Happy St. Patrick’s Day- Wordless Wednesday

Just a party animal!

023 copy

022 copy

p.s- Here’s my new video again, for those who haven’t seen it


48 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day- Wordless Wednesday

  1. You do look ready to pawty on St. Patty’s Day Kirby…..St. P’s day is the first day of my big camping expedition so I’ll be celebrating there……Have Fun!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy O’Kimmell (tee hee)

  2. You look great, Kirby. I’m not positive, but maybe there just might be something off about the size of your glasses. You may want to take them to LensCrafters and have them checked.

    Love and licks,

  3. Kirbster we have to have words about that flower on your head…Your momz is hurting your tough guy image there…tell her you need a green derby instead 😉

    • “I knowww!!! She tells me she is going to make my dream come true of becoming at least a big strong fluffball, and then she does this!!!!”-Kirby
      In my defense……..it did have a green clover on it! XD

  4. You are such a cutie Kirby!!!! Nylablue rubbed the laptop looking at your pix!!!!
    Hope you had a happy St. Paddy’s Day (we are behind in blogs & are so embarrassed!)
    Sherrri-Ellen & Nylablue with *embarrassed ears*

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