Hey! Happy holidays, videos and moving

Sorry we have been away. With the holidays and moving (which will be done by the end of January) we have been very busy. So needless to say with that we have not been up to much new. Besides the weather here being anywhere from -9 to -37 degrees we sadly haven’t even been on many walks as Kirby will quickly turn into a icicle if he is out any more then a few minutes!
I just wanted to write a quick post hoping everyone’s holidays have been amazing, and you all are pumped for the New Year, I know Kirby and I are! I can’t wait for us to be settled so I can get back to the normal routine and seeing how everyone else is doing!
Kirby has been very unimpressed with me neglecting the blog I mean if pictures say a million words…
Untitled-1Mind the face I make ..it was a screenshot…

And it was from my latest video, which I’ll link down below.

Have you guys made any New Years revolutions? and if you have tell me! 🙂


34 thoughts on “Hey! Happy holidays, videos and moving

  1. Happy New Year, Leah and Kirby. So glad you almost settled in. Lovely video again, and so much nice gifts. I don’t know if Granny would like that perfume, but I’m sure she likes the bottle. We’ve seen that it is terrible cold out there, so stay warm and healthy. Don’t they have little moonboots for Kirby..MOL… Our revolution for 2014: to be a better self. Lots of Pawkisses and an Extra Pawkiss for the final moving 🙂

  2. Kirby your so small I think I would like to chase you like my cat. Hope you do not get to nervous with the move. Mom moves furniture and I get a little anxious.

  3. You’re just too cute Lea and Kirby is a natural star. Fantastic gifts and I really love your new handbag. Guess does seem to make a good product for sure. I wasn’t sure if you were saying you are moving to New York? Did I get that wrong?

    I didn’t really make New Years resolutions but always trying to do a little better and be a little smarter about life. Have a super day 😀

  4. you are so stinkin’ adorable!! I love the “Feline Sexy” T-shirt! I love candles too! Just love them!! LOVE THE PURSE! Love that it isn’t leather as well! I have to be more like you with the leather issue.HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!! Keep warm and hope the move goes well! We were in the deep freeze in Michigan too! xoxo

    • and its even getting worse! -19 is our norm these days once the sun sets, its crazy! Thanks for the happy thought s Dakota,and for stickingby through all this blog chaos we are having right now

  5. Happy New Year! You both are adorable in that photo. As you may have seen on my blog, the New Year’s Resolution I have for my dogs Maya and Pierson are to learn more tricks. We’re off to a good start. 🙂

  6. Happy New Year to you all! Hope it’s cosmic 🙂 Lovely video and you’re doing very well to fit that in amongst moving and New Year! Since Christmas I have spent a night hunting down a runaway Husky – Vicky – wolf can they run!!! Not a scrap of road sense and a miracle she wasn’t mowed down but a Rugby tackle on the part of the Polish owner finally stopped her! Then there was the question of the landlord’s escapee ferret at New Year!! It was slightly easier to catch him than rugby tackling the Husky but it took their cat to figure out what we were all running round shouting about, go find missing ferret and herd him back into the garden before we got him! He’s an albino ferret and was absolutely covered in mud!! Dread to think where he’d been but the cat’s senses are a lot stronger than ours thankfully 🙂 One of my New Year’s resolutions is to learn Polish – in progress! – at least well enough to command dogs from Poland who “don’t speak English,” lol in Polish 🙂 There is plenty of call from Polish speaking dog owners here for help to train their dogs, but no Polish speaking dog trainers. Often the dogs know basic commands even if they ignore them lol but spoken in English the sound is meaningless to the dog. Many Polish aren’t familiar with more than basic English and certainly not dog training commands so! Lots of potential I believe! 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome New Year so far and currently a cool weekend! 🙂 x

    • That is so funny one of your new years resolutions is to learn polish! Mine is to learn french as well! This is great we have to keep eachother motivated. Thanks so much euro for sticking by us in our abstentees

  7. Hi Leah & Kirby! We have missed you both. I knew moving & holidays would keep you busy….
    Weather in central-east Canada no better than yours…frigid tempz & so much snow; just like the Winters of my childhood 😉
    Your screenshot is lovely; you never take a bad photo Leah! Oh you received such lovely gifts!!!
    Nylablue got her PONY finally & I received a 6 X 6 inch oil painitn gof Nylablue (head & shoulders)….It was a lovely Birthday & Christmas as I stayed home with Nylablue. I did not want to leave her due to her health & I am glad I stayed with her.
    HHMM resolutions; well I made a few:
    1) to not let my family dictate to me what I can & cannot do. (I’m 58 but am treated like I am 8!)
    2) to have only positive friends in my Life & to let go of people who do not support us in some way.
    3) to continue to put Nylablue first & myself because my health & hers are most important.
    4) to enjoy each day with Nylablue like it was her last because she is on ‘borrowed’ borrowed time now.
    I started these in December as a ‘test run’ & things are going better already.
    Did you make any resolutions Leah?? Kirby?? hehehe..
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • I love your resolutions. I should be also doing the following 2 :)I hope Nylablueis okay? I am sorry I have a lot of your blog (allblogs) to catch upon, asI just finaly got settled at the new pad 🙂

  8. Hi Leah! Hi Kirby! I make my list of resolutions in december & start on them b4 the New Year rolls around….so then it is easier to adjust to the changes….
    So far so good with the changes & I feel better for becoming more assertive about my health & Nylablue’s care.
    Nylablue is stable…she has good days & not so good days however she is maintaining with the weekly Vet visits…I am blessed to have Nylablue still with me…
    I understand about visiting blogs…drop by when you can 😉
    The Purrfect Pad is always open!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

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