Wednesday with my little guy

So for anyone who has noticed (thanks for making us feel special btw 🙂 but we have not been on as we usually have been these last couple months, due to a lot of progression, regression, unforeseen circumstances and now MOVING!

So to say the least it has been a busy busy time! That never seems to stop Kirby and myself though from finding more things to talk about with you guys 🙂

So below I made a video explaining the pros and cons of getting a Maltese, if you or a friend were ever thinking about it, as they have some great qualities I have yet to see in another dog, and then they have those annoying tendencies we wish they didn’t. Below you guys should comment a pro or  con of what it is like having your guy?

And for those who could just care-a-less about the pros and cons of a Maltese I urge you to watch and share this endangered animals of 2013. The sources were from the WWF. I hope you guys like it,and learn something! Some of these you will be shocked they are on the list! Please share! 🙂



-xo Leah And Kirby

For some reason when i make a new post it wont let me add media so i can’t put pictures up, anyone know why?

I finally got to go to RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM!

Yea it is a shame that dogs aren’t allowed. I’m sure it would be quite the hilarious adventure if not traumatizing event for poor Kirby if he was allowed.  I mean being the perfect size of “shark bait” is usually a unsettling thought to most.

Here’s a video I made for you guys of my favorite part!

Anyways, while Kirby got to stay safe and cosy in his little bed at home, aside from the maybe occasional yelps of separation anxiety, I got to go do something I’ve wanted to do forever! If you saw my post recently it was in my hopes the the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto would be open soon, as it was a life long dream to visit one. Now that I got to go I can gladly say the experience was well worth the hype in my head! There was fish, and sharks…big sharks!!! and Jellyfish. Surprisingly the best part of the trip. They were so magical!


I loved the jellyfish so much I had to bring home one of my own (don’t worry he’s not real) Kirby still seemed sceptical of him though all the same…


WP_20131105_002Anyways if you want to see the extended version of our trip I made a unlisted video (15 min long and unlisted) but you can click it on this post to watch it….

Finally- Sorry if I haven’t been visiting many blogs in a while and won’t really be getting around to it this week much, as my mom has had major surgery today and I’ll need to be spending a lot of my time with her.

-LEAH (and Kirby)