Kirby at the jungle gym

I think that whats they call it still. Well whatever it is, we had a lot of fun at the park and here are some pictures to prove it. 🙂 I hope everyone and their poochies are enjoying this summer as much as we are! 🙂

WP_20130721_17_14_52_SmartShoot copyWP_20130721_17_22_32_SmartShoot copy

Don’t worry, Kirby had some “helping hands” with the monkey bars, although I’m pretty sure he was confident to doit himself 🙂

And here’s the video of the week I made of why I keep a kirby drawer 🙂

Also I found this a very little helpful “inforgraphic” from The Uncommon dog



45 thoughts on “Kirby at the jungle gym

  1. Cute video. Mom brushes my teeth every single day! She doesn’t want my teeth to look like I am on a steady diet of CheezDoodles! I LOVE your teddy bear jacket, K. So handsome!

    Love and licks,

  2. This was great! Love the park photos and OMG that drawer!! You need a nice plastic large box (like a storage box) with a lid!
    About the grooming, did you know that PetSmart has classes (I think) to become a dog groomer? My step daughter did that and she grooms her little Mikis. If you became a dog groomer that would be fun and good $$$!
    Loved the warm winter snuggly you have for Kirby with the heart on it, why did I forget you are in Canada? How far from Michigan are you?
    I am SOOOO BAD about brushing Dakota’s teeth too and shame on me because he doesn’t mind it. I am just lazy!
    Have a great day!

  3. Kirby looks so adorable at the park! A single drawer is a great idea. Most of Maya & Pierson’s stuff is on top of Maya’s crate. Their leashes are in the closet with their dog food. and their toys are in a toy box.
    Thanks for sharing the infographic too!

  4. Oh my dog – I love the photos of Kirby! And you’re so stinkin’ cute. 🙂 Thanks for showing us what it takes to maintain a small dog!

  5. Kirby on the monkey bars has the cutest smile ever…I am so impressed by your organization skills…Gizmo’s stuff is scattered everywhere … his leashes and collars are hung up nicely (had to get a second rack) but the rest of his stuff is anyone’s guess…I think I need to borrow this idea and get it all in one place

  6. Oh, that’s some good stuffs Kirby!! I likes the Zombie Tshirt! I remember you in one, and you looked just adorables!! I am impressed with your Moms ability to keep stuffs in one place…Ma tried that, butts it ended up all over again…
    Oh, Ma wanted you to know we gots the BEAUTIFULS charm, and will post abouts it VERY soon! (Ma’s a little behind in her posting…..ooops!)
    Oh, and I LOVES the park pics!! You do look like your havin’ a BLAST!
    Ruby ♥

  7. Aww cute pics Kirby! Looks like an awesome time at the park! Adding on to Caren’s comment about the dog grooming thing – yes they do have classes. Or at least they used to. I had a friend who was a groomer for them. They paid for her classes to become a groomer but the deal was that she would have to be a groomer for them. I don’t know all the deals of the contract but might be worth looking into.

  8. Hi Leah! Hi Kirby!! FAB blog!! You posted alot of great info that can apply to felines too esp. in the heat!!!
    I Love the idea of a ‘doggy drawer’…if I tried to put a ‘kitty drawer’ together for Nylablue it would be at least 3 drawers….hahaha!! She has more toys & beds & things then some children, lol. I actually used the corner cupbaord for her food, kibble, flea treatments, meds, brushes….you get the picture…
    I don’t think the crab leash is girlie in the least & it goes well with the checkered coat. My fave item is the teddy sweater with the hood…..some day (when it is cold again) please take a photo of Kirby wearing it & post it on your blog!!!
    The weather in this part of Canada has been cool, cloudy & rainy…..we had that 5 days of awful heat & humidity & now we are lucky if we can manage 70 F/21 C. In fact at night it gets so chilly in our place I have had the heat on!!! Coldest Summer I can remember in years!!!
    Wishing ypu all a sunny & happy weekend…Monday is the Civic holiday…hopefully it is sunny!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

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