Which of these puppies do not belong, and award thanks

So I do not know what to do with this picture. It’s cute , I’ve had it since a baby but right now I simply do not have any room for it, but me and my boredom found one use for it…..

P1110103And just some more for good measure…..he wants as many pictures shown of him as humanly doggily possible, trust me, he may be a boy but inside he has a little diva in him.

P1110093P1110110And finally I would like to thank some blogging buddies for these pretty awards.

First up is Hutch a good life who gave me this beautiful “shine on award”

shineon1-melissaand to a wonderful blog full of Chesapeake loveliness and adventure! Sand Spring Chesapeakes


And one more (how popular are we feeling these last couple weeks!!! XD) From a great blog of a girl who loves her dog as much as me!!!! Me, You and Zu


Thankyou guys so much, I will display these on my blog proudly

Lastly, I also wanted to give a shout out to Ann from Pawsitively Pets

who has graciously and without motive, has given up her time from being a busy mom, pet mom, and blogger to help me with some blog-related questions I had and go above and beyond. Sometimes (even on the internet) it can be hard to find people who genuinely wish to help you just out of the kindness of their heart. And I want to let her know again, how much I truly appreciate it and will remember it 🙂 Aside from that I always enjoy her blog, as being a vet tech she has some very valuable information on her blog I have really enjoyed learning more through it.

I would also like to show Kirby’s pack page! We have had it for a while now but just remembered to share it on here!I have one invite right now for anyone who needs one to add their doggy, just email me. I only have one so I will have to be fair and give it to the first person who messages me! If you could spare a minute to heart us, that would be very fabulous!!!!! XD http://packlove.com/kirby

Also for anyone who missed out and wants to see our video of this week here it is:


And thanks Heart like a dog for this Follow- Up- Firday (just click the button to be redirected to the blog hop)



28 thoughts on “Which of these puppies do not belong, and award thanks

  1. Congratulations on your awards. We too agree Ann is just so kind and she too has helped us with advice. Lovely lady. Actually funnily we just dedicated a post to her and the lovely Nibblet today. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Aw, congrats on your awards! you so deserve them! Yes, Ann is awesome! She has been great with me too and even poor Ann I now count on too to help me identify what the flowers or plants are on my blog cuz I never have a clue but it’s awesome to learn through her so now I’ll know in the future 🙂 Great idea for that pix too…of course Kirby doesn’t belong cuz Kirby is in a class alone! Total cuteness! We are still in awe of that white board drawing video you did too!

  3. OMD!! Kirby, I thinks you are the CUTEST pups EVER!!! Ma is all ‘oh he’s sooooo adorables’…yeah, I have to agree! BOL
    Congrats on your awardies!!! Very cool!

  4. Congratulations on your new awards!! Those pictures of Kirby and the poster puppies are so cute 🙂 And mom and I totally agree that Ann is a really pawsome friend!!

  5. Hi Kirby Hi Leah…you definitely deserve all those awards!!! I love your blog alot & always enjoy seeing pix of sweet Kirby!!! He really is adorable….
    I have found some FAB people here on WP & you are on of them Leah!!! This is a lovely community!!!!
    Hoping your week goes well, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

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