Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada! A little dream in the near future.

We already know how Kirby is with water,and even if he was allowed I don’t think I’d traumatize him with these gigantic “bath-tubs” of water. But I cannot contain my impending joy no longer!

He just took  a bath, as you can see he is thrilled...

He just took a bath, as you can see he is thrilled…

I always been envious of the people who work with sea creatures. Like it seems a lot of people my age I wanted to be a marine biologist as a kid, a dream that never really left me….I was probably about 10 when I first started to become addicted to Nature shows which involved discussing and capturing the sea and its creatures. I just couldn’t get my mind around some of these guys that actually existed on our planet,and were not Aliens These are just some of my books I collected over the years…


Anyways, from there my love went  from tropical fish to marine animals to the weird creatures of the sea,(and I mean the weird ones that we find hard to believe exist).





So when they begun to open the Georgia Aquarium I was in awww of it, even if it could only be seen from my computer and youtube.

Then it happened, I heard a rumour there might be a aquarium being built in Toronto near  the CN Tower (which I am only a hour and a half drive away from) But alas as far as I knew it was just a rumour, and if they had begun building it, it wouldn’t be done for years…..

That’s why I almost combusted (if possible) when I was told its been built, and should be opening in a month or so!!! I realize for some people this is as thrilling as watching paint dry, after a couple minutes, but for someone who has been utterly obsessed with aquatic life since….forever, and never  even been able to see it in real life, it was a dream coming into my reach! So yes when Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada is finally opened I will be going there (and sharing with you all too).  I have also learned  that this aquarium will apparently be holding the largest jellyfish aquarium in the World!


Now I know to some this might go against me saying I am not really for zoos, marine…..places, that hold mammals and marine mammals as I don’t think its a very nice life for most of them (though there are exceptions) because of the enclosure sizes and general quality of life for the animals. Though to me a fish aquarium is different because to me technology has done a lot (when done properly) to help create a place that provides a healthy and suitable environment for the fish it holds. As the point for a aquarium like this is to provide a  more realistic and natural the environment which is better for the fish and its patrons, which in my opinion is much different than stuffing a beluga whale in a “petting cove”. So to me at least the lines are blurred enough for me to say “It’s OK you visit it!”   So that is my two cents on the matter.

Has anyone else been to a aquarium, and if so what was it like? All I can base my experiences of them are what I see on the T.V and computer.

Also if you could travel to anywhere and see anything (mammal,fish, insect) in its natural environment what would it be?!

I think my one dream excursion that would trump an aquarium is to go whale watching one day, I might get too excited though I’d pass out.


32 thoughts on “Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada! A little dream in the near future.

  1. Are you absolutely SURE those aren’t aliens?? Freaky! Mom has been to the aquarium in Camden, NJ, NY Aquarium, and the one in Baltimore. Baltimore was her favorite. I wasn’t allowed to go to any of them. The closest I came was getting a bath!! Sorry, K. Baths are gnarly…

    Love and licks,

  2. I have been to several aquariums in my life, but I admit I am more a land animal lover than a sea creature one! You will have to let me know how this one is and we can decide if we should make the trip (we live near Ottawa). Lee and Phod

  3. we have one in Plymouth our closest city it has the deepest enclosure for the sharks in europe and it has none on this comercial dolphin or whale stuff in it just fish Sharks and other sea life and it has a breeding program for seahorse the aquarium.xx Rachel

  4. First I thought you visited the Aquarium in pawson, Kirby, as I saw you with a towel :o) That’s like a magic world to watch such an Aquarium. Wow! The last one is the seadragon, right?

  5. My mom has been to many aquariums, her favorite was in Singapore where you walk through the aquarium in a glass tunnel and you see the fish swimming all around you, including over you.

  6. Oh you would love where I live, we have 2 Sea Worlds near us, they are not huge but contain some weird creatures LOL You can walk through a glass tunnel and the baby sharks and things swim over you 🙂 Have a super weekend and Kirby looks so cute xxoxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Yes, Kirby in the towel is very cute. Why don’t you go whale watching one day. I’m sure it’ll be exciting and you won’t pass out. Kirby might pass out though (because of the water), or attack the whale.

