Wednesday with my little guy

So for anyone who has noticed (thanks for making us feel special btw πŸ™‚ but we have not been on as we usually have been these last couple months, due to a lot of progression, regression, unforeseen circumstances and now MOVING!

So to say the least it has been a busy busy time! That never seems to stop Kirby and myself though from finding more things to talk about with you guys πŸ™‚

So below I made a video explaining the pros and cons of getting a Maltese, if you or a friend were ever thinking about it, as they have some great qualities I have yet to see in another dog, and then they have those annoying tendencies we wish they didn’t. Below you guys should comment a pro or Β con of what it is like having your guy?

And for those who could just care-a-less about the pros and cons of a Maltese I urge you to watch and share this endangered animals of 2013. The sources were from the WWF. I hope you guys like it,and learn something! Some of these you will be shocked they are on the list! Please share! πŸ™‚



-xo Leah And Kirby

For some reason when i make a new post it wont let me add media so i can’t put pictures up, anyone know why?


29 thoughts on “Wednesday with my little guy

  1. We liked your video! We won’t be getting a dog anytime soon (we love them, but we have three kitties right now … full house), but those were some great things to consider about Maltese! Thanks for sharing the WWF video. It’s really sad how many amazing creatures are endangered, isn’t it?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the video from WWF. I have been a member for several years now. It is encouraging that so many of us are united in finding ways to help rescue the biodiversity of Earth.

  3. Leah, you’re so adorable. I love watching your videos, even if I’m not in the need of information about a Maltese. I agree you shouldn’t treat your dog like a baby, but it’s so difficult not too! My dogs are much bigger than Kirby, but I still can’t help myself.

  4. We have stopped by a few times to see if we missed something but sounds like we missed a lot! You are busy! I had a Maltese growing up named Bristol and he was my baby. So that’s why I love seeing stories of Kirby πŸ™‚ Hope everything settles down soon!

  5. Hey there, just thought I’d reply to your question about the dog aggression here!! When ever me and Milo went on walks I would bring some super yummy treats, when we seen a dog I would give him a treat (to show him dogs mean good things). I would explain to owners the situation and ask them if Milo could sniff, at first I let him sniff for a very short period of time and I would give him a treat and a huge fuss for doing good I slowly built up from this and since we have even walked down the road with dogs and Milo has had no problem, of course we had our set backs but we just carried on, also i taught Milo that whenever I say he must come back, even when he’s around dogs so if he starts getting aggressive (growling for example) I will tell him to follow me and we will walk away. If I was you I’d scrap the Ceaser Milan crap, in my opinion he is a no good man who follows old fashioned dominating training rules that are basically an excuse for him to hit dogs!! I hope this helped!!

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