Ancient Beginning new winner!

Time for another Ancient Beginnings!!!! This time I had alot of lovely comments, but very few submissions, remember if you want some spotlight on your furries’ blog, aswell as some history on him, NOMINATE HIM! XD. You can submit your dog breed (even if it is a mix) or cat breed of choice. But to do this you MUST tell me you want to enter, and tell me the BREED you picked as well. If you do not do this, you can not be entered, because it wouldn’t be fair to the people who took the time to tell me just that. Anyways this is a very exciting edition picked by the randomizer itself, and….TAKE IT AWAY KIRBY!































The wonderful blog entrant is none other then Easy the weimaraner. Easy is a dog that not only loves to have tons of fun with his mommy (I think their bed is their snugglepad) but their blog is filled with rich comedy, all coming from one very whitty Weimaraner of course- with his ma’s help. I am sure everyone knows who they are, but if not click the link above or picture below to see just what shenanigans Easy is up to today, trust me it is always something hilarious! I like to think of them as dog-blogville-comedy myself!

Here’s a little snippet from their About page to show ya what I mean XD:

“Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree  I become  to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually  i’m not sure…
Status: Single – but in an  on/off relationship with a pillow
Pets: Hell, NO! I prefer a petfree home. But owner of two slaves  for my comfy
Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed,  Master of Begging, Prince of Thiefs”


And with this Easy I award you this badge! Humbly made myself 🙂


Now let’s learn more about our friend!

Princ RupertThe Weimaraner was said to have dated back to the late 18th and early 19th century. One theory is that this ancient breed is ancestors to a  bloodhound! (Can you believe it?!) and the German shorthaired Pointer.

Now how did they get that beautiful muted grey coat and fabulous eyes?  Well there are many firstlhweimstheories. One is although the Bloodhound is dark brown or black in colour it can produce a grey dog when properly bred. Though some experts  suggest that the Weimaraner came from an albino mutation in some ancient German gun dog breed. Then there is another theory that the Weimaraner descends from the German Braken, or from crossings between unnamed pointers (huenerhunden, or generic bird dogs), an unusual yellow pointer and possibly some French hounds as well.

Like the Vizla these dogs were created for the noble,  they were not just for your average fellow. The point of them when being in their creation process was to produce a dog that was noble-looking and a excellent gun dog. The difference these dogs made in the hunting world, is although they were not as fast as some of their competitors in the field, they were the most thorough. As ownership of one of these dogs was so restricted they were well prized among their owners, often living in the house with the rest of the family. This was very rare with gun dogs and working nimroddogs in general as they were usually at this time kept in kennels or outside in packs. This simple variation resulted in a character change among the Weimaranaer, as living with their master and family, it resulted in a dog that thrives of human companionship and being close to its owners and their children at all times. Which would be what revolutionized the Weimaraner into a excellent family pet. ( I think it would be fair to say it seems the Weimaraner was born with a silver spoon in his mouth! XD)

Casar_cropped_540-282x300The Weimaraner dog breed was created In Germany. The Germans were actually so protective of their breed, that when they first sent Weimaraner’s over to America with the intention to breed, they were sterilized before their trip there, so as not to have their breed popularized over there! Though starting in the 19th century something must have slipped because the breed (intact) did end up making it and becoming very popular in both Europe and America.

Although first created to be a excellent gun dog these days owners of the Weimaraner take most pride in their loving , and lively temperament as well as a general fondness for children. That may be why till this day, as it was still so many years ago, people who breed, and own Weimaraner’s take very special care in preserving the breed.

Interesting fact, Weimaraner’s were helped made popular in recent time with the help of photographer William Wegman who’s photographs were prized and still well known in pop culture.

William Wegman

William Wegman


President Ike and his Weimaraner

The dog was Officially accepted into the AKC in 1971.

So that’s it! Guys I want to learn about your dogs! So please put their breed down in the comments below so I can! I had more then a dozen entries in the beginning!!! Come on guys!

Signing out Leah  & Kirby



40 thoughts on “Ancient Beginning new winner!

  1. Well we know Easy super well and have always thought he looked very royal (especially all sprawled out on the bed with a shredded pillow or toy nearby!)……but this is super interesting info about the weimaraner breed. Royalty huh? Well, maybe we’ll have to start calling him King Easy or THE BIG EASY, or Prince Easy??? Thanks for the info Kirby……….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. At last I can leave a comment. It has been playing up at my end. Great feature today. We love Easy. Chuckling over the pic of the dog in the coat and his friend. LOL! We loved to join in. We are a spaniel mix probably king charles cav and working cocker. A cockercav! Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Kirby… my heart is beating… how interesting. Thanky you very much. Now the staff is in trouble: how do become noble? …. ahmmm… and I miss my silver spoon – maybe I swallowed this thingy accidentally? Thanks again Kirby&Mom!!!

  4. We loved learning about easy and he looks just like our good friend goose…well we want to enter this and we think you should teach us more about the PUG!
    stella rose and mags

  5. The picture with the Weimaraner in the coat just rocks. 😀 I checked the Wikipedia article and there’s a link to more of Wegman’s photographs. Dogs, that inspire someone to such artistic photography must be extraordinary.

  6. Part bloodhound thats crazy!! Loved this once again, you are so clever Kirby (and mum). Thankyou for teaching me so much about the beautiful Weimaraner!!
    Love Milo 🙂

    Pees- Thakyou so much for nominating me in the ‘share it sunday’ on Molly the Wally’s blog. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!! LOVE YOU KIRBY!!!!!!!! 😀

  7. Thanks I love to read about the different pups and you always make it fun. I would love to be entered to have the Deer-head Chihuahua posted 🙂

  8. I wondered what “Ancient Beginnings” was about because, Kirby, you do not look ancient. What a delight to find a breed information contest; be assured, I will be entering the Beagle. Thanks for the comment on our blog, so glad I hopped over (while I don’t have a Weimeraner, I do have a Whineramer, my hound/Dobie/whatever mix, Justus).

  9. Very interesting history. How weird that they would sterilize them before sending them over. They were probably still horrified by what we did to the German Shepherd Dog.

    I’m not sure which breeds you’ve done before, but you can enter any of mine if you like.
    Toby is a Lab.
    Meadow is a Vizlsa
    And Leah – well we think definitely she has some Shepherd in her, and maybe Doberman, and maybe Akita – so take your choice. 🙂

  10. Easy is such a character…we love him and it’s great to learn somuch more about him…I’m sure it’s too late for us this week, but we’d like to read about Border Terriers

  11. Great blog Kirby & Leah!!! I have known a few Weimer’s in my time & they are so full of life & definitely love to have fun!!!! It is true the German people were SO-O protective of the breed…..I am glad things turned out the way they did so we can all enjoy these wonderful poochies!!!!
    Thanks for another great blog!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too..

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