Fun with meme

Well it is Saturday. I have given Kirby a bath the day before, and as that is always somehow a very traumatizing experience for him, I decided to give him a break with pictures…well except for this one that I think depicts his fear perfectly prior to bath time.

P1110067 copy
So to give him a bit of a break, and being inspired by his recent picture I decided to show you guys some of my favorite animal meme’s of all time ……


febac32c9bc179394e86458e5c832b7cbad5e628731960b4fbad49d0ffbd88e9c51c1128b68b80b3a99c5c2cc2f84b83ce4b937445c9497fdc29d290fa1c99be18d791b037555c50f4f6697700a512eec5d3f2a0ad0509dd6f244ee6a68783b22573852bc6ad72bc51a50cc2b6a4c88d95cc2002674f76d360727992174c025bfunny215046950926979821_MeClIhsy_cFor the dog rules, which number did you start off with and which number are you at now!

And just in case anyone missed our last video


29 thoughts on “Fun with meme

  1. Funny post and such a cute video. I love that picture of the bat. I find sometimes bats hanging somewhere in the castle and no matter how small they are, they always try to look very dangerous. ^^

  2. Yups, the ‘toilet’ one was my FAVORITE!! BOL!!!!
    Oh, those were great Kirby! Thanks for the funnies!!

    • Your too funny for your own good, either that or Im missing to many brain cells, I went back up to the rules to see what number 13 said. You have them all in the paw of your hand Kyla!

  3. Those were great….so many I had not seen before. I love love love the bat, and the dog in his story right below it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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