  8. Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada will be so much fun… Great to see all that world underwater just in front of you… Love the pictures you have added to your lovely words; Leah…
    And Kirby : awww… Super cute; Just that what can I say?

    Hugs & happy weekend, sweets ;

    Aquileana 😉

  9. Oh leah that new Aquarium sounds awesome!!! I love the pix of the unusual marine life & I LOVE pic #2…that star striped fish is beautiful. i would love to swim with Dolphins & Orcas & feed sharks……I hope you get to go to the new Aquarium….take lots of pix….so we can live vicariously thru you! 😉
    Sherri-Ellen xo

  10. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, too! 🙂

    Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada sounds like it will be AWESOME! I have been to a number of aquariums, including the ones in Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Long Beach (Calif), and Monterey Bay (also in Calif). The animals there are so amazingly varied and with such grace; I could just watch them for hours!

  11. I love watching documentaries about ocean life on TV too. You know what? They are actually opening an aquarium here in Austin next month! I think it’s going to be small. The company opening the aquarium is under some heat here for possible animal neglect in another state that they have an aquarium. They deny the allegations or something. Idk, I haven’t kept up with it too much…

    I did go to the aquarium that is in New Orleans and that place was huge! They had all kinds of things including a HUGE shark tank. I also went to Cancun in high school and there were some aquariums there that I looked at. I also got to swim with some really pretty and cool fishies and I still have some of their pictures I took with the underwater camera.

  12. That is so awesome that you are so passionate about such a lovely subject! I find Marine Biology to be a fascinating job. To be able to go under water, below the depths of the sea, and study the wildlife is just so amazing.

    Hard question I really can’t choose my dream is to be able to travel one day, and study the whole Canis species in their natural context so I can see the difference of behavior between each species, and their subspecies with our domestic dog Canis Lupus Familiaris. 🙂

  13. Oh Kirby your Moms is just gonna FLIP when she goes!! We are very lucky, we live near Marine World, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium (where Ma LOVES to watch the sea otters play in the bay!!!). they are just as AWESOME in person, butts times 100! You just can’t put a price on standin’ under the sharks and other fishes/animals swim all around you! I don’t thinks they are gonna be able to gets your Moms outta there Kirby!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  14. We have a fantastic Sealife centre right in the heart of London! Awesome! One of the reasons I am planning to study for Marine Biology next year is its links with Astronomy/Astrobiology and extra-terrestrial life – some of the “extreme” lifeforms that have relatively recently been discovered existing in conditions at the bottoms of oceans thought to be impossible for life – “extremophiles.”.It life can exist in such conditions it could also exist on other worlds which we had considered impossible for life based on the conditions we believe are required. 🙂

  15. How exciting for you to get to go see a large aquarium! We have the Shedd here, Mom hasn’t been in ages. But the actual aquarium part isn’t all that big. She also got to go whale watching in San Diego. Its exciting if you get to see something, but it takes lots of time, patience, and sea sick pills. Love Dolly

  16. I’m lucky enough to have visited both the Georgia Aquarium and (what was then called) The Living Seas aquarium at Disney World and was thoroughly mesmerized at both…I spent hours just standing and watching…But for sheer beauty you must, at some point, try SCUBA…it’s fantastic and like nothing else

  17. Hello. I just started reading your blog. My bichon frise doesn’t like getting a bath either, so I usually leave it to her groomer so I can be the wonderful human who saves her at the end. (and pays the bill. I live i Vancouver, Canada…yes, we have a very nice aquarium with belugas and sea otters, etc etc. quite controversial locally. I may be luckier than some, as I am a sailor, and have experienced, unexpectedly, sailing through a pod of killer whales (orcas). Wen you’ve had the privilege to be with them in their own environment, and on a true scale, it is incredible.

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