ZOMBIESS!!! A thanks for Pet-N-Style

Hi all! Sorry for not writing or being on the blogosphere for a while, our internet took a vacation last Wednesday, and it finally came back from it today!

I wanted to start out saying a BIG thank you to Pet-N-Style who graciously send us some products for Kirby and Poe. As well as the wonderful letter! They state in it that ” We at Pet-N-Style are offering these items as free samples to you as a potential customer to do with as you wish. We require absolutely nothing in return for these items…”

Though I really wanted to write something about these guys. They are so great. First off they are family operated and run. I really do like supporting companies like this whenever we can. What really made us smile was that they are a proud member of the ASPCA, and assist local animal rescues using their media outlets and connections. I think that is such an admirable quality for any company to give back to the community, and to do with animals who need it, well that just touches my heart.

Anyways, I wanted to show you guys some of the goodies they got . Including some that may help in the future to help in any zombie mishaps!!! XD


It’s a Star Wars collar and leash. Its so cute and so Poe’s style, thank you so much Pet-N-Style.

See all the other stuff we got in our video, as i wanted to give a little thank you again. What do you guys think? Plus we are giving stuff away if interested, watch!

Because all my animals are boys, I decided we wanted to give the adorable little heart collar and heart-key charm to one or two of our lovely little bloggy followers. So if you would like me to send you it, please comment on this post below, and tell me which one you want, and we’ll ship it to you right away…..just because we appreciate everyone who reads our blog, and would really love to share the love Pet-N-Style gave us!

And my ahem….our most favorite is a necessity Poe and Kirby will need for any future Zombies…..just so they are warned!



Oh yea and here’s Pet-N-Style’s tweet tweet! https://twitter.com/PetNStyle


32 thoughts on “ZOMBIESS!!! A thanks for Pet-N-Style

  1. That’s awesome!! WeI just love what you did with this post!! Excellent review!! Very nice of PetNStyle to give pressies to Kirby & Poe!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Where did you get those t-shirts?? Typist is going to a zombie run in june, where people get to find out if they could survive a few hours with a zombie hoard running around – she can’t wait!!

  3. Thanks for sharing about PetNStyle. Looks like they have some really adorable finds for pets. My Pierre would love a zombie shirt. I’ll have to go check them out.

  4. Oh Wowsa! What a great company! I’m headed over theres right now to check out their stuffs!
    I loves the tshirts and the Colllars! Cool! Hey, put my name in for the doggie charm! So cool!

  5. That was so nice of Pet-N-Style. Zombies beware! Those are some mighty fierce (and cute) zombie hunters on patrol!

  6. The shirts are cute! And I really love the Star Wars themed leash and collar. No need to enter us for the charm or collar. I don’t have a cat. Maya would look good in the charm but she already has a charm and a stylish pink flower dog tag.

  7. Those Zombie t shirts are da bomb! Kirby and Poe looked so adorable in them. I can totally see Henri rocking a black zombie hunter tee! I’ll have to check them out!

  8. Oh boy, if my Dad sees the Star Wars stuff I think he’s totally gonna want to get me some! 🙂

    Have a fun day guys,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  9. Great gifts you and Po got Kirbster…you know how manly I am and I would wear that hear key…it’s really cute…Momz followed up on Pet-N-Style on FB and Pinterest and twitter for me…and they have a great harness that would be perfect for me for Chanukah

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