Quick Mischeif – BarKbox!

So sorry everyone we haven’t been around making the rounds and checking out everyone’s blog posts this week, we will be back on top of it though!

I made a quick video on a review we did on the May Barkbox. Will Kirby and Poe like whats inside?….well you’ll just have to watch and find out!

Happy memorial day to everyone in the U.S!

Thanks Snoopy for the hop!

Snoopy's Dog Blog

28 thoughts on “Quick Mischeif – BarKbox!

  1. Darn! I got to the part about the treats, then the video stopped working. It looks like those treats were made in the USA, which is a plus. Love the hair! I dyed mine too, but it was just to cover the gray. 😉

  2. Oh, I loves your new haircolor! Wells, I like them both, butts since it’s summer, it’s always nice for a change. Thou, Ma has never changed the color of her hair, thou she ALWAYS colors it to cover ALL the gray (she’s had gray her whole life…embarrassin’!! BOL).
    Anyhu, the pups sure look like they LOVED the Barkbox! I can attest to the delish of the Grillolicious treaties!! They are yummers!

  3. Love your new hair color and what a wonderful review! Kirby seemed to really love that ball too! We enjoy and look forward to our monthly BarkBox!!

  4. I loved that raspberry treat toy. I have to leave Gretel with a stuffed toy for her anxiety when I go out. Our go-to are small Kongs but I want to use different toys so that she is at least a little challenge. I can’t wait to try this one and see what she thinks…or rather how fast she can get the stuff out 🙂 (hopefully it’s slow)

  5. That BARKBOX is way way cool!!!! That raspberry ball toy was definitely a hit with Kirby!!!
    Poe is handsome. I have never really seen his face…oh he is lovely….both of them are & so well behaved!!!!
    Now I have to share something very funny with you Leah!!! In the post that you wrote you were going Blonde…..well I read it as KIRBY SAYING HE WAS GOING BLONDE!!!! ROFWL!!!! So when I watched your video I was so surprised to see YOU with blonde hair….sometimes this getting older is pretty hilarious!!!!!! ROFWL!!! You look gorgeous as a blonde by the way!!!
    I hope you got a chuckle out of my mistake; I am laughing aloud here & Nylablue is giving me the ‘stink eye’, hahahaha!!!
    Bye for now, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

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