All about our new viral mischief

So this post is the post you have all (hopefully ) been waiting for. Puppies? you say….Of course. Playing? you say………what would this be without it!

Kirby got the privilege of meeting not one itty-bitty  puppy, but two! And not only that but he helped teach anyone who wants to know my methods of introducing a dog (sometimes territorial  one) – Kirby and a new puppy. We had sooo much fun with these guys and each one is unique we had to break it up into 2 parts. Their doggy parent’s have not had a dog in a long long time, so I will be trying my best, at helping them along the way of this new exciting time. But enough talk let’s get to the videos. What puppy pulled at your heart-strings the most, comment down below! And if you guys could tweet a video or two Kirby tells me we will be forever in your flavor (he meant favor) enjoy!!!!

We are really trying to break out into this youtube world but instead of your average makeup and beauty stuff (which is nice too ) why not dogs! There doesn’t seem to be any floating around the youtube world, and they are so important to so many people! So any   SUBSCRIBE  would be sooo appreciated guys! As I did make the youtube mostly as a secondary to my blog and won’t be putting up all my youtube videos on the blog.

Kirby- “My ma worked really hard on these so please watch them guys and tell us what you think, they are for you after all,,,,, I donno why she took the time to do this, it made me miss out on play time you know!”

Also the thrill of social media I also met another girl who is just as obsessed with her dog as me (except she might know a bit more)

She has a video that links to this in telling you more the right way to socialize your dog. (that was the purpose of my videos too, but got a little side tracked with puppy cuteness!) Anyways here’s her video on it

And here is Faris’s blog if anyone wants to say hi!

We aregoing to be doing some fun giveaways so cross your paws and hold your breath! (now exhale!)


30 thoughts on “All about our new viral mischief

  1. Aw, your dogs are so cute! I especially loved watching Christian and Kirby play together. Great job on your videos! I will definitely look to subscribe to your channel! Off to subscribe to Faris’s channel and check out her blog too.

  2. Love the videos yours and animalED, too. I love how Christian was staring at Kirby towards the end of his video. He looks like he’s saying, “You’re my idol.” Rocco’s video was also adorable. I love how worn out he got from all the excitement. So much fun.

  3. Too cute!!! Have to say both pups are just adorable but pup #1 did it for me;) I just love how gentle and playful Kirby was! Kirby’s the bestest!!!!

    • Well I don’t know if I will ever get to star status, but it would be cool , Kirby has always wanted to be a star (he tells me every night) so maybe if he puts the hard work into it :p Thanks for your support as always Lori!

  4. I loved both videos!! Great job! I subscribed, too!
    I thinks the furst doggie looks like Goose! Oh and that bulldog puppy ~ Ma is soooo in loves! She just loves the bulldoggies!

  5. Those videos were just SO unbelievably cute!! Did that first pup just get a little tug on your leg Kirby? 🙂 You guys sure had lots of fun and then the bulldog was having so much fun with you and the toys he couldn’t stay awake!! Loved them!! 🙂

    Your videos are awesome, gonna check out your channel 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  6. Nylablue & I really enjoyed video #1 with Kirby & Christian!!! He is such a plucky little puppy & they both looked so happy together!!!! A lovely video that made me smile.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too…

  7. Hi again…Rocco is absolutely 150% adorable….I have never seen a bulldog puppy & watching him so alot of fun!!! Kirby not sure of him; maybe the lack of curly fur???
    I am so glad you made a new friend too!!! That is the great thing about having a dog vs a cat; you can make friends easier 😉
    Thanks for sharing your videos with us!!! Kisses to Kirby too.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

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