How to have a dog on a budget, and Easterkirby in October?

I hope everyone has  been having a fabulous few days. I can’t believe it is Halloween tomorrow! Kirby has two outfits he would probably hate    ….LOVE to show off to you guys! The first one is in the video you guys might recognize it, and the second one was sent to me by my kind cousin, as she thought Kirby would look super adorable in it for Halloween, and he does but instead of becoming the bunny we realized it was far too small and more looked like a crazed bunny was trying to attack him. Either way we got a quick picture out of it before Kirby totally attacked it back!:) If you guys could please take a minute and watch our new video it might help you guys pick up a few tricks, or maybe you know some!:)

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Enjoy guys and happy halloweens!!!!!!!

Does your lipstick test on animals?

So no matter what our differing opinions from one animal lover to another might be such as vegetarianism vs. We need meat! to as simple as walking your dog off leash vs walking him on leash, we will always have different opinions and are entitled to those of course 🙂 But one thing I think 99.9% of us animal lovers can agree on is there is no justification for testing on animals when it comes to a frivolous pleasure such as cosmetics. I found out about some interesting and popular companies that do not test on animals so thought I would share it with you guys, just so you can keep it in mind maybe next time your buying a new mascara or face wash, or for you furbabies out there maybe you can let your pawrents know! 😉 As every little bit helps 🙂

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I found my sources here:

Also wanted to help share in hopes you guys share about these two pretty guys. They need HOMES urgently or they face being put down I believe from what I have read on twitter….. So if you could take a minute and help share, you never know… (Click the picture to be taken to the fb page, or if you have twitter click on the retweet button on the tweet itself)


By the looks of it, Pauline especially looks like she’s had a rough beginning.


Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada! A little dream in the near future.

We already know how Kirby is with water,and even if he was allowed I don’t think I’d traumatize him with these gigantic “bath-tubs” of water. But I cannot contain my impending joy no longer!

He just took  a bath, as you can see he is thrilled...

He just took a bath, as you can see he is thrilled…

I always been envious of the people who work with sea creatures. Like it seems a lot of people my age I wanted to be a marine biologist as a kid, a dream that never really left me….I was probably about 10 when I first started to become addicted to Nature shows which involved discussing and capturing the sea and its creatures. I just couldn’t get my mind around some of these guys that actually existed on our planet,and were not Aliens These are just some of my books I collected over the years…


Anyways, from there my love went  from tropical fish to marine animals to the weird creatures of the sea,(and I mean the weird ones that we find hard to believe exist).





So when they begun to open the Georgia Aquarium I was in awww of it, even if it could only be seen from my computer and youtube.

Then it happened, I heard a rumour there might be a aquarium being built in Toronto near  the CN Tower (which I am only a hour and a half drive away from) But alas as far as I knew it was just a rumour, and if they had begun building it, it wouldn’t be done for years…..

That’s why I almost combusted (if possible) when I was told its been built, and should be opening in a month or so!!! I realize for some people this is as thrilling as watching paint dry, after a couple minutes, but for someone who has been utterly obsessed with aquatic life since….forever, and never  even been able to see it in real life, it was a dream coming into my reach! So yes when Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada is finally opened I will be going there (and sharing with you all too).  I have also learned  that this aquarium will apparently be holding the largest jellyfish aquarium in the World!


Now I know to some this might go against me saying I am not really for zoos, marine…..places, that hold mammals and marine mammals as I don’t think its a very nice life for most of them (though there are exceptions) because of the enclosure sizes and general quality of life for the animals. Though to me a fish aquarium is different because to me technology has done a lot (when done properly) to help create a place that provides a healthy and suitable environment for the fish it holds. As the point for a aquarium like this is to provide a  more realistic and natural the environment which is better for the fish and its patrons, which in my opinion is much different than stuffing a beluga whale in a “petting cove”. So to me at least the lines are blurred enough for me to say “It’s OK you visit it!”   So that is my two cents on the matter.

Has anyone else been to a aquarium, and if so what was it like? All I can base my experiences of them are what I see on the T.V and computer.

Also if you could travel to anywhere and see anything (mammal,fish, insect) in its natural environment what would it be?!

I think my one dream excursion that would trump an aquarium is to go whale watching one day, I might get too excited though I’d pass out.