How fish oil help to improve dog skin conditions

So I am going to try to rack my brain today on some things I learned through my animal course, and one of the things we learned about is supplements. And one of the ones that interests me the most is Fish oil, as it was one I routinely used (the people kind XD).
I can’t tell you how many people I know taking fish oils at some point or another (I did too). And in essence if we are suggested supplements to take for things we are lacking in our diet, why not dogs and cats?
Fish oil is a popular recommendation not only with doctors giving us humans a natural alternative to a prescriptions, but even for dogs as well they have become quite popular.


Now I learned in school Glucosamine and Chrondroitin is noted as helping dogs joints. So it goes without saying this is a excellent ingredients to have in your dog food if they are  experiencing joint problems. Though unfortunately unless you are feeding them “a luxury food” as I like to call them such as the vet recommended brands…which can also get quite pricey as we all know, sometimes its better to find a alternative to add with their diet. This is where a supplement, specifically in this case salmon fish oils like  Lintbells Fish Oil For Dogs  help out with joint problems as well as even helping nursing dogs.
Fish oils are known as well as being a great source of omega 3, essential fatty acids- which are great for senior dogs as well. They help the dogs immune system against bad things such as arthritis and allergies So if you notice your favorite dog food isn’t providing this, and your dog has a issue with one of these things then it might be a good idea to talk to your vet about it to see if a fish oil substitution is good for your little fur ball. Of course there are different types for different poochies so make sure the one you get is the one right for your dog.
Fish oil has also been routinely recommended by vets even to deal with dog skin conditions. As it has been known to be a natural way to decrease swelling. They help with scratching and itching and discomfort the dog is experiencing.
Fish oil has even been used with cats to prevent dry, skin that causes dandruff.

Now fish oil, it may be natural, but that doesn’t mean you should just feed it to your little guy willy-nilly. Oh no, just like everything else, sometimes if the supplement is not needed in the first place, or you give your pet the wrong type or too much it can cause problems too. So always make sure you do your research and ask a vets advice when deciding supplements are the way you want to go.

Well that more then my brain can handle, but if you guys want to learn more you should check out this interesting post I fell upon which lists 12 Natural Supplements for Dogs

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Kirby speaks!

So it has been a long secret that I have meaning to share with you guys. An ability Kirby has possessed ONLY WHEN WET but we have kept under wraps. He speaks! And no I don’t just mean bark bark! but his very own voice… actually it sounds a bit like mine (purely coincidence I assure you) Anyways he has a lot to say XD

(….We both had a lot of fun filming this, and I think if Kirby did have a voice it probably wouldn’t be too far off from this one)

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone! And I hope if anyone is having a rough day this little guy may have helped brighten up your day:)

p.s- extra bonus Kirby kisses if you guys recognize where we got the inspiration  for the thumbnail!:)

Kirby mug?!!! Do you see the likeness?!!! Plus sillies!

Hey everyone, so I was just cruising around Winners (I don’t know if you guys have it but it is my favorite store here in Canada). They mostly sell clothes…. at discounted prices, but they also have furniture, and house hold items. Anyways I came across this, and although I wouldn’t say it was a complete bargain (actually kind of cost me a pretty penny…in mug standards) it was just one of those times I couldn’t release it back onto the shelf. Main reason, well besides its awesome poppy-outty Maltese lettering and magical size! It was also maybe one of the first times I have seen such a likeness to Kirby and a Maltese (he is half of) being displayed! What do you think?


p.s- Do you guys who have muts / mixes/ whatever ever find it hard to find something with a likeness to your dog. Because I admit that is my one pet peeves about owning a mix, when I see the soo many cute things available with your little dog breed, only Kirby looks nothing like it! Yea, ok, there is worst things in the world, but this is a blog where all little problems matter 🙂

And for those of you who like the vids, here is a one minute of the Kirbster in his bloggy work mode…or not.