Late Mischeif Monday! New puppies!

So exciting news! My cousin got a puppy, and then so did somebody else I know! Two puppies in the span of the weekend. Kirby already visited one, and we will be visiting the other tomorrow! I’m putting them both in a video together so you guys can see Kirby meeting and interacting with his new buds, plus who doesn’t like puppies right! Sadly though the video won’t be up till a couple more days. Though they are both two uniquely different breeds that i think you guys will enjoy watching!

Anyways besides visiting one of the puppies! We did another trip to Petsmart. This time though I wanted to show you guys all Kirby’s favs, so far that is! I want to know your guys opinion on the products I’ve shown, do you guys use them/like them? Let me know in the comments down below.


30 thoughts on “Late Mischeif Monday! New puppies!

  1. Who doesn’t like puppies? We do not feed greenies. They are much too soft for our dogs and I worry about them breaking off a big chunk. Years ago, some dogs choked on them but I think they may have changed them since. Still our dogs do not tend to actually chew unless the item is very hard.

  2. We are in the UK so we can’t comment but we have a message for Kirby. Hey pup run and hide. You don’t want your peeps buying the containment thingie. Blimey say no to prison. You are too young to get banged up. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Haha yea, it will never work in out house, he is a spoiled pup who never wants to be confined. Just thinking it would be better then crating him when we go out? As he still has to be crated once in a while when we go out, and no one is home.

  3. I love to watch your videos, I really lke your voice too by the way :). That little Kirby is so darn cute!!! I bet Kirby was the Star of Petsmart that day!! Who wouldn’t just fawn all over that cutie!! Can’t wait to see the next video (oh, you should view that as a high compliment cuz I normally wouldn’t bother to watch videos)…just sayin’ 🙂

  4. Does Kirby wear a seatbelt in the car? I am always afraid if we stop short, that Cupcake will go flying, so she is always on a little padded harness thing that attaches to the regular car seatbelt. I got it in Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    • It is a good idea! I usually have him on my lap, but either way yea I should get him a seat belt with the car rides he does end up taking. I never thought he’s be much of a dog-in-car travelers none of my other dogs ever have been, so this is a new concept to me, but it is a good idea.So…Thanks. I hope you were able to enjoy the video other then that.

  5. Whisky used to love those Greenies but I think they’ve changed the formula because it’s now a lot more sticky than it used to be. It tends to get stuck in Whisky’s fur so that’s pretty frustrating.
    Kirby sure was excited to be at the petstore!

  6. Yay for more puppies! We’ve used both No More Marking and Nature’s Miracle on Daisy’s accidents, and they both work well. We could never put her in one of those “yard” things though; Daisy hates being blocked off anywhere that we’re not. 🙂 Daisy LOVES going to PetSmart too!

    • Yea I fear the same with Kirby, if I even attempted it would be “umm what are you doing?”followed by a never ending chorus of whines. Was thinking it might bea better option then crating him when there is the rare time we have to go somewhere and no one is home…but yea I AGREE doubt it would work.

  7. Loved your video!! I had one of those play pens when I was a little pup and Mum couldn’t even have a shower without me getting into mischief!! 🙂 I outgrew it!! 🙂

    My buddy Cosmo has one of those igloos, he doesn’t use it all the time but I think he likes it –

    As for the fish, I’ve never been lucky enough to have one, so can’t comment! 🙂

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  8. Hi Kirby Hi Leah… looks like you both had a fun trip to Pet Smart!!!
    So many flavours of Blue Buffalo there; we have 4-5 here in Canada….not a great selection like you have!!!!
    This Winter sure is dragging on isn’t it?? I hope Spring ‘springs’ soon so Kirby can get out for his walks…..
    Nylablue is pining for her Condo….I caught her sleeping in it the past 2 nites…..dreaming of warm sunny days I expect, lol!!!
    Love you videos!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

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