usually when I’m waiting for 5 minutes till my conditioner works. I bet you’re whiter and fluffier than ever!

    Love and licks,

  5. I hope you managed to get outside and get that clean stink off yourself. I dislike it when I am shiny clean, don’t know why the humans like it so much! You do look nice, though.

  6. Kirby looks so sad getting a bath but I bet once it was over Kirby had the zoomies. I loved the video because you also included yourself in it. It was like we were video chatting. YAY.
    Happy Monday!

  7. We run and hide when it is bath time! We love our dog smell and don’t know why our Mommy wants to get that doggie smell off of us? She complains when we have that “wet dog smell”, but aren’t we wet when we get a bath? I think I am missing something, but at least when our baths are over, we get treats! So, I guess it is worth getting a bath! You look so adorable Kirby! Squeaky clean!

  8. Mum said she wishes i could fits in the sink, instead shes gotta haul me into the bath tub and pin e down or else i’ll jump out and run BOL!!
    Kirby you looks adorable getting a bath!! All your little furs stick to you and make you looks so cute (what am i saying you always look cute!!!)
    Love Milo πŸ™‚

  9. Oh Kirby…NOOOOOOO!!! She videoed you in the bath?!? The invasion of privacy!!! You poor dawg. BOL I hope you and Miss Leah are having a great start to your week.
    *high paws*

  10. Oh, none of us look good wet dude!!! There is no dignity in bathtime!! BOL
    Betcha felt better afterwards thou!!
    pees: very cool video BTW!!

  11. Don’t you just hate it when the dogs are all wet, just before you put the shampoo on, and they decide to shake! LOLOL I don’t know how to describe Henri’s hair, though it is very soft, but it holds water and once he shakes it all comes off and over me! He’s easy to dry that’s for sure, but he’s a shaker like Kirby!

  12. Love the video Leah…you are such a great ‘Mum’ to Kirby!!! He & you make a ‘pawsome’ team & I love reading aobut your adventures & looking at that sweet Kirby face!!!!
    Have a great weekend Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

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