Short and sweet

He’s on a couch downstairs

🙂 I have no idea what compels him to do this… He also likes to scratch and then circle like a cat before he lies down.

So I ask you all is it possible Kirby is turning into a cat, or just a very odd little dog?

Thanks Snoopysdawgblog for the hop!


29 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. Kirby is perfectly normal ! hahaha what he is doing is making a snug..if he was in the wild he would scratch and dig at the ground to make a nest..this would in summer be cooler earth under him and winter warmer..Doc does the same thing with his bed then wraps himself up like a souvlaki in his blanket..we know when he is not happy with how he has done it as he gets a look…then back at it..Forrest does to and they also use their teeth to pull the blankets up!
    So that’s one doggie right there..channeling his inner wolf 🙂
    Hugs Fozziemum x

  2. My Lhasa Apso does the same things. He gets on his back and just wiggles around on the floor for the longest time. He looks so funny but expects to have his belly rubbed when he does this, however.

  3. BOL!! Ma is laughin’ cause I do the same thingy!!!! Yups, I dig at my bed til I get it ‘just right’! My bed has a heavy duty denim cover (like blue jeans), and it has a faded spot right in the middle where I dig to get it how I like it! Purfectly normal Kirby!!! (maybe it’s a terrier thing!! BOL)
    pees: Ma wanted to let you know she got the tag!!!! YEA! She’s gonna post abouts it soon…she’s been gettin’ the my-grains lately and is a bit behind!

  4. Well, we like to have a bit of a “nest” – dogs and cats – so circling and scratching to “arrange” things before plopping down is – well – just plain necessary sometimes! Love the video…Tee Hee. Kirby, speaking as a cat, WELCOME TO KITTY WORLD!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. It’s dog nesting behavior. I do that too sometimes. In the wild we have to dig around to build a spot to lie in. Sometimes I ruffle up my dog bed or I scratch on the carpet.

  6. Hi Leah…Kirby is purrfectly normal…honest…both my dogs (1 a foxhound & 1 a Malamute/Shepherd cross) did the same thing & circled…then they would lie down as if they hadn’t done a thing!!! Kirby is adorable!!! 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

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