Wordless Wednesday- KIRBY’S Birthday! pics & video

Kirby just turned 1 a couple days ago. Here’s a video of us celebrating his first birthday!


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47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- KIRBY’S Birthday! pics & video

    • Happy Birthday Kirby and we too hope you have a fun and treatful day. Pawsome cake you had and we love your puppy pix. What a cute little pup you were. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
      Best wishes Molly

  1. The Westie on the Cesar’s food makes me think of Kenzie, the Westie, whom we lost in October. He was a good buddy.
    Since one year old means seven in dog years, Kirby has six birthday parties due him. Pay up.

  2. Happy happy barkday Kirbster! That’s some nommy cake you got…These are some of the best photos of Kirby we’ve seen…he is totally adorable…(psst Lea, love the red in your hair 🙂 )

  3. Oh Kirby you are just the CUTEST!!!! Ma says she’s in love with yous ~ ME TOO! BOL
    Happy Happy Burthday dude!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kirby! May many happy years and birthdays follow! The meatcake was a nice idea (works for gotchadays too). I shouldn’t have shown the video to my dogs, they are jealous now, I hear complains from the off.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to both of you!!! Those cakes looked yummy and we can tell you thought so too. We love the video you looked adorable as always sweet Kirby. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. *slapz paw to forehead* Oh Kirby me iz so sowwy we furgot to come by n wish you Happy 1ST Birfday!!!! Purrleeze accept apologiez frum Mum n I!!! Wif both of us sick we were not online n missed yer speshell day!!!
    *hangz head in shame*
    We LUBZ you so much Little Man n hope you had a purrfect day!!!!
    *nose kissez* frum Nylablue n cuddlez frum me Mum!!!

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