Movie + boredom + sweater = This poor dog…….

So Me and Kirby just finished a whole movie marathon, we found this…..







final 3



Also one last annoying thing: Most of you have already watched this in yesterdays post, but if not please check out our latest video!


70 thoughts on “Movie + boredom + sweater = This poor dog…….

  1. Just loved it Kirby 🙂 Gangsters paradise.. Wish I could fit in the sink, that looks well cool 🙂 Have a wonderful day, popping to see yesterdays post, don’t wanna miss anything. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Yoda Kirby is the best…And Kirbster, you look about as sad as I do in bath time…It’s the worst isn’t it pal? *highpaws* fur surviving it

  3. Gizmo has just nominated your blog for my Share It Sunday. You don’t need to do anything just pop over and leave me a comment with the link to the post you’d like me to host and I will do the rest.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Those pictures are so funny! Where’d your body go, Kirby? And the bath… I can’t imagine! Elizabeth wouldn’t dare try something like that with me!
    signed, your pal,
    Stella the Great Newfenees

  5. Oh Kirby beware of the ” dark side” young Kirby Skywalker! Kirby have you recorded a rap song to go with your outfit ? I bet Kirby can cut up a rug when he gets to dancing. You are lookin fine!

  6. OOOHHHH Kirby you iz bein pampurred so well by Mum Leah!!!! Me almost wishez me liked do be bathed….yer Mum iz so gentle n kind…..n tearless puppy shampoo!!! Yow, how great iz DAT????
    Mum leah you are a pawsum Hu’Man n me n Mum think da world of you xo
    Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.

    • awww, NylaBlue you stop or you’ll make me cry! Thanks for being such a wonderful fur-friend to me and Kirby, and we are so delighted your mom can really take some beautiful pictures of ya!

      • Fankz Leah n Kirby!!! Mum haz her paw on dat cammyra ALOT!!!! Sumtimez me just purrtendz me not interested but me iz happy Mum takez me pix!!!!
        Me haz me own PawPawrazzee!!!!
        Saw Kirby yer Mum iz yer PawPawrazzee, MOL…
        Leah you iz a bunderful Hu’Mum to yer poochiez….remember me waz in a puppy n kitteh mill fer many yearz so me saw B-A-D fingz happen to guud dogz n katz so watchin yer videoz n lookin at yer pix helpz me trust Hu’manz again….
        FANK YOU for bein da sweet Hu’Man you are….
        ~~head rubz~~ n little lickz frum Nylablue

      • 😉 Fankz,,,me iz alwayz thinkin Leah…ALWAYZ!!!!
        Smart puddin?? Diz iz new commint fer me…it sounds lubly…..FANK you!
        Nylablue. ❤

  7. We love the pictures the Obie One Kirobie is funny. The last picture is our favorite, so sweet. Loved the bath video too sweet Kirby you sure are good getting your bath. Hugs and nose kisses

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