Does your lipstick test on animals?

So no matter what our differing opinions from one animal lover to another might be such as vegetarianism vs. We need meat! to as simple as walking your dog off leash vs walking him on leash, we will always have different opinions and are entitled to those of course 🙂 But one thing I think 99.9% of us animal lovers can agree on is there is no justification for testing on animals when it comes to a frivolous pleasure such as cosmetics. I found out about some interesting and popular companies that do not test on animals so thought I would share it with you guys, just so you can keep it in mind maybe next time your buying a new mascara or face wash, or for you furbabies out there maybe you can let your pawrents know! 😉 As every little bit helps 🙂

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I found my sources here:

Also wanted to help share in hopes you guys share about these two pretty guys. They need HOMES urgently or they face being put down I believe from what I have read on twitter….. So if you could take a minute and help share, you never know… (Click the picture to be taken to the fb page, or if you have twitter click on the retweet button on the tweet itself)


By the looks of it, Pauline especially looks like she’s had a rough beginning.



29 thoughts on “Does your lipstick test on animals?

  1. Mom does not wear much makeup and never has. She occasionally wears blush and lipstick for Christmas and Easter but just doesn’t like to take the time. But she definitely is against testing cosmetics on animals, there is just no reason to damage their health for women’s looks.

  2. Whee know our hooman loves Urban Decay and Bodyshop products. There is no excuse for testing on animals. Mummy has issues with being allergic to loooooooooooooooads of stuff though so it narrows down what she can have!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • I was curious about this too here is what I found L’oreal: From their site
      “At L’Oréal, we are committed to only market products whose safety has been proven. To do so, we have to be able to verify that there are no potential adverse effects when using any of our products. Traditionally, it was animal testing that allowed companies to assess the safety of their products and their ingredients.

      But in the early 1980s, L’Oréal realized that other scientific tests could one day replace animal testing. Our belief was that the future of testing lay in developing “predictive” tools, such as reconstructed skin models and computer modeling. It paid off: by developing these replacement tests, L’Oréal was able to end all testing of its products on laboratory animals, as early as 1989,without making our products any less safe.

      However, for some new ingredients, there’s still a small gap between what the replacement tests can help us predict about the ingredient and what we need to know to ensure its full safety, for example when predicting the ingredient’s potential for skin allergy. For these reasons, we still need to perform some animal testing, which today represents less than 1% of our safety assessments.

      L’Oréal is working hard to close that gap, by pursuing advanced research and developing cutting-edge technology, but the solution will also come from the collective work and shared intelligence of regulatory agencies and academic institutions.”

      And apparently Revlon was a advocate as not testing on animals and had Peta backing them up and everything, until last year it was found out their was animal testing linked to them,as some countries (they said China) requires animal testing, which happens there, and Revlon was involved. You can read more on it here:

  3. We used the list of Peta and we removed all animal tested things from the bathroom. The list is always on board when she goes shopping. If she has any doubts – the thingy she want’s has to stay in the store. Thanks for a great post!!!

  4. You’re so adorable! I love that Wet’n’Wild is animal friendly! I’m cheap that way and it would have knocked out half my make up. And I love that Kirby was snoozing through the entire video. 🙂

  5. Great post! We try to always check into cosmetics and personal care products we use to make sure they are not tested on animals.

  6. Dear Leah;

    Thanks for your possitive message about testing cosmetics on animals…

    I am absolutely against it, as you are and believe we must protect every single life on earth… Just can´t understand how animals have to get through this kind of tests…

    It is dangerous for them and can they can suffer serious damages…

    Great empowering post, Hon!!! .

    Hugs to you & a paw caress to Kirby;

    Aquileana 😉

  7. I once read that if animals were the superior species they would be testing such things on us humans…like somehow that justified testing on animals…I think not!!!!! I do my best to ensure my make-up products are not tested on animals – it’s not that hard if you try – manufacturers are wising up to their customers abhorrence of such matters.

  8. BTW did I tell you I passed the first part of the “Certificate of Puppy Ownership Pt 1” with a Credit?!! Can’t remember if I mentioned it or not 🙂 Will let you know about the 2nd half as that’s the section inc the the one I asked you about 🙂 Sorry if I’m repeating myself here 🙂

  9. So sad. I don’t wear lipstick but some gloss and other light makeup. I am definitely going to be conscious of this. Also, Leah and Kirby, thank you SO much for your help about wordpress – I am still so unaware of certain blogging things so that was really helpful. I think I fixed it!!

  10. I don’t knowingly use products that have been tested on animals. Most companies won’t disclose this information so thank you for your list. I hope those dogs find homes. So many in need. 😦

  11. None of my make-up is tested on animals plus i don’t wear make-up daily anymore!!!
    I hope the 2 dogs find homes…it is so sad there are so many homeless dogs 7 cats in Shelters that are so overfilled….it seems the more we talk about spaying/neutering the less people are hearing us….it is very very sad because it is the 4 leggeds that suffer & die needlessly….
    Love to you Katie & Kirby & Poe from us. xoxoxo

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