Christmas movies and a little furry friend tag!

Sorry guys for not posting in almost 2 weeks!!!! Just been so busy with the moving-process…

‘Tis the season to take many pictures of your dogs in funny outfits and doing silly Christmas-like things…isn’t it! Well I had to get Kirby in the holiday spirit somehow, so I decided to show you guys our favorite movies recently!.

First up, well who could not resist the Classic A Christmas story. I have watched this way too many times, you realize that when you actually start to consider buying the famous leg lamp! Though the DVD will have to do just as nicely! What is your favorite holiday movie?!


Also I wanted to give a big thanks toย Flea for providing the contest and sending me the movie Retreivers, andย Bren (who won) for wanting to pass it along to me! I loved it! I’m the girl who will still be watching Beethoven until I’m ready to keel over, so this movie- for children or not- I thoroughly enjoyed!


Also here’s our video for the week , we did a furry friend tag, where we answered the following questions:

. What is his/her name?
. What is something he/she does that annoys you?
. What type of breed is he/she?
. Has he/she ever had a near death experience?
. Does he/she know any tricks?
. Does he/she love to snuggle?
. Does he/she get along with other dogs?
. Does he/she get along with strangers?
. How much does he/she weigh?
. Do you ever dress him/her up?
. Has he/she ever tried to run away?
. How did you come up with his/her name?
. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?



20 thoughts on “Christmas movies and a little furry friend tag!

  1. YAY! A video! I loved watching Kirby’s eyes while you were talking, he was listening to every word while he was trying to doze off. I agree with you, he isn’t a “Curtis!!” So glad he was ok when he ran across the street, I would have been terrified! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Caren

  2. I like A Christmas Story too. One of my uncles found a manikin, took the leg, made his own leg lamp, and gave it to one of my other uncles for Christmas one year. It was hilarious! BTW, cute video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. HoooOOOooooWWWWwwwwLLLLooooo! Good to see you back ๐Ÿ™‚ Kirby looking cool as usual and vid’s entertaining as always! Thought you’d like to know, if you recall that is lol the 2nd half of the certificate in Puppy Ownership I did…passed…with another credit! Big thanks to you for your great assistance with the question I was more than a little stuck on! Without your help I’d probably have clocked a fail for totally trashing the answer for it .) Now the real work will start in New Year when I start a full length course but for now I’m thrashing, cursing and swearing in both languages lol my way through a Polish language course ๐Ÿ™‚ Thought that’d be low pressure work to get me through the stress of the festive period and keep me occupied till I can start my dog courses in New Year…silly Wolfie!! Really should’ve known better!! Could do better if tried harder!! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Leah: I LOVE your video!! I have to share something funny with you…at the end of each video when you wave Goodbye I wave back and say ‘Goodbye’ also….Sounds a bit silly I know…you always make me smile!!!
    I did not know that Kirby had hair but not fur….so you can teach an ‘old’ lady something new, lol….
    Our fave Christmas movie is…wait for it…”A Muppet’s Christmas Carol”…I LOVE Charles Dicken & I love the Muppets… when this movie came out I had to get a copy & I watch it every year…Rizzo the Rat is my favorite character…Michael Caine is brilliant as Scrooge….
    (No worry about e not being in touch with my Inner Child, lol).
    I hope the move went well & you & Kirby & your other poochie (memory lapse) are settling in!!! Stay warm..Winter came early to our part of Canada….bbbrrrr…..
    Much love & Christmas cheer, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

  5. Hi Kirby. That’s okay. We haven’t been the most punctual blogger either.

    I’m a sucker for Wishbone and Benjie… I love Beethoven too but I prefer little dogs like you reason for my preference.

  6. Great video, Leah! We enjoyed learning more about Kirby (and about you, too). Our favorite Christmas movies are Elf, A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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