1 Year Anniversary and MICE!

Hi everybody.

We just found out that today is our very first anniversary of being with wordpress. It is crazy how much time has flown by, and it made me want to look back on this year, through my blog and was nice to see all the adventures and ideas and posts we have made and shared with everyone on here.


It is quite cool to think I have started blogging about Kirby since the very beginning of his puppyhood with me, and it is still going. I never knew starting out how long this would last, but it has now become a part of our life, whether it is once a week or thrice a week sharing with you all how this little dogs doing and a bit into our life πŸ™‚

I have made many bloggy friends on here I am glad to say,and has been thus far a great experience, one I plan on continuing….and continuning…etc πŸ™‚


Anyways I have been sick the last bit so haven’t been posting lately. Though thought I would update you on my thoughts on mice. I have a very odd relationship with mice, as does Kirby I have come to realize. I cannot help but think they are one of the cutest creatures on this earth. Yet if/when I see one and it scurries across the floor infront of me I do want to jump on a chair and scream. I realize its the quickness and surprise of them that freaks me out. I’m talking about deer mice of course. Oh, you don’t think I mean pet mice do you? No, I mean the little ones that get into your house somehow, start a family/ colony, then before you know it are realizing your house is getting taken over by these little guys! Now I know not everyone is the same, but the small cute and furry animal lover I am I would never ever be able to harm one. I had a hamster you know before I got Kirby, and it was absolutely the sweetest little guy ever. And thus itΒ  is hard for me to differentiate between one and the cute little *cough* annoying *cough* guys who were invading our house for some time.

Eureka, with the help of catch-and-release mouse traps, cheese, peanut butter, and car rides to release, I am pretty sure they have been captured and re-homed. Though that is where their annoying part comes in…you never are to sure are you…

Anyways I decided to do a poll, mice, the house kind, cute and tolerable, or gross and must get rid of at any cost necessary?

But wait, before you answer have a look at these little guys, as there are many different types you know! πŸ™‚

These are Dormouse, specifically found in the UK so I’ve heard, and probably the cutest little guys out there!


And here is our version, DEER MICE

deer-mouse-earl-nelsonimagesAnd finally the Kirbymouse, please tell me if you have seen one like this, as I know there is one in my house, and he keeps popping out at night, heres a snap of the little beast today…..


Petting zoos & puppy checklists

So first off, here is a video we did on all the things I could think of being on a checklist when adopting a dog/ getting a puppy… Let me know if you think I missed out on anything!

Anyways, hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a good week so far?! Kirby and I had a eventful day this past Sunday. We went to the dog park, had a picnic, even went for ice cream (yes someone may have had a lick…XD) but would you believe I didn’t think to take one picture of our excursion!? Aww well, I did end up going to a fair (without Kirby) and me thinking we actually had to pay to get in this one, there must be something fantastic about it! But I was pretty disappointed. I don’t find tractor displays and stalls dedicated to the development of corn particularly fascinating, though there was a sweet petting zoo. Now normally I am not a fan of petting zoos (-my views on animal ethics and all that jazz) but there were some hungry little faces that I couldn’t help passing by and not giving them a little munch, with the animal feed they provide. Here are some pictures.







Anybody know what kind of animal this guy is?!


This was a hen that won 1st inone of the sections in the fair, I thought she was so pretty!

This was a hen that won 1st in one of the sections in the fair, I thought she was so pretty!


Baby bunnies! πŸ™‚